Dragon Ball: 24 Hidden Details About Bulma And Chi-Chi

Most people have had a lucky childhood where they've been able to witness greatness in the making across a number of fronts. There are many things that might come to mind when this statement is uttered, but the focus of this article is on the various brilliant animated shows that have graced our screens since time immemorial. In particular, the show we're going to talk about is the legendary Dragon Ball series. While most people generally remember this series because of the brilliant Dragon Ball Z, the fact of the matter is that the other shows in this series are also definitely worth a watch. Dragon Ball is a great introduction to the series, Dragon Ball GT might have a few missteps but has its moments, and Dragon Ball Super is quite simply a power trip that will satiate the needs of any fan who is in serious need of some fresh Dragon Ball material.

One of the major reasons why this show was so successful was because of the characters that evolved over time to become some of the most iconic characters in anime history. Of course, we can write essays on characters like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo, but that's not who we're choosing to write about. Instead, the people that will receive our undivided attention right now are Bulma and Chi-Chi, the wives of Vegeta and Goku respectively. While it might not seem apparent at first glance, the fact of the matter is that there are several hidden details that you might now know about these characters... until right now, that is. Here are 25 hidden details about Bulma and Chi-Chi that you should definitely know about.

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24 Chi-Chi And Goku Have Never Kissed!

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Now, this was a surprise to pretty much anyone who's watched Dragon Ball. In the latest series — namely, Dragon Ball Super — there's a scene where Trunks give Mai a medicine mouth-to-mouth.

It's a scene that genuinely perplexes Goku.

He is actually at a loss of words as to what happened, which absolutely befuddles Vegeta. He states that Trunks kissed Mai, which only increases Goku's confusion since he doesn't know what the word "kiss" means.

23 Bulma's Sister Tights Is Introduced In A Forgettable Side Story

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Now here's a thing that came as a surprise to the majority of people vested in the Dragon Ball franchise — Bulma actually has a sister called Tights who's canon! Unfortunately, not only does her sister play a very minor role in the grand scheme of things, but her introduction itself is rather... tame, to say the least.

She was introduced in a story mainly reserved for another forgettable character. The story was titled Jaco The Galactic Patrolman, which should go on to show just how irrelevant Tights actually was.

22 Bulma Has Served As Vegeta's Motivation Several Times

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Vegeta is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball series but the fact of the matter is that there have been times in the series when he has been hopelessly outclassed in every sense of the word. However, he hasn't given up for several reasons... including his own wife as well.

People who've religiously seen the series know for a fact that Vegeta has experienced a sizeable burst in power every single time his wife has been in any kind of danger. If that's not true Saiyan love, we don't know what is.

21 A Young Chi-Chi Developed Feelings For Goku, Who Promptly Forgot About Her

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In Dragon Ball, Goku's first interaction with Chi-Chi was pretty unremarkable, for the most part. If anything, it was the events surrounding their meetup that was more eventful. However, their limited interaction was enough for the daughter of the Ox King to fall in love with Goku.

This feeling was not mutual though. Goku promptly forgot about her and didn't even recognize her when they met again during the World Martial Arts Tournament. Granted, they were quite old, but it was still a jarring moment for Chi-Chi nevertheless.

20 Chi-Chi's First Date With Goku Was A Fight

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The first time Chi-Chi and Goku went for a date was quite eventful, but for all the wrong reasons. For starters, the expectation that Chi-Chi had of the date was a romantic experience where they would get to know each other and start off their relationship on the right foot.

However, Goku had a completely different idea altogether. When Chi-Chi asked what they could do for fun, Goku went crazy and decided to fight Chi-Chi. The result was an unexpectedly hilarious moment that Chi-Chi actually remembers quite fondly.

19 They Met Again For A Fight At The 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament

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We've already mentioned this before to an extent, but this deserves a second mention. In what is perhaps one of the most fateful encounters ever, Goku and Chi-Chi happened to be matched together during the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament.

The fight was pretty one-sided, with Goku taking out Chi-Chi in mere moments. However, similar to their first date, this fight just served to reignite the flames that Chi-Chi had for Goku.

18 Bulma Fears Aging

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It's quite ironic that Bulma developed a smoking habit since one of the side effects of smoking is that a person shows early signs of aging. And — as we all know — the one thing that Bulma hates with a vengeance is aging itself.

There are multiple times when Bulma herself has outright lied about her age during birthdays. There are also times when she has become outraged at the fact that people call her old — it's the last thing she wants to hear about.

