Doom: 5 Best Weapon Upgrades (& 5 Worst)

Doom is a game that is, at its core, about shooting demons with the huge assortment of guns at your disposal. Everything else simply augments this experience by adding new options or tools to your arsenal or granting new powers and skills that facilitate more demon shooting.

While the most recent game in the series tasked players with taking on the legions of Hell, it introduced a wide variety of new mechanics to refresh the franchise, from the bloody Glory Kills to the powerful Rune Trials. The game also included a massive range of weapons, alongside optional upgrades for each of those weapons. Some of these brand new upgrades can turn certain guns into death dealing harbingers of, well, doom. Others, however, are a bit lackluster. With that in mind, let's now take a look at the five best weapon upgrades in the most recent Doom game - and the five worst.

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10 Worst: Charged Shot

The first proper gun you'll find in Doom is the trusty shotgun, a close quarters weapon that allows you to dispatch the Possessed and Imps in the early levels with ease. Consequently, it's also likely the first weapon that you'll upgrade, which will present you with two options for the weapon's alt fire - the Explosive Shot or the Charged Shot.

While neither option is terrible, the Charged Shot basically amounts to shooting the gun three times in rapid succession, especially when you first obtain it. The Explosive Shot, on the other hand, gives you a powerful grenade that can deal splash damage and it excellent for taking on groups of foes. When compared to the alternative, the Charged Shot just isn't that impressive.

9 Best: Precision Bolt

The Gauss Cannon is a weapon you'll obtain midway through the game and can be a powerful force in the right hands. Of the two upgrades available for it, the Precision Shot is a better, more versatile tool. It allows players to zoom in on targets and charge up a damaging bolt of energy that deals additional damage and can be fired with keen accuracy.

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The combination of high damage and precise aiming makes this weapon upgrade excellent for targeting far away demons or tiny weak spots, such as on the Mancubi. It does slow you down while using it, but it remains an excellent power to have on hand.

8 Worst: Remote Detonation

This upgrade for the Rocket Launcher turns your rockets into moving remote bombs, and that's about it. Remote Detonation lets players do exactly what the name implies, allowing you to trigger rockets already in the air that haven't hit a target to explode instantly.

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There's no doubt that this can be a useful ability to have, in the circumstances. Given the slow speed of the rockets that your fire, it's entirely possible that demons might move out of the way, meaning that the ability to deal splash damage to them is absolutely useful. But then there's also the fact that most of the time, you'll want to use the Rocket Launcher on the larger, slower moving demons with more health, making this upgrade a bit unnecessary.

7 Best: Micro Missiles

Another gun you get early on, the Assault Rifle is a decent weapon with greater range and a higher rate of fire than the shotgun. Upgrading it with the Micro Missiles, however, turns this standard gun into a deadly combat tool. Pressing the alt fire button will bring up a rack of six missiles that can be fire at enemies to deal additional damage, and further upgrading the weapon mod can let players fire these missiles infinitely.

This weapon upgrade will be especially useful when players first obtain the Assault Rifle as it will be their primary method of dealing high damage at a distance. This lets you burn down tough enemies, waiting until their health becomes critical and you can move in for a Glory Kill.

6 Worst: Tactical Scope

The other available for the upgrade is a bit less impressive. While the one sees you slinging missiles at your demonic foes, the Tactical Scope adds... a scope. This does allow for better aiming and targeting of demons' weak points, and it can even be upgraded to deal piercing damage and increase your movement speed while aiming.

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However, when compared to the sheer explosive power of the other available upgrade, the Tactical Scope just falls short. It simply doesn't offer enough damage or range to really make it better than the Micro Missiles, meaning that players will likely abstain from picking it.

5 Best: Stun Bomb

The Plasma Rifle is a futuristic, sci-fi weapon that shoots balls of energy at your opponents, rapidly bringing down their health and destroying hordes of demons in an instant. While it's already a powerful weapon, the Stun Bomb upgrade makes it a significantly more adaptable one as well. True to the name, the Stun Bomb lets players launch a projectile that stuns all demons within a radius.

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Given the fast-paced action of Doom, slowing down your enemies can be a lifesaver if you're low on health and need to replenish or if you just need to hold off a particularly powerful foe for a few seconds. It gives players time to recover, prepare, and damage the legions of Hell, making it a highly useful weapon upgrade.

4 Worst: Gatling Rotator

Obtaining the Chaingun in Doom can make players feel like unstoppable demon slaying machines as they spew lead across the battlefield, mowing down their foes. This effect may be slightly hampered if they pick the Gatling Rotator upgrade for it, though. All that this weapon mod does is spin up the barrel of the Chaingun before you start firing.

While this can come in handy as the Chaingun's rate of fire before fully spinning up is rather poor, it's an upgrade more suited for when you're anticipating demons but haven't found any yet. In the heat of battle, it becomes significantly less applicable as you'll often want to actually deal some damage while the Chaingun spins up, meaning that it's just one of the worse upgrades.

3 Best: Mobile Turret

On the other hand, the alternate upgrade for the Chaingun is one of the best in the game. Called the Mobile Turret, this weapon mod turns the gun into a tri-barreled spinning demon destroyer, dealing exceptional damage and eliminating everything from a whole field of enemies to a particularly resilient Baron of Hell in a matter of moments.

There is a drawback to this kind of power, unfortunately, as the Mobile Turret will overheat if used for too long, locking you out of the gun until it recovers. This can be avoided entirely, though, if the final upgrade is obtained as this prevents the gun from ever overheating. Armed with a Mobile Turret, the demons of Doom suddenly become a lot less intimidating.

2 Worst: Siege Mode

Perhaps the least useful weapon upgrade in the game is Siege Mode for the Gauss Cannon. This modification turns the gun into a powerful beam, burning down enemy health bars quickly, but it comes with a high cost - movement. While Siege Mode is active, players cannot move and are rooted in place.

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While the damage dealt by Siege Mode is impressive, it's important to note that Doom as a game, is all about staying on the move, as being stationary is an invitation to be swarmed by demons. An upgrade that causes you to stay put simply isn't really in keeping with the game's philosophy, and so it is ultimately worst one available.

1 Best: Lock-On Burst

Finally, the best upgrade in the game is one that combines damage, distance, and ease of use - the Lock-on Burst for the Rocket Launcher. It's not hard to deduce what this particular modification does - hitting the alt fire button will cause the Rocket Launcher to begin locking on to the demon closest to its aiming reticle. Firing the weapon will then send a small barrage of missiles that seek out that target.

Providing the benefits of the Rocket Launcher's high damage, the range at which this ability can be deployed, and the fact that you don't even need to really aim to cause massive destruction, the Lock-on Burst is by far the best weapon upgrade in all of Doom.

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