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We all recognize Pac-Man in his original, circular form. The arcade character won our hearts with his simple design, adorable animation, signature sound effects, and fantastic mechanics.

While his in-game model remained the same for years, Pac-Man suffered as his model evolved. Namco added arms, legs, boxing gloves, shoes, and a

bizarre face. No human body parts belong on Pac-Man, but he definitely shouldn’t have a 3D face. His long nose and tall eyebrows completely ruin his circular design. While his eyes and mouth work well without detracting from his original design, Pac-Man’s nose, eyebrows, arms, and legs undermine everything we know and love about Pac-Man.

Pac-Man retains his original shape in 2D games designed like the first Pac-Man game, but he changes for the worst in 3D games. Whether you’re controlling him in Pac-Man World or the recent Super Smash Bros., Pac-Man always looks awful in 3D.

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