Don't Look! 25 Overwatch Secrets The Creators Want To Bury

Overwatch fans beware! Here are 25 Overwatch Secrets The Creators Want To Bury. Shame on you, Blizzard!

No game has dominated its respective genre like Blizzard’s smash-hit first-person shooter Overwatch, and it has taken just about every modern platform by storm with its infectiously addictive action.

Overwatch transcends the limitations of video games and has actually become its own community of smitten fans that follow the constant updates and promotional materials that have made the game the entity that it is.

The game has been one of the biggest shooters and while it does not hold the mature content of other titans in the genre like Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Counter-Strike, it has a pleasing aesthetic that resembles the Pixar style of charming animation.

Despite it being targeted toward children and generally going over as a smooth release, the game has not been without their share of parts that were definitely not a part of Blizzard’s ultimate scheme.

These remnants of what make Overwatch’s shady past are practically unknown to the casual player and they would be shocked to know some of these things that Blizzard has tried to brush under the rug.

There are some undoubtedly scathing parts of the game’s past and convey the real sinister undertones and fatal flaws that get glossed over by updates and reworks.

This usually means that a lot of these facts will end up being a part of the obscure, unknown past of the game but luckily these entries will help rediscover the secrets of Overwatch that Blizzard wants you to forget.

25 This Character Was BROKEN


Bastion has been the perfect example of how the balance of these intricately designed characters can be interrupted by the input of Blizzard’s dedicated fan base. Bastion has undergone so many changes to his toolbox that players have had to adjust from update to update as they changed him so many times. However, no fan of the game at launch was aware of the fact that Bastion initially had another defensive asset that made him way too overpowered. This asset was a practically unparalleled set of shields that were placed on him when he would enter his turret mode where he could spray thousands of bullets without reloading. Many fans do not know about this little tidbit in the loveable robots past and after seeing his impact in the beta, it is clear that it is for a good reason.

24 Blizzard Doesn't Care About Consoles


Blizzard has been largely applauded for their attention to detail when it comes to balancing Overwatch and PC gamers have been treated to the occasional early patch that gives them both a glimpse of the future and a golden opportunity to shift the landscape at their desire. Unfortunately for console players, however, they have received the much shorter end of the stick and Blizzard has not cared the slightest. PC players are used to their keyboards and mouse, so characters like Widowmaker and Hanzo end up making a much larger impact on the game on the PC client but are largely useless on consoles. This has led to many players on Xbox One and PS4 to call both these characters “dead picks” as any players looking to demote themselves have found solace in both snipers.

23 What Were They Doing In There?


Another additional feature that did not make the final release (however for more politically correct reasons here) was a small cosmetic detail on the payload map Route 66. The map itself is based on a train robbery in a canyon that goes awry. While that paints a vulgar picture it does not get as inappropriate as this little tidbit. There was initially a magazine that was placed in the outhouse located next to the second point on the map that featured a couple of in-game beauties, Symmetra and Mercy. This was part of the insinuation that the magazines were being used as ways to “entertain” anyone using the old facility to do their business. This was done to obviously keep in tone with the family-friendly aesthetic but it remains a secret that few fans know of.

22 The Best Of Both Worlds

steamcommunity.com - dziewiaty

Overwatch is known for its amazingly diverse and powerful roster of heroes, and there is no shortage of fan-favorites as they are all balanced quite well. This includes the Shimada Brothers Genji and Hanzo, a ninja and arrow marksman, respectively. Hanzo is not as deadly as Genji but they both represent two sides of Japanese ninja culture that are properly highlighted in their past. They are good characters, but outside of Genji’s brief time as the best attack damage carrier in the game, they have not reached their full potential. Unfortunately for fans, they never will. Genji and Hanzo were once designed as one awesome ninja that had shuriken, double-jumps, slashes, a katana, a bow and arrow, and finally two dragons to go with his ultimate abilities. This would have made him the best character by far, and it is a true shame we will never see what he could have been.

