Dr Disrespect Fires Shots At Ninja In His Return Stream - Ninja Defends Himself

Dr Disrespect returned for his first stream after his suspension from Twitch last month and immediately started doing what he does best: taking shots at the competition.

Dr Disrespect, known for his long running rivalry against former professional eSports player and Twitch legend Shroud, took aim at another pillar of the Twitch pantheon: Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Viewers quickly shared with Ninja the clip of Dr Disrespect smack talking him, who made some "in my defense" comments of his own.

"I've literally only been on Twitch for 30 minutes in the past month, and I already have more subs than Ninja!" Dr Disrespect said, following up with an affected, maniacal laugh. Dr D then commanded his chat to clip what he said and immediately share it with Ninja.

Ribbing other streamers is a signature of "The Two Time", so it's no surprise to see him fall back into his old ways after being gone for a month. Doc's highly anticipated return stream has been weeks in the making after his ban ended nearly two weeks ago. Dr Disrespect has spent the last few weeks tweeting images of "updates" to his fictional Champion's Club, the arena-like facility where his streams supposedly take place.

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Ninja, for his part, watched the clip live on his stream and seemed to initially take it in good humor, smiling and saying "true" before taking a long stretch. He continued, though, with some excuses as to why that might be the case: "That's unfair though man," Ninja opined,  "I haven't been streaming the last like 2 weeks. So even though he's been banned the last like week and a half, I've also not been streaming."

Opinions in the community are somewhat split over the amount of salt contained in Ninja's reaction, but whether you think the jab hurt his feelings or not, we have to check his math a little bit. Dr Disrespect was banned for 2 weeks starting June 11th, but all told Doc hasn't streamed at all for 26 days.

Ninja, on the other hand, has had 19 different Twitch streams in the past 26 days and, while he certainly wasn't streaming every day, it wouldn't be accurate to say he hasn't "been streaming the last like 2 weeks." In fact, Ninja has streamed for at least 3 hours 11 out of the past 14 days.

Regardless, a  come-back like the one Dr Disrespect had today is bound to draw in big numbers. Dr Disrespect knows this personally; his return stream last year broke records for the most money donated during a single stream.

Ninjas popularity has had some stiff competition as Tfue continues to grow his community, so its possible the shade Doc threw hit Ninja in a sensitive spot. Either way, Ninja has more than enough cash around to wipe away the tears.

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