Dr. Disrespect Cuts Apex Legends Stream Short Out Of Boredom - "We've Done It All"

Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect is already tired of playing Apex Legends, having recently claimed to be "burnt out" after experiencing just about all the game has to offer.

The Respawn title took the world by storm in early February, garnering 50 million players in its first month. And with its first season launching this Tuesday, players are set for some more content, legends and rewards.

Disrespect, though, seems to have spent himself. Last week, he declared that Apex isn't as fun to watch as other battle royales while maintaining that he enjoyed playing.

"I think watching Apex gameplay isn't exciting," he remarked. "I think watching Battlegrounds is way more exciting in my opinion."

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Fortnite and H1Z1 were also rated higher - as it pertains to viewing - than the Titanfall spinoff.

Despite previously stating that he was having loads of fun playing the game, a recent stream from the pro saw him give up after getting taken out. He simply exited the game after going down, claiming to be bored.

“Oh man, I’m f**king bored of this game,” he said.


“I’m a little Apex’d out,” he would add. “Not much to the game right now. Not much to it man, done it all. We’ve done it all, we’ve experienced it all in Apex that you could possibly even do and I’m just a little burnt out on it man.”

Disrespect's broadcasts normally go on for more than four hours, but this recent one was shut down in less than three.

The streamer's frustration has boiled over at just the right time, though. With a new battle pass dropping this week, there'll be a bit more to do and it will be quite interesting to see how he gets on, or if he's even impressed at all.

One of the most intriguing bits regarding this new battle pass is a novel character called Octane. The name surfaced in leaks a while back but it has since been confirmed that he will be the next legend to appear in the game.

Octane, like Mirage and Caustic, comes as a purchasable character who costs 12,000 Legend tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

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