Dr Disrespect Claims He Knows How Much Ninja Received For Mixer Deal, Thinks It Was A Bad Move

Herschel "Dr Disrespect” Beahm claims to know exactly what kind of deal was agreed to and has also become the number one streamer on Twitch.

After Ninja’s surprise deal with streaming platform Mixer, Dr Disrespect  claims to know exactly what kind of deal was agreed to and has also become the number one streamer on Twitch.

No specifics were offered up by the energetic streamer, but that did not stop Dr Disrespect from claiming the move was an overall poor decision on the part of Ninja, presumably based on the amount offered, which refers to in stating that he “knows the number”.

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He continues by discussing how Mixer has little to offer outside of Ninja, where the second most-viewed channel there is little more than a radio station. Dr Disrespect continues by describing how Twitch has “viewerships, sponsorhips, and campaigns”, and that is reason enough to stay.

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The commentary is a little odd, considering that with Ninja no longer at Twitch, the top spot has been taken over by Dr Disrespect in terms of viewership. One would assume that he would simply stay quiet and continue building his brand rather than call attention to the move by Ninja.

The situation is also odd because only last week, Dr Disrespect stated that he too would accept a similar Mixer deal if it were offered to him. This means he was either shooting his mouth in the classic Dr Disrespect way or was unaware of the deal and in its specifics. He went on to state then that he does not care which platform he uses, contrary to his recent statements.

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In all likelihood, both statements from a week ago and yesterday are likely to be equally accurate. Given how animated Dr Disrespect can be, which is to say the character we see on stream, the back and forth discussion he seems to be having with himself is in part meant to drive views, and in part meant to signal to Mixer that there is genuine interest - for the right price.

While Dr Disrespect is correct in stating that the current draw to Mixer lies entirely with Ninja, we may only be seeing the first of many steps in the plan to make Mixer relevant. Ninja is a great first streamer to transition over, but it would be perfectly reasonable to assume that others are also in consideration.

That, and Twitch seems to be doing an adequate job in cannibalizing itself with its inconsistent moderation team and the scandal involving Ninja’s former channel. The streamer's channel was hijacked to stream pornographic content, leading to the #TWITCHISOVERPARTY trend on Twitter.

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With Dr Disrespect, nothing is official until it is, meaning that we are likely to hear even more about how bad the deal was for Ninja, and how he would never leave Twitch for Mixer.

Unless, of course, the offer is attractive enough.

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