Dr Disrespect Is Back On Twitch

Dr Disrespect is back. While we don’t currently know when the controversial streamer will begin broadcasting again, his Twitch channel has been reinstated and is back online after a two week ban.

The ban was enforced after Doc did his first ever IRL stream from E3. He had a camera follow him as he made his way around the convention. Unfortunately, the streamer went too far when he had the cameras also follow him into the public bathrooms, on more than one occasion.

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Twitch was swift to take down his channel, which has been offline for two weeks for breaching their guidelines.

Doc himself has stayed uncharacteristically silent on the matter, with his Twitter maintaining mostly silence until today. There is a pinned video of doc’s face moving across a black screen, with music in the background reminiscent of a holding screen. This post on June 21 was followed by one suggesting he is revamping his setup during his absence.

His sense of humor is clearly still intact, as evidenced by the "no recording, no photography beyond this point" sign next to the bathroom on the right of the image.

Today, as his channel reappeared, he has retweeted a post and article about its status.

While he is yet to announce a return stream, the chat on his channel is already busy and active. Supporters are talking away in his absence and there’s no shortage of donations, subscriptions and gifts.

Doc himself may be silent but his stream bot is sending out a message:

"I love the Champions Club. Trust me, we're just getting started. Love the incredible support....Stream will resume TBD. Twitter will have all the answers," - Dr. Disrespect

This is not the first break Dr Disrespect has taken from Twitch. Back in late 2017 he revealed that he had cheated on his wife. Appearing without his trademark wig and glasses, he broke down as he talked about the situation to fans. He told them he was taking time off to spend with his family and work on his marriage.

When he finally came back to Twitch, in early February 2018, his first stream broke records, reaching a total of 388,000 concurrent viewers.

It remains to be seen if this latest comeback will reach such figures. One thing is for certain though; he will be coming back.

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