• Dr Disrespect has some choice words for World of Warcraft: Classic streamers following rise in viewership of content creators like Asmondgold 1 / 9

  • In his over the top, bombastic style, Dr Disrespect seemed to both mock World of Warcraft for, of all, things, the game objectives 2 / 9

  • Grinding to hit the level cap of 60 is apparently a useless endeavor, he states, asking what the point of it all is, since there is no prize 3 / 9

  • The comments feel out of place since Dr Disrespect spends most of his stream time playing any number of Battle Royale games 4 / 9

  • While different in genre, most of his matches feel quite similar, and the result is either a victory or defeat, and playing over and over 5 / 9

  • Dr Disrespect eventually gets to his point, that potential viewers of Twitch may visit the website for the first time 6 / 9

  • and not understanding exactly what the site has to offer, will be immediately turned off by the idea of streamers playing World of Warcraft 7 / 9

  • Check out the full article for more on Dr Disrespect and his "concern" over World of Warcraft 8 / 9

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