21 Mei’s A Glitch


Another mode that made waves when it hit the game was the three-on-three deathmatch, which pitted two teams of three against each other in a best of five series. Initially, there was only one map that allowed for this kind of close-range combat and that was Ecopoint: Antarctica, a fairly well-designed map. However, this is Overwatch and anything that they release will be placed under an intensely powerful microscope. It is through that observational lens that players found an exploit that allowed the character Mei to escape out of the map and out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, however, Mei was still capable of shooting projectiles in this glitched crevice. Sure, it was patched shortly after a storm was started on many forums but fans who were around for that time will never forget that game-breaking bug.

20 A Life-Saving Goddess, Gone

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Now, this next secret was no secret to anyone who played the game when it came out but Blizzard has done everything they can to make sure that their dedicated fan base has forgotten about this next fact about the Swiss doctor, Mercy. Every character has an ultimate ability and some are much more important than others, and Mercy used to have one of the most iconic ultimates in her Resurrection ability. She still revives in her modern updated character, but she used to be able to revive her whole team to bring them back into the fray via a frenetic fight that generally encapsulated what made Overwatch so distinct. Characters outside of Mercy were a lot slower, and since the game has evolved into a fast-paced offense she has lost her place as the most important healer in the game.

19 What Happened To Reaper's Balls?

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Another example of an iconic ability being cut out of the game in favor of balance to the rest of the roster, Reaper used to be known for leaving behind soul orbs in place of his deceased enemies to heal him. It made him a lot slower but it gave him teeth in team fights where he can go into his Wraith mode ability to reap the souls that were left behind. Apparently, Blizzard changed their tune when it came to a character that reaps souls from the battlefield when they removed that ability in favor of his new passive. His new passive ability is that he slowly drains health from anyone he is doing damage to and it puts him closer to his Halloween counterpart Dracula. Sadly, it just took something away from fans that they loved.

18 Overtime Controversy


The competitive mode of Overwatch has been the subject of many debates and arguments. It's the only way that hardcore players can distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition. Unfortunately, there has been very little attention to detail on the part of Blizzard when it comes to regulating the mode and evidence of this is the initial concept of solving ties in the game. When the mode initially launched after the release, any game that ended up in a tie would be decided in overtime, where players were given another quick chance to win over their opponents. It resulted in no competitive game ever ending in a tie, but led to a lot of stress and anxiety towards players and resulted in the subsequent change to allow games to end in a draw.

17 Victory Poses They Don't Want You To SEE!


Junkenstein’s Revenge was the second event to ever grace the Overwatch community, as a Halloween special that gave a non-canon look at some of our favorite characters. A big part of this event was the items that dropped alongside the release of the event. One of the items to be released was the victory pose titled “RIP” for every single character that featured them posing underground with a tombstone that had one of their unique characteristics peeking out the ground. It was relatively popular and no one batted an eye or two at the victory poses but Blizzard felt that they had taken things too far in the next year’s iteration of the event as they removed any chance from pulling them in loot boxes. They claim that Reaper is the only one that needs the pose but we are sure it is just another way of making fans collect.

16 Call It Child Gambling


Speaking of loot boxes and how they affect the rest of the game, the loot boxes in Overwatch used to be the subject of a lot of controversy for their blatant attempts at making people cash in their hard-earned dollars. When the game was still young, following its massive release, the loot box system was engineered to give out some duplicates so that people could get more currency to buy their favorite items for their favorite characters. It seemed like a nice idea at its conception but fans were riled up to the point where Blizzard finally took notice and changed the algorithms to give out new items and fulfill the wishes of their fans. For the most part, this has been corrected but dedicated fans of the game will never forget that horrible time of inconvenient box pulls.

15 The Cowboy God Of The Past


Another testament to the dated version of Overwatch that hit the scene when the game initially dropped, McCree used to be the most powerful hero by far. This was because of his damage output that had yet to be regulated down to the norm that it is today. McCree does 75 damage per shot when shooting his bullets from his six-shooter but activating the effect “Fan The Hammer” results in all 6 shots being shot in quick succession. This has remained the same through the updates but unfortunately for fans of the part-machine, part-man cowboy, his damage has been significantly lowered. It does not mean that he is unusable now, but he has definitely dropped from his once dominant position at the top of the Overwatch food chain.

