Dr Disrespect Comes Back To Apex Legends, Immediately Rages - "Fix your stupid servers EA!"

Dr Disrespect was likely regretful after returning to Apex Legends this week. Having opted to take a break from streaming PUBG in favor of the EA and Respawn title, he was left to exude disappointment following an unwanted experience caused by glitchy servers.

The streamer, who has an impressive following of over 3.4 million fans on Twitch, headed back to Kings Canyon on May 7 looking to cause some carnage. However, he would waste no time running into multiple issues which, as you would expect, sent him into a fit.

The Doc and his squad found themselves frozen in midair just 37 minutes into the stream. He joked that EA's servers were "powerful" enough to fight through the lag - he was presumably still warming up then.

"Look at this," he said as the game froze before disconnecting. "Apex Legends huh? Oh man, what did I come back to?"

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That did little to stop him from playing, though. Disrespect kept heading back to the Canyon in search of bodies but, three hours deep, he was having trouble just playing the game.

"Fix your stupid servers EA!" he screamed one time after getting killed.

Apex started off pretty great back in February but, as of late, the game has experienced some serious server issues. That was the case on May 5, with several other EA games going through downtime.

The issues seem to have been sorted for now, but sadly not before making Disrespect lose it... again. Back in March, he cut a session short, claiming to be bored.

“I’m a little Apex’d out,” he said. “Not much to the game right now. Not much to it man, done it all. We’ve done it all, we’ve experienced it all in Apex that you could possibly even do and I’m just a little burnt out on it man.”

The lack of new content in the popular battle royale has been a frustration for gamers lately, especially considering Fortnite's frequent updates. Viewership has taken a massive hit on Twitch as well.

Respawn, though, isn't planning to add weekly newbies amid the pressure, having claimed that they originally set out to introduce seasonal updates and are keen on sticking to the plan.

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