Dr. Mario World Will Be Coming To Mobile Devices This Year

Nintendo has announced a new game for mobile devices. Dr. Mario is returning with a new game, titled Dr. Mario World.

Nintendo has announced a new game for mobile devices. Dr. Mario is returning with a new game, titled Dr. Mario World.

According to the press release, Nintendo is partnering with LINE Corporation and NHN Entertainment for the development of Dr. Mario World. Other important information about the upcoming game includes device compatibility: Dr. Mario World will be available on IOS and Android. As for the price model, Nintendo says the game will be free to download, with the optional in-app purchases. Finally, Nintendo describes the game as an "action puzzle."

It is interesting to announce Dr. Mario World in the wake of Mario Kart Tour's delay. Ironically, Nintendo stated in its latest earnings report that Tour would now be released this summer. Dr. Mario World could very well release before Tour. Presumably, Dr. Mario World will be fully available to play, with the option to maybe purchase more lives or items. Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first Mario mobile title, was technically free to download, but in order to play the whole game, you needed to spend $9.99. Based on the wording, it seems like Dr. Mario World will work like Fire Emblem Heroes, where the game is free, but you can buy extra stuff if desired.

The original Dr. Mario released on NES, and is a cult favorite among longtime Nintendo fans. The gameplay is in a similar format to Tetris. Instead of matching blocks, you match vitamins in order to destroy the sinister viruses. It has that addictive element that would work great on mobile devices. Dr. Mario would be re-released a bunch of times, and finally got a sequel in Dr. Mario 64. Dr. Mario would then appear as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Melee, later Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and currently in Ultimate. A spin-off titled Dr. Luigi was released exclusively as a digital download on the Wii U eShop, and featured some new gameplay additions. The most recent game was Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure on the 3DS, which featured both Mario Bros. in medical practice.

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With the "World" title being added, it seems to imply that this new version of Dr. Mario will be grand. Of course, it could also simply be a higher-definition remake of the original game, with perhaps some enhancements. Either way, Dr. Mario is the perfect title for the mobile market. If you want to see how the original game played, and you have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, you can play it on the NES service.

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