Doom Eternal's Pre-Order Trailer Offers First Look At Classic Skins, Sound Packs

A new pre-order trailer from EB Games Australia (preserved by GameSpot) for Doom Eternal has given us our first taste of what users can look forward to if they reserve themselves a copy of the game. Coming with some DLC packs that include classic skins and classic weapon sound effects, anyone with a penchant for classic Doom might just want to pre-order the upcoming entry.

The first pack mentioned is the "Rip and Tear" pack. This includes a throwback shotgun skin (giving the single barrel a look closer to 1993's Doom), a "Doot" skin for the Revenant enemy, the "UAC Cultist Base" master level, and a digital copy of Doom 64. That last part is scheduled for release alongside Eternal on March 20, 2020.

Anyone that ponies up for the "Deluxe Edition" will receive even more goodies with their purchaser. Doom Eternal is set to receive two campaign DLC packs, which will be included in the "Year One Pass." This comes with the deluxe edition alongside the "Demonic Slayer Skin" and the "Classic Weapon Sound Pack." The sound pack transforms each weapon's firing noise to that from Doom 1 and 2, giving fans a real trip down memory lane.

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One thing to note from the trailer is how the enemy designs look to better resemble their past selves. The Cyberdemon, in particular, now more closely matches his counterpart from the 90s iterations. The weapon designs, as well, share elements with their original sprites.

I think the biggest surprise is that we got a short clip of Doom 64 in action. Bethesda had originally intended Doom Eternal to launch in November with Doom 64 in tow. Since the game is a port of an N64 title, it was likely close to completion when Eternal was given a delay. It certainly looks near complete, though the brightness has been turned up quite a bit.

The sequel to id Software's 2016 hit, Doom Eternal is shaping up to be quite the continuation of this brutal FPS series. Paying more homage to the past and refining the lacking aspects of the reboot, Eternal may be an early contender for 2020's Game of the Year when it releases in March.

Source: GameSpot Trailers

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