DOA Or Street Fighter: Which Girls Are Hotter?

If the fighting game genre has one thing to offer, it's beautiful babes. Since their initial conception, busty, curvaceous, and sexy chicks have been kicking all the dudes, and each other's, butts. Sure, with the early hardware on some systems, girls could come out as rather blocky, especially in areas where it really counts.

Fear not! With the evolution of video game hardware and physics, fighting game girls have become some of the most desirable in the gaming world. This is especially true when it comes to two series in particular; Dead or Alive, which has always had busty babes at its helm, and Street Fighter, which contains some of the most toned and ass-kicking femme fatales ever conceived. All well and good, but what if these girls fought in real life, and not just based on looks but actual combat?

Using futuristic technology known as "a hat with slips of paper in it", we've randomly matched up these barbaric beauties in a battle of looks and skill. Girls will be judged on fighting ability as well as attractiveness. The girl with the best of both emerges the victor!

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20 Chun-Li Kicks It Off

via: galleryhip.com

Probably the most well known female fighting character in the world, Chun-Li does not mess around. She can kick your butt to Shanghai and back without ever really breaking a sweat. In addition to her superior fighting skills, furiously fast kicks, and killer hairdo, Chun-Li is one serious babe.

Her outfit accentuates her muscular legs and curvaceous figure, making it hard to maintain focus when trying to block her blindingly fast onslaught of kicks and jabs. It goes without saying that Chun-Li’s fame is partly due to her fighting style, and partly due to her status as a serious smoke show. Put into a fight with any of these Dead Or Alive girls, there are few matches that wouldn’t end with Chun-Li jumping up and down while throwing up a peace sign.

19 Kasumi Is The Hottest Ninja Warrior

via: nerdreactor.com

Unless that is, Chun Li is going up against Kasumi. Kasumi is one of the originals from the first Dead or Alive, winning the first tournament, and in the process becoming the mascot of the entire series. I’m sure it’s definitely her fighting style, and not anything else that propelled her to fighting stardom.

Kasumi definitely knows how to serve up an opponent’s head on a platter, and how to look absolutely stunning while doing it. Her ninja training allows her to be agile and deadly; her stunning attractiveness is just an added technique to keep a foe’s guard down. Perhaps her provocative dress is just another ninja trick to ensure her victory?

Winner: Kasumi.

18 Cammy's MI6 Training Makes Her A Killing Machine

via: streetfighter.com

A MI6 operative, Cammy is capable of beating the ever-living snot out of any competitor, male or female. Able to execute some of the most deadly leg attacks in the game wearing, what appears to be at least, a one-piece bathing suit made out of the tightest leather ever imagined by man. Top all that off with a red beret, which inexplicably stays on even when Cammy is flipping all over the place, and you have an extremely cute, extremely deadly combatant.

As far as outfits go, Cammy’s is pretty dang sizzling. She’s freaking ripped too, so much that she could shred cheese, or one of her combatant’s faces, on those abs. When it comes to fighting games, Cammy is one of the genre’s certified foxes.

17 Tina Armstrong Just Wants To Wrestle

via: deviantart.com (darkblueking)

Tina Armstrong is a professional wrestler who knows all about choke slamming large chested ninjas into the pavement so hard that it shatters. Coupled with the fact that she wears some of the best designed costumes in fighting games while doing it, few would fare well against the combination of beauty and suplexes. This makes Tina a lethal opponent indeed.

However, if we’re talking about a crossover between the two series, Cammy is definitely the victor. Sure, Tina may seem imposing and lovely, but she wouldn’t be able to get a grip on the slippery Cammy, as she darted around the wrestler, giving boots to the jaw. Cammy’s outfit is a lot sexier as well, letting her long legs and toned body be the star of any match. Plus, that beret defies the laws of gravity, which deserves a study all its own.

