Dr Disrespect Was Disrespected By A Twitter Hack

Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect had his Twitter hacked, with the hacker sending out threats and insulting Ninja before Doc regained control.

As an internet personally with a certain abrasive character, Dr Disrespect has earned his fair share of haters. Most viewers of his Twitch stream are aware that the "disrespect" he's named for is an act. That when he calls out other streamers or trashes a game, its meant to be a WWE-esque form of heightened entertainment. That doesn't deter some detractors, however. Unfortunately, some of these critics take it too far and try to personally harm Dr Disrespect.

The latest incident isn't as scary as when someone shot at him, but it still got entirely too personal. Someone hacked Dr Disrespect's Twitter and used it to air his dirty laundry and hurl insults at a fellow Twitch streamer.

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via: twitch.com/drdisrespect

The Two Time was streaming Fortnite when his Twitch chat erupted into a flurry of warnings. The Doc's Twitter, fans declared, was tweeting out strange messages. Among them were reminders of when Dr Disrespect cheated on his wife. The hacker claimed to have obtained video from the Doc's iCloud, and threatened to release it for all to see.

The fact that Dr Disrespect committed adultery is not a new revelation. The Doc admitted it himself on stream before taking a break from Twitch. But when he returned, he pulled in record views. It seems that his fans have forgotten, or at least forgiven, but the hacker still dug quite deep by bringing it up.

It didn't stop there, either. Dr Disrespect's Twitch chat was briefly hacked as well, although he was able to keep streaming throughout. Finally, the hacker also used Doc's Twitter to send an insulting tweet to Ninja, a fellow top Twitch streamer.

Dr Disrespect did get control of his accounts back. His first order of business was to show fans that he was unshaken by the ordeal.

He also deleted all the tweets sent out by the hacker. With that done, it's back to business for the Two Time.

Internet celebrity can be a scary thing. Stalkers and hackers seem all too eager to dig into the personal lives of these public figures. Say what you will about Dr Disrespect, but his aggressive persona actually makes him perfectly-equipped to deal with these issues. Not that he should have to.

(Source: Gamerant)

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