Harry Potter: 25 Weird Things About Draco’s Anatomy

Since the majority of readers of the Harry Potter novels first saw the film series and then got around to reading the books, Draco Malfoy is something like the apple of every female fan’s eye. Played by the at-first cute, the handsome Tom Felton meant that Malfoy’s rotten attitude was overlooked by fans in favor of him being a bad boy. In actuality, Malfoy was hardly someone worth admiring as he made life difficult for Harry and friends at Hogwarts, although the heroes mainly saw him as a minor annoyance rather than an antagonist as the years went by.

Malfoy’s character development wasn’t so much shifted toward becoming a good guy as it was diving deeper into dark magic only to realize this was a life he really didn’t want. This showed us there were a lot of things that made what Draco was tick. Internally, or you might call his anatomy, was made up of more than of the façade he convinced himself to put up. Usually, it takes quite a lot of time to collect points for characters in similar lists, but for Malfoy, it’s not so difficult as he has most of who he is going on the wrong way.

While he wasn’t inherently sinister as his friends Crabbe and Goyle were, Malfoy wasn’t the anti-hero crazed fangirls believe him to be. This is why it’s important to note out the weird things about Draco’s body as all of what comprises of him is weird. Read on to know more.

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25 He Was The Last Of The Malfoys

It was stated by Mr. Weasley that the only way the pureblood families have remained that way has been because they have married within other pureblood families. With so many purebloods marrying into non-purebloods, the options became very thin for the Malfoys.

This was why Draco became the last of the Malfoy family when he was a child. Lucius and Narcissa only had one child, and fortunately for them it was boy as Draco’s son carried forward the name. If Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is to be believed, Scorpius will end the pureblood line if he marries Rose, who is a half-blood.

24 Nature Vs Nurture

Although Draco seemed to be rotten to the core, his core was rotten because that was how he was brought up. We saw Draco to be a very spoilt child who always got what he wanted, and this was the machination of Lucius and Narcissa.

They would feed the boy pureblood ideals and Draco would follow this guidance to become the bigot he ultimately was. As we saw in the end, he had it in him not to be a supremacist after realizing what his parents taught him was wrong.

23 He Was A Coward By Personality

Just because he wasn’t inherently rotten doesn’t mean Malfoy was a braveheart. While all the fangirls on the internet would love to believe that Malfoy was secretly brave and on Harry’s side, this wasn’t the case.

In actuality, Malfoy was a deep coward who only hesitated to take out Dumbledore because he was scared about the consequences. He didn’t rat Harry out at the Manor because he was afraid of what would happen if Voldemort arrived there. In the Battle of Hogwarts, all Malfoy did was cower like a frightened little boy.

22 He’s Related To Ron And Harry

No matter how much he hated Ron and Harry for the way they were, Malfoy had to ignore the fact that he was effectively contesting with his extended family. Since the Potters (until Harry was born) and the Weasleys were pureblood families, they were related to the Malfoys as well.

The Malfoys had a habit of disowning family members with affiliations to muggles so they had this part cut off from their family tree. Still, Malfoy could only pretend his family members weren’t against everything he stood for.

21 He Was Among The Youngest

Malfoy loved to gloat about his position, but as far as being older in class was concerned, he was at the complete bottom. According to the year and months of birth, Malfoy was born in June 1980; this made him only older than Neville and Harry, both of who were born one day apart at the end of July.

We saw this in effect when Malfoy and Harry were the only ones in Slughorn’s class while every other student had been off for apparition tests. Looks like Malfoy really was just a big baby, wasn’t he?

20 He Can Dish It But Can't Take It

Bullies always like to work in groups rather than face their victims by themselves. The biggest bullies we saw in Harry Potter were James Potter and Draco Malfoy, and both of them used this tactic.

For Draco, he had the opportunity to aggravate people because of their social standing, but also faced the other end of it too. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Draco was on the receiving side of verbal taunting when his father was outed as a Death Eater and Draco was treated without respect. This time round, he couldn’t stand the ignominy and became an outcast.

19 He Was Only An Average Student

Being born into a pureblood family gives you many advantages over those who didn’t grow up in such conditions, but Malfoy didn’t make much use of this for his studies. Not once did we ever see him stand out among the students as being good in any subject.