Winner: Cammy

16 R. Mika Is Queen Of The Ring

via: wccftech.com

Honestly, what is that outfit? Not complaining in the least, but she might as well have just pasted random pieces of clothe to her body as opposed to trying to connect the outfit together with thin pieces of fabric. A wrestler from the land of the rising sun, R. Mika does not lack any attributes, physical or combat wise. She is able to mercilessly power bomb her opponents into the ground with force, all while looking insanely hot while doing it. The fact that she’s able to contain her body in that excuse for a costume is beyond me; I’m guessing she uses a lot of double sided tape.

Obviously, R. Mika was made to be a feast for the eyes, although she could definitely be putting what God gave her on display so that foes are a bit more willing to be grappled into a seriously punishing wrestling move.

15 Honoka Is More Than Meets The Eye

via: 4gamer.com

Honoka is a well-endowed schoolgirl that hides an incredibly powerful fighting style behind a blazer and miniskirt. Players familiar with the Dead or Alive series know that Honoka isn’t for beginners; her Honoka Fu (very creative), has limited range and doesn’t hit as hard than some of the other beauties in the series. But, advanced players are welcome to try out all of Honoka’s different stance changes and move sets, including the incredibly powerful Hissatsu-no-Kamae style that can punish foes like few others can, all while being a straight schoolgirl babe.

When it comes down to it, that Hissatsu-no-Kamae style and scandalous schoolgirl look combine into one seriously ass kicking package that few could contend with, but R. Mika could easily counter that with some of her wrestling moves. Plus, it's hard to get over a costume like that. 

Winner: R. Mika 

14 Laura Matsuda: The Brazilian Badass

via: misumi.com.ar

The sexy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter has curves in all the right places. With a toned figure and curvaceous hips, her beauty is almost as startling as her grapples are deadly. Laura is not one to be messed with, unless you want to end up in the dirt with your arm or leg broken while she beams a smile down at you.

Her spunky attitude and outgoing personality make her a joy to be around and it doesn’t hurt that she looks like a freaking super model. With her sporty figure, bonafide badass fighting style, and friendly demeanor, Laura is a babe of the highest caliber. Except if you piss her off, then one can expect to sport a cast for a few months as their arm dangles uselessly like a snapped tree limb.

13 Leifang Usually Wears Dresses...

via: giantbomb.com

Making her debut in the original Dead Or Alive, Leifang is a sultry college student who is a prodigy at the ancient martial art of taiji quan. Usually decked out in long silk dress with a high cut, Leifang also enjoys bathing suits, even if it’s only to make kicking opponents in the head easier. While not the first choice for a lot of gamers when thinking about hot gaming babes, Leifang is definitely a cutie when it comes to the genre.

In addition to being completely adorable, she’s also a master of an ancient martial art that allows her to defend herself, and most likely, you. Cute college student or not, it’d be mighty hard to pull off any of the complex moves in Leifang’s skill set with her arm or leg broken. That’s right, this round is going to the curvaceous Brazilian.

Winner: Laura

12 Poison Is A Street Savvy Rocker Chick

via: 100hdwallpapers.com

Crossing over from Final Fight as an enemy that spawned in endless waves to have players continually beat the crap out of, Poison made her jump into the Street Fighter world as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken and appeared in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Poison is a serious heavy rocker beauty and can kick in teeth in as an added bonus.

Having a similar fighting style to Guile, Poison is no slouch in the ring either. Her fierce attacks let her beat the poop out of whoever wants to get in her way. Although, the Final Fight designers were forced to identify Poison as a transgender woman because of the morality of beating up women in a video game, it appears that she is still a smoking hot woman.

11 Christie Has A Closet Of Cat Suits

via: deadoralive.wikia.com

A professional assassin packing heat, Christie is one of the most fearsome Dead or Alive antagonists in the series. Able to cut with a sharp fighting style or her particularly sharp tongue, she’s a femme fatale that leaves the boys swooning. Wearing a rainbow of different colored cat suits, Christie’s tight and form-fitting outfits leave little to the imagination.

In addition to her fit curves and scathing repertoire, Christie has a lighting fast fight style, letting her get in all types of jabs and pokes that leave opponents stunned and open for the next fatal blow. An assassin that wears curve fitting cat suits and can poke your foes into submission? Most are going to have to say yes.