17 Future Bulma's Story Is Inspired By Sarah Conner’s Tale

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The story of Future Bulma is a pretty sad and tragic one. After witnessing her best friends and comrades fall in front of her eyes, she'd had enough. Using a time machine, Bulma decided to send Trunks into the past so that he could reverse the problems caused by the Androids.

Sound familiar? Well, it's because Future Bulma's story is somewhat inspired by Sarah Connor's tale in the Terminator series.

Two iconic series. One memorable character.

16 Chi-Chi Is A Pretty Dominant And Scary Mother

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To the unassuming third-party, Chi-Chi might seem like your run-of-the-mill sweet mother who wants nothing more than the very best for her child, and to an extent that assumption holds true. However, the more people witness Chi-Chi's motherly traits, the more they realize that she's incredibly controlling.

It doesn't matter if the world is ending and the only person who can combat that threat is her son — for Chi-Chi, the only thing that matters is that her sons should prioritize their studies above anything else, whether by hook or by crook.

15 Bulma Once Summoned Shenron For A Lifetime Supply Of Strawberries

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The fact mentioned above clearly details out one major aspect of Chi-Chi's character — she's incredibly selfish in every sense of the word. However, don't let that be a distinction from Bulma's character — our blue-haired genius is perhaps even more selfish.

There are numerous times when Bulma has summoned the Great Dragon Shenron to fulfill her own selfish desires. One such time was when Bulma summoned the Dragon just for a lifetime supply of strawberries.

Talk about a complete waste of an omnipotent wish.

14 Bulma's Been Turned Into Food Twice By Two Different People

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Ironically enough, it seems that food is an integral aspect of Bulma's character. We say this not only because of the previous entry but also because of her rather *personal* attachment with food. Oh, and we do mean that statement to be interpreted literally.

We already know about the time when Bulma was turned into food by Majin Buu and eaten up. However, what you might not be aware of is the fact that in the original Dragon Ball, Bulma has also been turned into a carrot by a villain appropriately titled as Monster Carrot.

13 Bulma's Been Mind-Controlled Several Times

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To associate Bulma with one simple character trope would be a grievous mistake. Instead, let's take a look at a character trait that Bulma is already known for, aside from the fact that she's constantly turned into food at a moment's notice.

Bulma has shown a penchant for being easily mind-controlled throughout the entirety of the series. In the movie Lord Slug, she has her mind read against her will. Later on, in the Frieza Saga, she has her entire body taken over by Captain Ginyu. The most hated filler-arc in Dragon Ball Z has Bulma's mind taken over by Garlic Jr.'s Black Mist. Finally, Baby takes over Bulma's mind in Dragon Ball GT.

12 It's Easy To Forget That Chi-Chi Is A Princess

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Do people still remember the fact that Chi-Chi is quite literally a princess? I mean, the fact that her dad is the freaking Ox King should be a dead giveaway, but there are instances where people assume that Chi-Chi is nothing more than a simple commoner.

However, the fact of the matter is that Chi-Chi actually has a sizeable estate to her name. So, perhaps the only reason why she even bothers to struggle and make ends meet with Goku is because out of genuine love.

11 She's Quite Money-Hungry Even Though She Has A Fortune

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Longtime fans of the Dragon Ball series know for a fact that Chi-Chi is incredibly money-hungry. She loves spending money as much as she loves earning it, showcasing her posh background.

This is quite weird since — as discussed before — Chi-Chi comes from a well-off family. For her to hunger for money to such an extent can only mean one thing — she doesn't want to ride the coattails of her family lineage and wishes to make a name for herself without any support.

That is certainly quite an admirable notion to have.

10 If Chi-Chi Wasn't From A Wealthy Family, She Would Be Starving Right Now

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Unfortunately, while the point mentioned above might indicate that Chi-Chi is a noble character, the fact of the matter is that she would've been struggling for a happy life if she hadn't come from a wealthy background.

While it might be true that she doesn't want to support herself with her father's money, there are times when she absolutely needs to ask for money to support herself since Goku's no around to earn the bread and butter for the family.

9 Bulma Inadvertently Lead To Cell's Birth

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Regardless of how many bad things Chi-Chi might've caused because of her actions, one really can't blame her for kickstarting the events that would lead to the end of the world. However, that's not the case with Bulma, who's done exactly that — not just once, but twice!

The first instance was when Cell managed to use the time machine and go back to wreak havoc on present-day Earth by absorbing the Androids. While this is not completely Bulma's fault, her time machine is what enabled the events of the Cell Saga in the first place.

