Don't Buy The Modern Warfare Dark Edition

Collector's Editions are often jam-packed with goodies that make them appear as though they're worth it, when in fact there's nothing of real value in them. Players may get a few cool in-game items and a couple of added bonuses, like a keychain or a bust, but these products are oftentimes cheaply made. Look no further than the disaster that is Fallout 76, which had a $200 Collector's Edition that advertised a canvas bag, yet fans ended up with a cheap nylon knock off. Players did eventually get their canvas bags, but it took Bethesda seven months to deliver.

Don't make the same mistake by buying into Infinity Ward's so-called Dark Edition for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There are much better things $200 can get you.

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Modern Warfare 2 Déjà Vu

On November 10, 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition was released with a slightly similar offer. While it may cost players a whopping $400 now, back then it was only the typical $200 that almost all Collector's Editions go by. Yet, the deal seemed, just like today's Dark Edition, as sweet as ever including the night vision goggles, a steelbook case, and an assortment of in-game loot. While they may have looked cool on display, those goggles weren't the best in operation. Not only do they look to be made of plastic, but the overall design itself is simply hideous, yet fans still flocked by the dozens to get their hands on this prime piece of video game history.

Like its very predecessor, Dark Edition's night vision goggles may look the part, but are they really worth $200? Factor in the that Infinity Ward needs to make money, in addition to the fact that most night vision goggles worth the coin cost upwards of a few thousand bucks, there's no logic in giving away pairs of NVGs along with a $60 video game. It just doesn't add up, and while there might be some people out there that are willing to pay the price and could care less if the goggles work or not, there's still the case of the added bonuses, which ironically aren't much...

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Even The Extras Don't Make It Worthwhile

With the Dark Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare boasts a variety of different in-game items. Specifically, players will receive three Armory weapons, which can be used in the Gunsmith when updating loadouts, and three complementary operators. Dark Edition owners will also receive a slick knife, expertly named "Blue Silence," despite the fact that some were really hoping Modern Warfare would have a shovel. Once again, on the outside, it may appear like a good deal, but in reality, it's not. Since you can get all of these extras and various goodies from Infinity Ward's multitude of other versions, buying the Dark Edition merely for its night vision goggles seems like an utter waste.

Fans who simply just want cosmetic stuff and cool upgrades, like the weapons packs, can just as easily save over $100 by buying the Operator Pack. With this, you get all of those sweet Armory weapons and the operators, though you won't be getting the 3,000 COD points or the NVGs. Since Infinity Ward as consistently denied any inclusion of loot boxes, it's safe to assume those COD points won't be necessary, unless you'll be wanting cosmetic stuff later on. Give it a few months and the developer will begin slowly adding in add-on content, mainly its store, maps, and modes. None of this will be given to you early for buying the outrageous Dark Edition, so don't get your hopes up.

It's Simply Not Worth $200

Many on Reddit may still wonder is Dark Edition worth it? My honest answer is that there really is no point. It's a waste of money, as most Collector's Editions are unless, of course, you're a tried and true die-hard fan of Call of Duty. If you want a second opinion, give IGN's unboxing a watch. It may sway your opinion but it sure didn't sway mine. This could be your favorite gaming series, which I must admit used to be held as high as ever in my own heart until various lackluster money-grabs of titles, like Infinite Warfare, came around, but buying the Dark Edition just doesn't make any sense.

It is good to see Activision going back to its roots, not only in its title's gameplay but also even calling back to an elder version of a Collector's Edition many may have long forgotten. Still, those goggles aren't going to last long. They might look sweet on your shelf for a bit, but realistically they'll just gather dust and make you feel self-loathing for having spent $200 when an assortment of similarly amazing titles are releasing amid the same time, namely The Outer Worlds, Death Stranding, and Jedi: Fallen Order. Save up for some of these games rather than putting your coin to bad use on cheap knock-offs and silly in-game items.

Modern Warfare may make for an unforgettable and everlasting experience, but its Dark Edition certainly won't keep you warm at night, especially if it can barely help you see in the dark.

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