Winner: Christie

10 Kolin Doesn't Appreciate Your Conspiracy Theories

via: aminoapps.com

Probably the most unfortunately named character in all of gaming, Kolin is an Illuminati agent that has an extremely sexy aesthetic that makes one forget all about that “top secret organization that controls the world” thing. She is curvaceous, blonde, and able to smack down anyone while wearing a pair of heels.

Fighting using the effective Russian based martial art of Systema, Kolin is able to lay the smackdown with her feet, fists, and by manipulating ice and snow. She’s a versatile beauty, desirable in her secretary outfit or one of her numerous uniforms. There’s something about a girl wearing an ushanka who can maim you with ease that is undoubtedly attractive. The moves of a secret agent with the look of a mail order bride make one foxy, insanely deadly woman.

9 Helena Douglass Can Hit The High Note

via: hotgirlhdwallpaper.com

An opera singer and learned Chinese martial artist, Helena Douglass is a serious threat to be reckoned with, especially when she’s wearing her bathing suit. Out to avenge the death of her mother, who was shot during one of Helena’s performances, she is a super pissed off blonde bombshell who is ready to find the responsible assassin and make him or her sing.

An upper class beauty with the voice on an angel, Helena would be the perfect woman to add a little class to your life. Plus, if anyone hates opera, it’d be quite a spectacle to watch her sweeping martial arts style render them unconscious in a matter of moments. As far as sexy goes, it’s going to have to be the opera singer bent on revenge. Something about a woman out for vengeance that can sing the classics is shamelessly sexy.

Winner: Helena Douglass

8 Ibuki Is A Master Ninja

via: shacknews.com

The annoyingly quick female ninja that can teleport around any fight, Ibuki is a serious babe in ninja’s clothing. Sporting a miniskirt and giant ponytail, Ibuki may not look like much at first, especially in her earlier iterations when she’s suited up in full ninja gear. Not so! She is incredibly hot, from her lighting fast ninjutsu, to her incredibly fit body; Ibuki is packing it all, even when you can only see her eyes.

It seems odd to compare a scantily dressed female ninja to a game whose lineup mostly consist of scantily dressed female ninjas. But in the long run, Ibuki is still a stone cold fox, even if we’re just talking fighting ability. But since we’re not, she still is a contender due to her subdued beauty.

7 Hitomi Will Chop The Crap Out Of You

via: awesomewallpaper.com

Packing one of the strongest punches among the ladies of the Dead or Alive universe, Hitomi is a karate master with a babe factor that hits twice as hard as any punch she could throw. Like most of the girls in Dead or Alive, Hitomi is built like any thirteen-year-old boy’s dream, but that isn’t necessarily a negative when comparing how sexy these ladies are.

Even though she may pack a hearty punch and would be right at home in any swimsuit centerfold, this match is going to have to go to Ibuki. Sure, Hitomi can throw some strong punches, chops, and kicks, but Ibuiki can disappear into thin air before showering shurkien down on an unsuspecting foe. Plus, that short skirt and ninja head wrap does a bit more than a Canadian tuxedo or even a swimsuit.

Winner: Ibuki

6 Juri Really Likes Hurting People

via: streetfighter.com

A self proclaimed sadist, Juri is the Taekwondo master that’ll break your body in all the right spots and feel good while watching you cry. That’s cool, sexy ladies are into what they’re into and if they can find a willing partner, more power to both of them. But honestly, getting smacked around by Juri might not be that bad of an experience. Sporting a tight purple outfit, eye patch that aids her in combat, and an insatiable thirst to inflict pain, Juri is the girl that only a fool double-crosses.

Even though she has an eye patch, her sinister beauty is hard to deny, especially when she’s handing someone his or her butt. Not only is she deadly, but she flirts while beating someone to a bloody pulp. A femme fatale if there ever was one, Juri might not be the girl to bring home to mom and dad, but that’s just how she wants it.

