Dr Disrespect Banned From Twitch For Filming Teenagers Peeing In E3 Bathrooms

Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is in hot water following his “In Real Life” (IRL) stream today, to the extent that his Twitch account has been suspended for violating Twitch’s terms of service, likely in regards to violating California’s “Invasion of Privacy” law.

The stream in question was, surprisingly, actually Dr Disrespect’s first-ever IRL stream, which saw him making the rounds at E3 2019 and checking out what the event and its booths had to offer. As is human nature, Dr Disrespect had to visit the facilities at certain points during his stream (three, to be exact), all of which involved his camera people following him into the restroom to film “the action.”

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Dr Disrespect used the urinal in two separate instances, while being off camera during another event in which he utilized a stall (although the Twitch viewing audience was treated to Dr Disrespect’s guttural throat lashings as he did his business). Unfortunately, the cameras continued to roll on the other unsuspecting restroom occupants, which included other E3 attendees ranging in age from teenager to adult.

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Moments after the stream ended, Dr Disrespect’s Twitch page appeared to vanish out of thin air, and, at the time of this writing, continues to give an error message when trying to view it. Dr Disrespect’s Twitter profile has yet to address the issue.

TheGamer was actually viewing the stream as it was happening, and it was no doubt awkward and uncomfortable whenever the cameras followed him into the restroom, which was the sentiment felt by a good portion of the rest of the chat room. Ultimately, the camera people should have known better than to follow him into the restroom. Of course, Dr Disrespect never exactly told the film crew to wait outside either, so he is no less at fault for the filming that took place.

Twitch’s terms of service don’t specifically mention restrooms as a place in violation of filming, but… come on. When would that ever be a good idea? Either way, “sharing content that violates another’s reasonable expectation of privacy, for example streaming from a private space, without permission” is in the terms of service, which public restrooms no doubt qualify under, so it’s not a surprise that the ban hammer has been dropped on one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

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