14 Genji, The Game Killer

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Genji is one half of the Shimada Brothers that make two of the most popular characters in Overwatch. While the brothers have some dastardly secrets of their own coming up later on this list, Genji must be brought up for his secretive past as the most important offensive character in the game. At one point, Genji was the character that was an automatic pick due to his amazing ultimate ability that made him almost indestructible. His cooldowns and length of his ultimate were all suited for him to be the go-to attack damage carry character, and it may have been patched since then but his brief stint as the most powerful character in the game (in the right hands) made him an absolute Overwatch icon.

13 This Pig Can't Be Stopped By Anything (Except For Patches)

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Tanks are not as dominant in the world of Overwatch as they should be, and unfortunately, Orisa was not enough firepower when she released earlier this year. This was not always the case, as Junkrat’s pal Roadhog once possessed one of the most powerful toolkits in the entire game that saw him useful in almost every situation possible. His hook and shotgun combo made him an offensive threat against every character and his self-healing ability combined with his seemingly endless health made him practically invincible. Much like McCree and Genji, however, Roadhog has been balanced and is a shell of his former powerful self. This makes it so that the tank position is left at an offensive disadvantage and it seems like Blizzard wants that to keep the status quo.

12 Putting It Behind Them


Overwatch has been one of the shining examples of the shifting of the guard in terms of how main characters are designed. The many heroes of the game represent how diversity has become the true champion and the scientists, engineers, and soldiers, that make up the roster are a testament to this. This is why a couple of dedicated fans were upset with the uproar that was caused by a seemingly harmless victory pose that main protagonist Tracer had in the game’s early days. The pose was largely normal, except some sensitive individuals felt that her pose was a little too suggestive for her character’s taste. Since then, a patch has replaced the pose with one that is actually closer to that of a pinup girl of the 1950s, to add a little bit of poetic justice.

11 That Sombra Debacle

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Since Blizzard has made it a part of their main objective to introduce an onslaught of free downloadable characters and introduce new life into the hectic fray, many heroes have released like Ana, Doomfist, Moira, Orisa, and more controversially, Sombra. She is a character that is known for her radical hacking abilities and Blizzard made sure to make that a big part of her release. The developers held an entire ARG event to leave breadcrumbs behind as to who this mysterious character was and it drove fans insane. Sites like Reddit were abuzz with frenetic research done by gamers around the world just to find out more information about their favorite game’s new character. Unfortunately, there was nothing except disappointment as her release was plagued by her clunky controls and laughable abilities that made her feel completely out of place.

10 Toxic Competitive Players


Something that has been up to a lot of debate to this day is the way Blizzard deals with toxic players on Overwatch as many fans feel kind of screwed when it comes to dealing with jerks online. It was only until recently where they finally added a system to report people, but there is almost nothing stopping people from abusing the competitive system to get gold weapons. Citing the lack of punishment as reasoning, many players have taken it upon themselves to repeatedly lose rank to the lowest and win games to get back all for the sake of premium currency. It might not sound that bad right up front but the declension usually results in a lot of gamers fighting uphill battles as they find these online trolls ruining their chances of an even contest.

9 Quick Play Mode Only?


Overwatch might one of the most successful titles of all-time but that does not mean it has been anything close to a perfect launch. Now that the game has been out for longer than a year there are so many updates and different modes to play that the sheer amount of options is overwhelming. However, when the game initially dropped it was bare-basic and only had one mode for all to play; Quick Play. The mode had no premium currency to earn or a rank to uphold, so the only real incentive for gamers at the time was to level up and unlock as many items as possible. Luckily for most fans, it was enough to keep them coming back to the addictively frenetic core gameplay and the fan base has not looked back since.

8 A Map That Failed Miserably

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There are a lot of maps in Overwatch and the game developers at Blizzard have been resoundingly regarded with some of the best map design to ever exist in the history of video games. Just about every map has some gorgeous design structures, along with vibrant color palettes to go with that careful balance. Unfortunately for Blizzard, they are just not as lucky when it comes to keeping this record perfect as the payload map Watchpoint: Gibraltar was the focus of heavy scrutiny. The placement of the first point on the map was just too easy for the offensive team to strike against the defending characters. It is relatively small but when there were fewer maps in the rotation for the game it was a lot easier to get stuck on this map and go back and forth with the enemy, regardless of skill.