All we saw of him was tooting his own horn because of his family’s status; Malfoy had no achievements of his own. While he wasn’t a por student like Crabbe and Goyle, Malfoy was nothing special and was lower in this regard to both Harry and Ron.

18 He Made Fun Of Hermione Because He Was Insecure

Throughout the years at Hogwarts, Malfoy’s only interactions with Hermione were of him insulting her background, calling her mudblood whenever he could. What did shut his trap was someone bringing up how Hermione was much better at magic than him.

Draco’s own father brought this up in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when he said Draco was more obsessed with the Golden Trio than his studies and he’d already been outshined by Hermione. Draco would channel this anger into further insults aimed at Hermione as he couldn’t do anything about her being better than him.

17 Occlumency Came Naturally To Him

Occlumency was never taught at Hogwarts; it is was a skill one learned through a trained practitioner. Harry absolutely stunk at this till the end, but Malfoy had mastered it when he was only 16-years-old.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Malfoy went about his plans to assassinate Dumbledore by using Occlumency so that neither Dumbledore or Snape could look into his mind. This was an enormous achievement as both Snape and Dumbledore were the world’s very best at Occlumency. It’s not clear if Malfoy’s Occlumency would’ve worked on Voldemort, though.

16 He Was The Youngest Death Eater

This has always been a point of contention in the novels, but we’ll consider Malfoy to be a Death Eater since he did to whatever Death Eaters were supposed to do. If Malfoy was officially inducted, he was easily the youngest Death Eater to have been there.

Barty Crouch Jr held the previous record when he was 18-years-old, and Malfoy beat him cleanly by being only 16 when his turn came. In retrospect, Malfoy wouldn’t have thought this to be such a huge honor as Death Eaters were caught and imprisoned by aurors.

15 He Was The Only One To Defeat Dumbledore

In a fair fight, Dumbledore wouldn’t even need a wand to beat Malfoy, but you come down to technicality, then Malfoy was the only one who ever defeated the Hogwarts Headmaster.

This was proven in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where the Elder Wand became rightfully Malfoy’s because he was the one who disarmed Dumbledore. Dumbledore had intended Snape to take him out with his consent, which would’ve rendered the Elder Wand’s power useless; however, Malfoy beat him to it and became the owner of the wand.

14 He Was Genuinely Hurt

Even though he became a full-fledged villain in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Malfoy was just a spoiled brat in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Still, he didn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated along with his Slytherin peers at the end of the book as Dumbledore did.

You can see the poor boy’s crestfallen face when Dumbledore awards the winning points to Gryffindor in the movie, and it’ll even make the haters of Malfoy feel sorry for him. After all, Slytherin had earned their points fairly.

13 Harry Hated Him More Than Dudley

Considering Dudley used to dunk Harry’s head in the toilet, chase him and lock him up on the school roof, and generally terrorize him for more than half a decade, it was a significant achievement by Malfoy to become more hated than Dudley.

In Philosopher’s Stone, Harry’s thoughts showed exactly this when he marveled that he could find a person he despised more than Dudley. Malfoy was basically a wizard version of Dudley after all, so it is understandable why Harry felt that way.

12 He Remained Proud Of Being Pureblood

After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Malfoy retreated to a quiet life once he’d finished with Hogwarts. Since he was enormously rich, Malfoy had no need to go out and get a job and was an investor just like his father.

He did get around to being married and it was to a pureblood woman. This showed that despite his outlook over the whole pureblood thing changing, Malfoy still was proud of being a pureblood himself. It seems he still couldn’t disappoint his parents by marrying a non-pureblood.

11 Does He Have A Dark Mark?

This is the part where the divide between the consensus of whether Malfoy is a Death Eater or not comes in. In the novel version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Malfoy never showed his arm to anyone to reveal the Dark Mark; this was only in the film.

It was heavily implied, however, that Malfoy did get the Dark Mark as he fidgeted with his sleeve at the mention of it and was seen solely in full sleeve shirts for the duration of the book’s events.

10 His Health Suffered Because Of His Mission

Malfoy was cocky and arrogant for the first five books in the Harry Potter series and this seemed to be sole character attribute. In Half-Blood Prince, however, he took more to himself and was barely seen by anyone.

