DIY Hacks To Customize Your Console

While gaming consoles already have a pretty distinct look, they can be a little boring. Here are some DIY hacks to make them look a lot better!

There’s nothing better than a super sleek, well-designed console. Beyond the originals, some websites allow you to select specific colors and fancy designs. But those kinds of modifications can be pricey, and may not get the exact results you’re looking for.

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If you want something that really represents you, why not decorate it yourself? There are loads of different things you can do, from the basic to the more complex, to make your console truly one of a kind. Be careful, as modifying your console or controller may void your warranty. With that in mind, read on for the best DIY console hacks.

10 Paint A New Look

The simplest way to change up your consoles – give them a new paint job! This is best done with spray paint, but make sure to wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling too much of the fumes. Remove the plastic shell of the controller or console, paint it with a primer coat, then paint on your chosen color(s). When it’s fully dry you can put it all back together.

You can buy special paints like ‘Color Shift’ paints, which have a petrol-style color-changing effect. You could even paint special designs if you’re the artsy type. The possibilities are endless!

9 Make Glow in the Dark Patterns

If you want your consoles to shine as bright as your gaming skills, you can use glow in the dark paint to add a brilliant glow. You could paint the entire surface or just the edges, which can create an awesome look. Play around with it – test out different patterns and styles – and you’ll figure out the design you want.

Some glow in the dark paints require charging from sunshine or a lamp, and some will glow regardless. It shows up really well during nighttime gaming sessions; perfect for the night owls out there.

8 Bedazzle with Gems

In this day and age, you can get yourself a bedazzled anything. Bedazzled drinks cups, bedazzled guitars, bedazzled laptops. So why not bedazzle your consoles and controllers? You can get stick-on gems from pretty much any craft store, you could use rhinestones or even pretty beads.

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If you’ve got a really crazy budget, some people even use real crystals! Either way, you can plaster these babies all over your consoles, stick to specific areas, or arrange them in a decorative pattern. It makes for a great, blingy look. If nothing else, it will certainly stand out!

7 Glitter It Up

Similar to covering your favorite gaming goods in gems, glitter works just as well. The look is a little more subtle, and the shimmery effect in the light is fantastic. You can buy paint that has metallic flakes in it, which creates a glittery effect. You can even find different variations of flake size, which alters the intensity of the shimmer.

Alternatively, if you choose to paint your console, you can just apply actual glitter when the paint is and it will be sealed in with the top coat that you apply when you’re done. Who says gamers can’t be fabulous?

6 Apply Stickers and Decals

Here’s a super simple option: put your favorite stickers or decals on your console. This is the easiest way to add a bit of personality to an otherwise blank and bland machine. It’s best to check the stickers won’t leave a sticky residue on your console – test it on an inconspicuous area first – but even if they do it’s usually possible to clean it off afterwards.

Decals can look a little sleeker, and are available from tons of online stores. But if you have some cute stickers and you like the scrapbook kind of feel, go for it!

5 Swap the Shell

This hack takes a little more tech knowhow, but following a tutorial should make the job easy even for first timers. The plastic shells of controllers and consoles can generally be removed by unscrewing them. It can be fiddly with certain parts; with Joy-Cons for example, you’ve got to be super careful to avoid the tiny wiring inside them.

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Now for the fun part: you can easily get ahold of many different shells. There are loads of color options, including clear ones to show off the parts inside. They even come with new buttons so you can change those as well.

4 Switch Out the Sticks

If you’re looking for something more subtle, you can change particular parts of a controller to shake up your favorite console. You can buy spare joysticks for different consoles, and they can usually be added to any other controller. For example, adding an Xbox joystick can make a GameCube controller look really sleek.

You can find different colors and designs, so you can make your own color scheme without messing around with paint. You could even just add some new thumb grips if you’re not comfortable opening up the controller – it still adds a fresh new look.

3 Add New Materials

The coolest part of DIY is that you can do just about anything you want. Sure, you can paint your console, but what about adding entirely new materials to spruce it up? You could cut a thin piece of leather as a decorative border around a Switch screen, or add ribbons to a console or controller. Just be careful not to block any vents.

Why not take a look around a craft shop and see what decorative items are available? As long as you’re not set on your console looking brand new forever, nothing’s out of the question. Get creative!

2 Apply Wood Layers

Speaking of whole new materials, there’s a bit of a trend for wooden style electronics. It’s a blend of the technological and the natural, and it can look really stylish and modern.

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You can buy wooden layers for most consoles online, or if you’re really comfortable with DIY, you can get a hold of wooden sheets and cut your own shapes out. It should be cheaper that way, and impressive, too! You don’t even need to cut out the exact shape of the console; you could cut a specific design, or engrave a pattern into the wood.

1 Add LED Lights

A tricky endeavor, but it’s possible to add LED lights to your favorite console. It seems daunting, but there are tutorials all over the internet to help guide you. You’ll likely need a soldering iron and a steady hand, but the outstanding effect is worth it.

You could add lights that shine through the controller ports of a GameCube, or the side of a PS4. The lights can be fitted just about anywhere, inside or outside. Don’t forget you can choose different colors and effects, too. You can get ones that change color constantly for a funky futuristic look.

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