10 Mods You Need To Try For DOOM (2016)

We've found a few interesting mods that change the way you play, essentially lengthening DOOM's lifespan until DOOM Eternal arrives.

Ripping and tearing through hordes of hapless hellspawn has never been so much fun until the DOOM franchise came along. DOOM (2016) has certainly lived up to the legacy of its legendary and infamous predecessors. Not only that, but it also added a new twist to the aging first-person shooter (FPS) convention.

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Suffice to say, we all want more DOOM and more angry DOOM guy violent tantrums. Thankfully, id Software has heard out anguished cries and is poised to release DOOM Eternalthe sad part is that we don't get it until 2020. So instead of playing with DOOM's (2016) nightmare mode for the millionth time, you ought to try modding the game. Turns out there are quite a few interesting mods that change the way you play, essentially lengthening DOOM's lifespan until Eternal arrives.


First thing's first, you'll want to make sure that modding DOOM goes as smooth as possible. DOOM (2016) doesn't exactly have great modding support due to the way it's programmed but that didn't prevent the player base from introducing some substantial mods. If you're going to install many of them DOOMExtract is your go-to mod.

It's a command-line-operated file that does half the modding work for you such as extracting the resources file for DOOM and then repacking mods into it so that they don't run into conflict with one another during installation. In any case, it makes mod installation a breeze, even though the instructions can still be confusing.


DOOM has made its user interface as accessible as it can but it can get in the way of immersion sometimes. A case in point is the highlights of the usable items which outline any item you can pick up so you can easily see them. While it's immensely helpful if you're in a hurry or on a frenzied rampage and don't want to stop, it makes the game look less serious.

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For the definitive DOOM hardcore experience, DOOM Highlights Remover does what it says. You no longer have to rely on the training wheels to get your survival items because you're the DOOM guy after all. In that regard, it can also make the game a little harder since you now have to be attentive in order to get the important stuff.


DOOM's graphics are great and all but you'll eventually be tired of them after playing through countless times. A change in art style or atmosphere is certainly welcome for the three-year-old game and Blood in the Ink ReShade option for DOOM handles that nightmarishly, which is great.

It's a ReShade preset for DOOM that overhauls the graphics and art style and gives it a blood-red hue as if it wasn't horrific enough as it is. The creator of the preset admitted that he wanted to give DOOM a horror graphic novel look and feel, hence the mod's title. For an added challenge, pair this with ReShade preset with Ultra-Nightmare difficulty.


If Blood in the Ink ReShade is a little too aggressive and headache-inducing for you, Carmack's DOOM ReShade might be a good alternative. It merely enhances (not overhauls) the graphics of the game to give it a more cinematic look. The changes are quite subtle but the comparisons show just how dramatic the scenery changes thanks to Carmack's ReShade preset.

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The preset utilizes extensive and liberal use of depth-of-field as well as shadows and darker lighting to improve the game's atmosphere. In some shots, the game's lighting can look even more realistic. This preset is not quite a graphical upgrade for the 2016 game's engine but you can still treat it that way.


DOOM's graphics are still pretty even for today's standards but the amazing part is that they're not that demanding. That means most mid-range or even low-range computers these days can run doom on max settings. Now, if you have a few extra frames to spare, you can spend them by enhancing the gun explosion effects of DOOM with the DOOMFX mod.

It's a gun effect mod for DOOM which adds a more bombastic explosion effect whenever bullets or gun projectiles hit something. The explosions are made bigger and more particle effects are added for better immersion. You might even find the sparks of some gun explosions hypnotic, even amidst the chaos and cacophony of demon-slaying.


So, you're craving for a more classic DOOM experience similar to what the old games offered but want that in DOOM's 2016 engine? Say no more because Weapon Mods for DOOM will introduce a slew of balance tweaks and changes that affect the gameplay drastically.

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Weapon Mods for DOOM changes the stats and numerical values associated with the Shotgun, Double-barrel Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Rifle, Chain Gun, Gauss Cannon, and Rocket Launcher. You also get a max ammo capacity boost but to compensate for that, enemies no longer drop anything when killed. Oh, the mod also removes glory kills so you're stuck with shooting them to death. We told you it's more classic.


Have you ever experienced a glitch or bug in DOOM where the textures failed to load and you're left with nothing but black moving and static objects and the only other colors come from light sources? It makes the game inadvertently harder but also more fun; hence, someone turned that into a mod called Black Doom. The installation instructions are on the description of the YouTube video.

It's a complete change in atmosphere and pacing of the game since you essentially turned an action game into full horror where you can't see enemies until they start moving. All this is done by making the game unable to load 'mega-textures,' without crashing, of course.


The funny thing about DOOM's enemies is that the weakest of them are the ones who tend to make the most intimidating sounds. You could be walking around a corridor and suddenly a growling zombie (Possessed) will scare jewels out of you. This needed to be dealt with since zombies are nothing more than fodder.

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That's why a mod called Quiet Zombies exists; they really shouldn't be talking tough but only withstanding a few melee attacks. Besides, most of them don't even have voice boxes left anyway, so it stands within reason that they shouldn't be that noisy. Now they can creep up on you better.


Once you start accumulating more and more guns, you tend to forget your most versatile weapon, the Pistol. It's a limitless metal piece of pain that really doesn't do much damage, unless you're killing zombies. On the other hand, you might also resort to using it to conserve ammo for your other guns,

The Improved Pistol Mod then gives you more incentives to use the Pistol. It makes the Pistol a more viable sidearm according to the creator which could mean higher damage, better accuracy, and/or a faster fire-rate.



Cheats are some of the most fun things you can try in DOOM if you're getting bored or things are too hard or unfair, especially the out-of-place boss fights which force you to play defensively. The problem is, it's not as simple as typing in "god" or "noclip," the developers made the cheat codes weird.

Thankfully, some modders were able to restore the legacy cheat codes we all know and love in old FPS games. It's all thanks to DOOMLegacyMod that enables you to simply type in the traditional console commands from the old DOOM games. Have fun!

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