Dr DisRespect's Borderlands 3 Cameo Is Perfect

Dr disrespect BL3 Sniper

Dr DisRespect is featured in Borderlands 3, in case you were wondering if a single piece of modern internet culture would be missed in that game.

Borderlands 3 has been out for a single weekend, and just like Borderlands 2, the game is littered with pop culture references. Which if you’re a fan of the series is totally fine--it’s what we’ve all come to expect from the franchise. But the latest discovery is interesting since it seems to have been made by the very person who is being referenced.

That person is Dr DisRespect, Twitch personality and battle royale gamer extraordinaire. When he’s not popping heads on PUBG or Apex Legends, the good Dr can be found chilling out playing the latest titles, which includes Borderlands 3. With almost 3.7 million subscribers, Dr DisRespect is great advertising for Borderlands.

And what better way to convince a streamer to play your game than to give them an extra special shout out through an in-game item?

In Dr DisRespect’s case, that item is a sniper rifle since those are his preferred weapon. The gun is called “The Two Time” in reference to one of Dr DisRspect’s earlier nicknames. According to himself, Dr DisRespect is the two-time champion of the Blockbuster Games World Championship for 1993 and 1994.

He’s not. But he says he is as part of his online persona.

Just to make sure it really sticks, the red test on The Two Time reads, "Back-to-back consecutive champion," which is how Dr DisRespect would introduce himself.

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However, Two Time might be a reference to how Dr DisRespect cheated on his wife. Back in 2017, he took a 2-month hiatus after revealing that he'd been unfaithful. He returned to streaming in February of 2018 to record viewership.

Whatever the name might mean, Dr DisRespect seems to like it and even went as far as calling it the "best sniper in Borderlands 3."

In addition, Dr DisRespect also tweeted out an image of the best class mod for Zane in Borderlands 3 which increases various skills that have violence, speed, and momentum, all of which comprise Dr DisRespect's motto.

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