Dr Disrespect Sets Record By Winning Three Battle Royales In Under Two Hours

Dr Disrespect has a reputation for being more of a loud entertainer than a skilled gamer, but he recently pulled off a feat that even his harshest critics have to respect. His self-created "Triple Threat" challenge sees him going solo in three different battle royale games back-to-back and trying to take three victories in a row. He recently pulled it off in record time, giving him cause to declare himself "the best video gamer alive."

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It's no secret that battle royale games are dominating Twitch. They have been for the past year now. Just when the hype around PUBG was dying out, Fortnite got big. When Fortnite attracted a more casual audience that caused "real gamers" to recoil in disgust, Apex Legends came along. Call Of Duty Blackout and Battlefield V Firestorm are also mixed in there, giving streamers reprieve when they're all Apex-ed out. Dr Disrespect has been bouncing between all of them to keep himself entertained in what he calls his "patented Triple Threat" challenge.

The Two Time began the record-setting run with Firestorm. He earned an easy victory, backing earlier comments where he called the game boring and simple. "We're moving on to Battlegrounds, baby!" he yelled.

PUBG also proved simple, as the Doc showed an uncharacteristic calm in the final round. He moved carefully and pulled off precise headshots to score the win, finishing the game with six kills. That also prompted his "I am the best video gamer alive." shout.For the last leg of the challenge, Call Of Duty Blackout, Doc actually left his homeland of PC to play on console. That did nothing to slow him down, however, as he got seven kills and his third win. 

This completion of the Triple Threat Challenge isn't Doc's first, but it was his fastest. His final runtime was one hour and fifty-five minutes, a feat he declared a world record.

"Go ahead and try to find someone in the online gaming Twitch community that will accept Dr Disrespect's patented Triple Threat Challenge. Ask them, and if they accept guess what - the world record is one hour and fifty five minutes to complete it," he boasted.

Dr Disrespect is clearly a character put on to heighten a livestream. But that doesn't mean the man behind the glasses is any less of a gamer. In fact, he's now a record-setting pro.

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