Dr Disrespect Is Very Worried About WoW Streamers

Dr Disrespect has some choice words for World of Warcraft: Classic streamers following rise in viewership of content creators like Asmondgold, showing concern for the future of Twitch due to the MMO’s rise in popularity. In his over the top, bombastic style, Dr Disrespect seemed to both mock World of Warcraft for, of all, things, the objectives of playing the game.

Grinding to hit the level cap of 60 is apparently a useless endeavor, he states, asking what the point of it all is, since there is no prize to be won following one’s efforts. The comments feel out of place when one considers that Dr Disrespect spends most of his stream time playing any number of Battle Royale games, all of which begin and end in the same old predictable ways and are not inherently any more entertaining than World of Warcraft.

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Dr Disrespect eventually gets to his point. He states that potential viewers of Twitch may visit the website for the first time and, not understanding exactly what the site has to offer, be immediately turned off by the idea of streamers playing World of Warcraft due to the repetitive nature of tasks featured in most MMORPGs. This potential consumer would then take their money elsewhere, and not spend it on Dr Disrespect, or other streamers.

The “concern” is of course unfounded, and little more than Dr Disrespect peddling his weekly dosage of controversy to maintain interest in his own stream. World of Warcraft has always been a game with a constant stream of viewers, both for its PvP or PvE content, and its viewer count routinely spikes and declines with major events or expansions. It would be strange to expect the MMO to maintain these high numbers of streamers for long, and within a few months it will likely return the numbers we saw prior to the launch of Classic.

This, of course, is rational discussion, which is not something that Twitch streamers need to bump their views and subscribers. Asmongold, the streamer who Dr Disrespect mentions, is a controversial character who many love to hate, and much of his popularity is derived from his brash attitude. The pair of streamers are one and the same, though with Asmongold we are not quite sure where the persona and the person switch off.

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Hating on World of Warcraft is not new for Dr Disrespect. Only one week ago he spent far to long watching gameplay of the MMO only to mock everything that one does while playing:

Regardless of Dr Disrespect’s commentary, the long-term impact of World of Warcraft on Twitch almost nothing. Twitch’s main long-term issues are instead itself, in that the moderation of streamers has recently been wildly inconsistent, and the potential rise of other streaming services. Mixer comes to mind as a potential competitor after signing Tyler “Ninja” Blevins recently, though we have not seen any other big names join them as of yet.

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