8 She Also Kinda Led To The Existence Of Omega Shenron

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While Cell's rampage might not've been Bulma's fault entirely — after all, she was just trying to secure the future — the emergence of Omega Shenron can be attributed as her fault, along with pretty much anyone else who used the Dragon Balls to wish everyone to life.

Basically, the whole reason why the Shadow Dragons even came into existence was because of the fact that the Dragon Balls were constantly being abused for wishes. This led to an accumulation of negative that finally culminated in the form of the Shadow Dragons, with Syn Shenron being the most powerful of them all.

To top it off, his transformation into Omega Shenron made him even more powerful.

7 Chi-Chi's Hated By The Fans, But She's Not To Blame

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Now, Chi-Chi might ruffle the feathers of pretty much anyone who has seen Dragon Ball Z for an extended period of time. However, the one thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to this character is that — at the end of the day — she's a mother at heart.

The safety and well-being of her kids will always be her priority.

To witness your sons fight the same battles where your husband has perished is a thought that no one wants to ponder. So, it's evident that Chi-Chi would promote her kids' education over fighting.

6 Bulma And Goku Were Supposed To Be A Couple

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Welp, this is an awkward topic indeed.

The events of Dragon Ball were kickstarted when Bulma happened upon Goku — who was a child at that time — and noticed that his power was sizeable enough to protect her.

To even imagine them both as a couple is quite... off.

However, this was an idea that was rolling around in the back of Toriyama's mind when he was penning down the original Dragon Ball manga. Thankfully, this didn't come to pass, and Goku ended up with Chi-Chi while Bulma married Vegeta instead.

5 Yamcha Has A History With Both Bulma And Chi-Chi

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Talk about a baller.

Most people associate Yamcha to be an absolute weakling who serves little to no purpose in the events of Dragon Ball. However, there was a point when he was actually quite a major threat, before becoming the character that perishes at every given opportunity.

Well, this "weakling" has a history with both Bulma and Chi-Chi!

The fact that he dated Bulma at one point is something all fans remember to this date. However, what you might not be aware of is that Yamcha actually told Chi-Chi that he loved her as an excuse after accidentally knocking her out in a rather comical turn of events. Chi-Chi thought that Yamcha was serious, and declined him later on when they met in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

To think what would've been if Chi-Chi had developed feelings for Yamcha at that point...

4 Chi-Chi's Relationship With Goku Is Loveless

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Keeping in mind the content stated in the previous entry, it must be said that the implications of what Goku said are actually pretty dire. If he hasn't kissed Chi-Chi once throughout the entire relationship, then this can imply only one thing — their relationship is devoid of any love.

This might explain why Chi-Chi is so irritated with Goku at all times — to put it in layman's terms, she simply isn't getting any, which can obviously cause frustration because certain... needs aren't being fulfilled.

3 Chi-Chi Might've Had Goten With Someone Else

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However, the fact of the matter s that Chi-Chi might not even be that frustrated, to begin with. We say this because she actually seems happy for the majority of the series... except for when she's talking to her husband.

What does this imply? It means that there's a high probability that Chi-Chi is still getting some action on the side behind her husband's back. After all, Goku's not even present at home most of the time, and we have no clue what Chi-Chi is doing around the same time.

In fact, since Goku is not around, chances are that Chi-Chi might've had Goten with another Saiyan altogether while Goku was in Heaven.

There's only one name that fits the bill... but we'll leave the guesswork up to you.

2 Bulma’s Named After Something Other Than Vegetables

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Toriyama has always been a sticker for puns. Just take a look at the fact that most Saiyan names are based on vegetables. Kakarot is a pun on "carrot," while Vegeta is the first half of "vegetable."

Bulma's name is also a pun... but it's not exactly Safe For Work.

You see, Bulma is a pun on "bloomers," which does explain a lot about her early portrayal in the original series.

1 She Is Based On Xuanzang From "Journey Of The West"

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The first thing we need to clarify before explaining this entry in detail is the fact that most of the characters in Dragon Ball are based on the characters in Journey To The West. The similarities between Goku and the Monkey King should make this more than evident.

Bulma is also based off of one such character — namely, Xuanzang.

While it might seem like a bit of a stretch to compare someone like Bulma to a bald male monk, the comparison is actually quite evident. For starters, Xuanzang isn't exactly a fighter. In fact, he's more like a guide who needs to surround himself with warriors for protection.

Sound familiar?

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