Doom Mod 'Mr Friendly' Turns The Shooter Into Animal Crossing (With Demons)

Have you ever looked at Doom and thought, you know, this could do with being a little less… Doom-y? Well, of course you haven’t, but that’s because you haven’t seen the super cute and adorable Mr Friendly mod yet.

Now, naturally, Doom is a game that needs no introduction. There are some titles that are just so influential, so impactful, that they shape the gaming landscape around themselves. These are the biggest of the big names, the games that forge whole genres. Mario Kart did this for the kart racer (and everyone from Sonic the Hedgehog to the darn Crazy Frog hopped onto that gravy train). Doom did it for the FPS.

1993’s seminal shooter arrived in one huge wave of violence, testosterone and controversy. It made one heck of an impression, that’s for sure, and continues to influence the industry a quarter of a century after its release. Needless to say, then, it’s been around the block many times.

When it comes to mods, Doom has been a real goldmine over the years. There’s the popular Brutal Doom, an even more violent take on the original. There are oddities like InstaDoom, which adds that most contemporary of touches to the game: a selfie function with various filters. Even if you’re a veteran fan who’s tried all of these out before, though, you haven’t seen anything yet. Meet Mr Friendly.

Brought to us by veteran designer and modder JP LeBreton, this is one of the most creative takes on Doom ever. Your goal in Mr Friendly is not to shred the Martian hordes into hunks of sad, defeated spam, but to befriend and perform tasks for them. You don’t play as Doomguy, but rather as one of the creatures themselves.

Via: itch.io

At its core, the whole business sounds very Animal Crossing-esque, as you roam the level, seek out different demons (although they’re called something much friendlier than ‘demon’ here), talk to them and perform various tasks for them. You know, fetch quests, that sort of deal.

It may seem like an odd sort of parody or snarky joke, but the mod’s creator assures us that there’s something deeper going on here too. As he told Kotaku, it’s a bit of a commentary on real life:

“Something bad is happening in the world at large but we’re trying to get by, holding on to each moment of goodness, trying to care for each other. Most games have a depressingly limited vocabulary for focusing on that, and Doom is no exception, but I figured the lack of seriousness would be disarming in a good way.”

In short, yes, this is the strangest and most uplifting concept you’ve seen today. You’re welcome.

Interested parties can check out instructions to download Mr Friendly over at itch.io, or watch it in action right here on JP LeBreton's YouTube channel. 

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