5 Lisa Hamilton Has The Brains To Back The Bod

via: freestepdodge.com

A scientist turned luchadora, Lisa Hamilton made her first appearance in the Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball circuit, before venturing out into more violent endeavors. Lisa can really lay it down in the ring with her sexy smarts and slamming physique. She can keep it sexy and sophisticated with her usual outfit, or play in to all types of fantasies with a whole closet of colorful and revealing luchadora costumes and swimsuits.

Most would take loving over pain any day, so Lisa claims the title this round. Sure, lots of people pay good money to get their butts kicked by beautiful women on a regular basis, and that’s perfectly fine; Juri is even willing to do it for free. But Lisa has the smarts, skills, and all the sexy anyone could ever need in a companion.

Winner: Lisa

4 Sakura Loves Ryu

via: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

The Street Fighter take on the innocent schoolgirl turned ass kicker, Sakura is obsessed with Ryu. Obsessed to the point that she learned his moves and started following him around the world in order to prove to her imaginary boyfriend that she is strong, like him. Even though Ryu may never take notice, Sakura is one serious Street Fighter cutie. Donning a piece of cloth wrapped around her waist that barely falls within the limits of being qualified as a skirt, and a colorful bandana, Sakura is hard to miss. She’s adorable, and all the better that she can completely wreck fools.

Although she may never get over her obsession with Ryu, Sakura’s cute and cheery personality only adds to her long, long legs. She’s a teen bombshell in its purest form.

3 Marie Rose Can Clean And Kill

via: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

Marie Rose is a compact cutie, only standing at 4’10” with a petite frame. Extremely fit and able to wreak havoc on even the strongest competitors, Marie is a seriously cute teen crush. As a servant to one of the other Dead or Alive characters, Marie can be seen in a maid’s outfit that makes most wish they could afford a maid. Plus, if anyone ever broke in, your housecleaner would literally clean house for you, scrubbing out blood and dusting up teeth post match.

Although some may prefer the schoolgirl this round, it’s going to have to go to the badass maid, Marie Rose. She’s an all in one package; cute, cleanly, and combat ready. Being able to have a spic and span house while never having to buy another alarm system for your house is a definite plus.

Winner: Marie Rose

2 Elena Won't Stop Moving

via: deviantart.com (iireii)

It’s hard not to mention kicks with most of these Street Fighter femme fatales, but when it comes to leg work, Elena is the series’ most foot loose fighter by a long shot. It’s near impossible to block her nonstop flurry of kicks that send her flying across the screen as she juggles you endlessly in her deadly dance. As far as hotness goes, Elena is definitely a leg man’s dream because her body is about 85% legs.

Coupled with her skimpy outfit, cute haircut, and cut bod, Elena is a serious contender when it comes to the ring or the beauty pageant. It’d be hard to guard against her fighting style, even harder to battle against her good looks and charm. Plus, her native stage is somewhere you could get a tan while watching her kick the living crap out of her competitors.

1 Ayane Swears That's Her Natural Hair Color

Via: ricedigital.co.uk

One of the original fighters in the debut Dead or Alive, Ayane was a hidden character that had to be unlocked before her beauty could be beheld in the ring. The shunned child of a ninja clan leader’s wife and her husband's older brother, Ayane is one of the quickest moving fighters in the series. She also has some of the most unique stances and move sets, including one where she faces backwards, increasing your view and your chance of getting a chop to the throat.

It doesn’t hurt that she is easily one of the sexiest ninjas in the entirety of video games, unless you’re her opponent; then it’s going to hurt a lot. Even though Elena has the ability to propel herself in a paroxysm of kicks, any fighter capable of beating the tar out of someone while facing the opposite direction, all while being a total babe, is the obvious victor.

Winner: Ayane

When all is said and done, every one of these ladies are dangerously beautiful and just plain dangerous. Still, the Dead or Alive girls have got to be the hottest. For a series that basically willed jiggle physics into existence and spawned a beach volley spin off series that went for multiple installments, there is little doubt to the contrary.

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