Don't Bother, Someone's Already Made An Island Of Crazed Fred Dursts In Far Cry V

If you were one of the people who was forced to endure all of Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water while staying at a friend's house in the early '00s, then your day has come! A new map has been made for the Arcade Mode in Far Cry V that gives you an entire island full of Fred Dursts that you can slaughter at your leisure.

The Arcade Mode in Far Cry V allows you to create custom maps using a set of predetermined rules, which you can then share with your friends online. These levels can even include assets from other Ubisoft games that don't even appear in the base Far Cry V campaigns, such as buildings & creatures from the Assassin's Creed and Watch Dog games.

A map called "Uganda" was created in Far Cry V's Arcade Mode and released by a user named Steep26. This map only uses a single enemy, who bears a great physical resemblance to the lead singer of Limp Bizkit.

The map takes place on a small island which is littered with structures, vehicles, and weapons that you can use to commit a Nu-Metal massacre. The only problem is that the group of Fred Dursts (which will hereafter be referred to by the plural term of a "Nookie" of Dursts) will have access to the same resources that you do. It's up to you as the player to defend the honor of Christina Aguillera and prevent Limp Bizkit from allowing the Undertaker to use any more of their terrible songs as an entrance theme.

Fred Durst has actually given permission for his likeness to be used in video games in the past. It was possible to unlock Fred Durst in WWF Raw and WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It, which was due to the connections between Limp Bizkit and the WWF at the time. Fred Durst was also playable in the terrible Fight Club video game adaptation.

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