Confirmed: Doom Can Run On A Digital Camera From 1998

The quest to get Doom running on every device known to man continues unabated, as it has been proven that the game can run on a Kodak digital camera.

Doom Camera Cover

The quest to get Doom running on every device known to man continues unabated, as it has been proven that the game can run on a Kodak digital camera from 1998.

Doom was originally released for MS-DOS back in 1993. The game has been ported to numerous other systems since then, including the Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, the Acorn Archimedes line of personal computers, the Xbox 360, and the Game Boy Advance. The most recent port of Doom was released this year for every modern system, alongside ports of Doom II and Doom 3. There is also a popular porting scene for Doom, which can allow the game run on devices such as printers and old McDonald's cash registers.

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One of the most surprising devices that can run Doom is a Kodak digital camera from 1998. The Kodak digital science DC260 zoom camera was released in '98 for almost a thousand dollars, and it came with a whopping 8MB of memory for storing pictures. The camera uses Digita OS in order to load different apps, which has allowed fans to produce a Doom port and load it to the device. The Lazy Gaming Review YouTube channel has uploaded a video demonstrating the Kodak Doom port in action, which can be seen below.

The small pad on the back of the camera can be used as directional buttons for Doom, while the button that would normally be used to zoom the lens in and out is used for firing weapons. The quality of the port isn't perfect (it notably lacks any background music) but it's fully functional, and it's possible to finish Doom using the camera.

Doom was a demanding game during its initial release, which is why the first console ports struggled so hard to match the original PC version of the game in terms of quality. Technology has long since left Doom behind, but the fans of the series will continue to get it running on every device that they can. The fact that fans were able to get Doom running on an old digital camera shows their dedication to one of the greatest games of all time.

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Source: LGR/YouTube

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