Dragalia Lost's Halloween Event Introduces Nightmare Mode

Dragalia Lost’s new Halloween content sounds like it’s going to be spine-tingling in more ways than one. Feel like upping the challenge? Nightmare difficulty is coming our way, and it’s not going to be for the faint-hearted.

As the holiday season sets in, it’s time to reflect on exactly what the holidays mean to gamers. Two things, generally: games as gifts, if we’re lucky, and games we’re already playing throwing some manner of holiday-related event. This tends to be the perfect time for titles like Animal Crossing to shine (thriving as it does on its real-world-aping calendar format), but most games like to join in on the fun in some way or another.

Late October, specifically, means only one thing: spook-tacular Halloween events. Red Dead Online is treating players to one of the most brilliantly horrifying pieces of gear we’ve seen in a while, the Slaughter Mask, while Pokémon GO is debuting Yamask and generation one starters/Pikachu in costumes of their own. What are you bringing to the table, Dragalia Lost?

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Mobile games, as we know, rely on keeping their players active and engaged for as long as possible, so it’s no surprise that the Nintendo-published RPG has a little something up its sleeve for Halloween, in the wake of last year’s Trick or Treasure event. As Pocket Gamer reports, Friday, October 18 marks the start of the spooky festivities, which will include an increase for the game’s Facility levels, new Endeavors in both Daily and Limited flavors, and a fresh new Summon Showcase (because it wouldn’t be a mobile title without one of those).

The biggest deal for many players, though, will be the super-intimidating Nightmare difficulty. The ins and outs of this new mode haven’t been revealed yet, but needless to say, it’s not something beginners are going to want to venture into.

If that’s not enough Dragalia Lost excitement for you, here’s something else: the following day, October 19, will mark the first anniversary of the game’s release. In honor of the occasion, a Daily Free Tenfold Summon Event will be available from the 19th to the 21st.

Source: PocketGamer

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