Doom 64 Trailer Gives Up A Short Glimpse of Hell

Surprise announced during a Nintendo Direct a few months back, Bethesda is finally showing off some footage from the upcoming Doom 64 port and it looks glorious. Based on NightDive Studios' KEX engine, this latest port includes all of the improvements made in the Doom 64 EX PC mod and then some. It also brings the game to a much wider audience, something the limited install base of the N64 didn't allow.

Sadly, the delay of Doom Eternal has pushed Doom 64 back as well. The re-release will coincide with Eternal's launch on March 20, 2020, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Anyone that pre-orders Eternal will receive the game as a free bonus. If you're not interested in id Software's follow-up (what is wrong with you?!), then Doom 64 will be available for standalone purchase.

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One of the more overlooked entries in the series, Doom 64 was a solid game that released at the worst possible time. Coming a year into the N64's lifespan and after the monumental release of Quake, people were quick to dismiss what seemed like a shooter stuck firmly in the past. Thankfully, time has been kind to Doom 64 and people are eager to get a taste of what they missed out on.

While essentially another version of Doom 2Doom 64 is a wonderful marriage of the darker horror elements from the original Doom and the fast-paced action it became known for. History goes that Midway Games was unable to port the original game to Nintendo's platform, so it opted to create an entirely unique version. To that end, the studio went back to the Doom Bible and included some of the features that id Software originally wanted in 1993.

Brand new levels, redrawn sprites, and a creepy soundtrack later, Doom 64 took life as an incredible continuation of the classic titles. It may not be revolutionary, but it provides all of the bloody, brutal action that Doom does best with some impressive level design. Removing the constraints of the original engine did wonders for enabling the developers to push a new atmosphere.

Really, don't pass up on this one. Doom 64 deserves a spot in every Doom fan's collection.

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