Dragon Age Inquisition: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

The last installment of BioWare’s fantasy RPG series Dragon Age was a pretty amazing game, winning Game of the Year awards when it released in 2014. It was a beautiful game with a great party, and had largely only one major flaw: most of its side quests weren’t very good. The game had far too many fetch quests which didn’t respect the player’s time, even resulting in memes like “Leave the Hinterlands”.

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For many players, this left them trying to mainline the title’s story missions. But have you ever been curious about what else there is in the game? What’s worth doing in the game, and what isn’t? This list is for you, as we run down ten things still to do after you’ve already beaten the game.

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Speeding through main content can create a situation in which a player only finished the game with a simple horse. However, that’s not exactly the coolest way to travel. Dragon Age Inquisition has around three dozen different mounts that players can use in the game. And while some of the cooler ones are locked away via obscure DLC (the Light-Torn Steed), there’s still no shortage of mounts available for the player. Of course there’s the standard horses, but there’s also giant harts (essentially stag deer), or the weirdly cute nuggalopes. Particularly dangerous adventurers can even try their hand with the dracolisks.


Players truly seeking to immerse themselves in the role will want to seal off all the rifts around the lands. Beating the game certainly doesn’t put an end to all of them, and there are little fissures open all around the different lands which still have Fade beings pouring out from them and causing trouble for people in the area.

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While a lot of the game’s side content can be pretty dull, handling the rifts is always good for some fun. Plus, there’s a trophy/achievement in it for any player who seals all the major rifts around, getting them that much closer to the Platinum.


Play the game long and enough and everyone is bound to eventually come across the Astrariums. They’re Tevinter relics which allow for the viewing of constellations, but they serve a bigger purpose than that. Each one is a puzzle which must be completed by connecting all the stars for a given constellation, but there’s one rule: no line can be drawn more than a single time. Completing all the Astrariums in a given location will eventually point to a hidden location, allowing players to access the hidden items inside. Often, these are rare materials which will make it easier to craft additional armor and weapons.


For any player that rushed their way through Inquisition to try and beat it as fast as possible, they’re going to want to craft some gear if they want to continue doing anything important in the game. Some of the side boss content will require equipment that’s a little more impressive than anything they’ll be able to find at the shops.

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Collect a few blueprints and hunt around for the proper materials, but be careful. Different materials can create completely different look for the same blueprint, so a player could easily get caught playing Fashion Age instead of Dragon Age.


One of the coolest things about Dragon Age: Inquisition’s large, open zone based world is the ability to complete the game without even seeing all the environments the game has to offer. Though the game will take the player through almost all of them, the Emprise du Lion has absolutely no main quests demanding that they visit. The place is a beautiful, snow-covered environment filled with ancient ruins and even a coliseum. There’s several quests available for players to work through, meaning they could lose hours spending time just in this single zone. There’s even a Keep, in the form of an elven fortress which can be claimed for the Inquisition.


Skyhold is a pretty sweet location for the Inquisitor. It’s customizable, has all your companions, and even has a nifty little throne for the player to judge people’s fate. What’s not to like? Still, it’s a little unrealistic that the Inquisition is this massive national force with all of its forces located at only one base. Well, it’s a tad late considering the game is over, but there are still three additional castle locations the player can unlock. Known as Keeps, each one will require being liberated from their current owners first. Afterwards however, players will have light control over how these Keeps are developed, such as whether they want to be trade locations or additional military bases.


It seems obvious, but after beating the game it’s absolutely worth it to play through the first DLC, the Jaws of Hakkon. Over the course of the game, the first Inquisitor is brought up a few times, so for those who are curious about that Inquisitor’s origins this DLC is made for them. A massive jungle wilderness overcome with a group of wild hunters known as the Avvar, playing through this chapter of DLC will fill in several gaps of information for players looking for additional lore. There’s also another dragon to slay, which should be enough to pull in most players.


What’s the point of playing Dragon Age if you aren’t going to fight any dragons? For all of these to be side content which aren’t really necessary to beat the game, it’s amazing just how much thought went into each of these encounters. The game has ten different dragons, and each one has different tactics they rely on, sometimes different elements they use, and even have different ways of summoning them to battle. Most of them are higher level encounters, and beating them leaves behind materials to craft higher level armor and weapons for the next one. Plus, beating one with Iron Bull at the players side provides some of the best dialogue in the game.


Ultimately, if you’ve exhausted most of the side content in the game, there’s a lot to be gained from a second playthrough. The obvious is that players can take on a different race and try a different specialty in combat. But there’s also beating the game in Nightmare mode, a necessity to attain the Platinum. Players will have to take on this version and beat it without ever lowering the difficulty to get the Platinum if they want it. And of course, it’s worth a second playthrough for no other reason than to try and romance a different character on subsequent playthroughs.


Trespasser should be the absolute last thing the player should do in the game. Once these quests begin it shuts off all side content, permanently. That said, this DLC serves as an absolutely crucial epilogue for the majority of the characters in the game. It finishes up the story of the Inquisition as an army, and explains what happens for most of the player’s party when the game is done. But more importantly than any of that, this also offers up an explanation for what caused the Breach, and who the next main villain is for the upcoming Dragon Age title.

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