Although he did start off being arrogant, the months took their toll on him and the pressure of taking out Dumbledore got to him. Harry noted when he got close to Malfoy that the latter was looking exceptionally frail. The possibility of Voldemort taking his life caused Malfoy’s health to suffer.

9 He Is Terrible At Dueling

Just like we never saw Draco being academically gifted or achieve anything in studies, the same goes for his lack of duelling skills. The only time we saw Draco fight a little competently was in the second year where he seemed to be even in skill to Harry.

Later on, Draco either never dueled or always came out looking like a wimp. He was easily defeated by Harry at the Malfoy manor and was doing absolutely nothing in the Battle of Hogwarts other than running around like a scared-y cat.

8 His Eyes Are Nothing Like The Actor’s

Everything about Malfoy’s appearance was meant to show how cold his heart was, and to this end the appearance he was described with had his eyes being stone-grey in color according to the books.

But having to wear contact lenses for ten years just to have this fulfilled was a lot of unnecessary work and the films had Tom Felton retain his natural eye color. This caused an inconsistency between the films and books as Tom Felton’s Malfoy had blue eyes as opposed to the stone-grey he was supposed to be with.

7 He Is Much Older Than The Actor

It’s weird to realize this but the actors in the Harry Potter films are almost all now in their thirties. Tom Felton was among the older ones and he’ll be turning 32 later this year. However, this is still much younger than how old Draco Malfoy is supposed to be.

Malfoy was born in June 1980, which would make him 39-years-old this year and gives him a seven-year difference himself and the actor portraying him. This means that Malfoy was already 21 when Philosopher’s Stone’s film was released.

6 He Can’t Make A Patronus

Since we follow whatever Harry does in the books and films, it’s easy to think that casting a Patronus charm isn’t difficult. In actuality, a patronus is so difficult to make that the majority of older wizards can’t create it themselves.

The Death Eaters are all incapable of making patronuses because they don’t possess the inclination for good, and casting a patronus requires someone to have some good in them. In this manner, Malfoy is incapable of even creating the small wisps of silver patronuses.

5 He Used Pansy Parkinson To Boost His Ego

Before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it was implied that Pansy Parkinson was dating Malfoy seeing that they had attended the Yule Ball together. But this was only an implication as they were never really shown to be around one another.

In the sixth book, Malfoy had his head in her lap which seemed t convey that they were an item. However, this didn’t last long and her married someone else. In retrospect, he had only kept Pansy around to have someone fawn over him.

4 Crabbe And Goyle Were Never His Friends

Malfoy was always flanked by Crabbe and Goyle, and this had been so since the very first day. As was revealed, their fathers were subservient to Lucius Malfoy and this was the reason why the two played the role of Malfoy’s lackeys.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Crabbe grew a spine and a dangerous streak when he attempted to take everyone out through Fiendfyre, which resulted in his death but not before he had made clear to Malfoy that he had only been taking his orders because of Lucius’s presence.

3 He Has a Tactical Mind

You don’t need to be academically gifted to be one of tactical mind, and Malfoy is one to prove this. He always looked to cut corners in the first five books, but demonstrated tactical abilities in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when he used a number of ways to take out Dumbledore.

His method of bringing the Death Eaters was nothing short of genius as he pieced together something that happened in book five to use at the end of book six and used the vanishing cabinet to bring the Death Eaters into Hogwarts.

2 He Wasn’t Talented In Quidditch

Malfoy was a very young Seeker in that he qualified when he was only his second year at Hogwarts. However, this wasn’t down to skill as he only got the job after he used his father’s money to buy the whole team Nimbus 2001s.

We saw him in action playing Quidditch and Malfoy would be on the losing side each and every time. Slytherin never won the cup with him and Malfoy abandoned the role of Seeker by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when being one didn’t mean anything to him anymore.

1 He Wasn’t Taller Than Harry

This is a weird point to bring up but is the truth as well. Daniel Radcliffe practically dwarfed compared to Tom Felton starting from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and never looked like he could intimidate someone of the size; however, Harry was either supposed to be taller than Malfoy or around his height.

Harry was described as being exceptionally tall by everyone, while he would always intimidate Malfoy when it came to sizing each other up. Harry won physical fights between himself and Malfoy both times in book five and book seven.

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