7 Map Woes Continue


In what was a case of reverse balance, the offensive side on the downloadable map Eichenwalde was extremely controversial for many fans of the game. Watchpoint: Gibraltar made it too easy by placing the first point next to the spawn of the offense, this time there was just one small hole that was practically impenetrable if guarded by the right defensive team. A side door was patched in to make the map more playable and feasible for the offense team but the damage has been done and most players are still adjusting to the drastic change. Eichenwalde is supposed to be a castle-defense type map and while the original design made it very difficult on the offense, it added a true sense of accomplishment if the team successfully got through.

6 Symmetra Used To Suck


Symmetra is a character that has been the subject of memes, debates, and amateur rework concepts since the game initially dropped. Part of the reason here is that she is genuinely one of the most unique characters in a video game ever, and her abilities (while arguably useless at the time) definitely showed the fans what could be with her toolkit. The other part of the reason was that she just plain sucked. She was slow, difficult to use, easy to kill, and only useful on defense. That kind of difficult obstacle towards her learning curve made her one of the worst picks for any team on a normal basis. Luckily for just about everyone in the Overwatch community, Symmetra was given a massive upgrade and is now she is as fun as she is dominant in the game.

5 Competitive Is Everything But


The competitive mode in Overwatch has provided an interesting way to gauge casual players and give them a chance to make a name for themselves online without even advertising themselves. It also introduced the premium currency that is only rewarded through this mode and placing higher in ranking brackets usually handsomely rewards these players that worked diligently. Or at least some of them, it would appear. Some player has had some dire issues with the placement system that places players into ranked tiers (i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc.) to the point where they are being demoted for winning. This was especially an issue when the mode initially dropped, and while Blizzard can do all the patching they want, a lot of players will never get those wins and that time back.

4 A Broken Event


Lucio Ball is a seasonal event that lasts throughout the summer, and the first year that it came out, fans were ecstatic to be able to play this soccer-type specialty game. When it came back this year, however, there was a completely different outlook on this playful mode that was seemingly taken with about as much seriousness as the other arcade modes. This perception has changed the instant that Blizzard started giving competitive points for Lucio Ball. That is actually good in spirit but the execution left much to be desired as there were a few bugs that plagued the game from being as competitive as it should. Many memes and videos documented the lack of consistency in how his toolkit affected the in-game ball. Talk about dropping the ball!

3 A Glitch You Can Get Behind


Widowmaker is by far the most attractive character (outside of Jesse McCree) in the entire game. Her body is unreasonably thin and her curves are as round as the bullets she puts into her victims. This is standard practice in any character in the video game world as an assassin cannot be in bad shape. However, this was taken a little too far on accident as Widowmaker faced a glitch in the pre-release version of Overwatch. Was it a game breaking design that ruined the balance of the game? No. It was something that got a lot more fans riled up; her backside. Funny enough, her rear would inflate in size on certain occasions. Blizzard fixed it quickly but the sheer randomness of this glitch was enough to make the list. Perhaps we can get this patch reversed soon?

2 Their New Map Is Just A Huge Blizzard Advertisement


Blizzard is nothing short of proud of their illustrious past as one of (if not the most) dominant video game companies of all time and their stamp on the industry is immeasurable. The pride that has come along with their success is about to surface in one of the strangest maps for a major video game of all time. Blizzard World is a fictional amusement park that is themed around the various games of Blizzard’s past, such as Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft. This is fairly unbelievable even in a game that features a talking monkey and teleporting human beings. Blizzard World has yet to be released publically, however, seeing as Blizzard has toyed with the idea of making the park a reality, we might be seeing this come to reality soon.

1 Tanks For The Memories


Earlier on this list, it was mentioned that Bastion was once going to feature a set of shields around his robot-body. That might have been removed when the game released but something that remains consistent is that Bastion has the worst ultimate ability in the entire game. This is definitely the worst kept secret as fans have been complaining about his ultimate since the release of the game. Bastion turns into a tank and blasts his enemies, which sounds a lot better than it actually is. He used to be given a set of extra armor to make sure that during this ultimate he can blast away, but his missiles were not as powerful. Now that they are powerful, he gets no protection from his own blasts. This is a mess that still has not been fixed and it looks like Blizzard is in no hurry to correct this secret.

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