Dragon Ball: 25 Things Bulma Can Do That Vegeta Can’t

The Dragon Ball series is known for its hero, Goku. The series has evolved past his desire to train and become stronger. Without his friends and family. Goku would have had a harder time defeating the enemies that threaten Earth. He's the first character fans think of when they hear the title of the series, but there's another character who has had a hand in saving Earth.

Dragon Ball has also revealed another popular character, the fallen prince, Vegeta. At first, he wanted nothing more than to take out Kakarot, or Goku's Saiyan name. Over time, his rivalry with Goku lessened. Vegeta knew how vital it was to work with his former foe. When Goku took time off from training to raise a family, Vegeta wasn't far behind. Vegeta fell in love with Bulma and the couple later married and gave birth to Trunks.

Many fans may consider Bulma to be a distraction since she's human, similar to Chi-Chi and Videl. Unlike the other wives of the series, Bulma realizes she must step-up to assist her friends. Bulma doesn't sit idly by to support her husband on the sidelines. She is a tough heroine who doesn't rely on her physical strength. Bulma relies on her quick wits and intelligence to save herself.

Bulma doesn't just sit and watch her friends fight because they need her. This brilliant scientist and inventor created a variety of powerful tools and weapons to aid their world-saving causes. When they're enjoying moments of peace, she manages to develop long-lasting friendships with those who were once enemies. Bulma's intelligence and outgoing personality traits are something her husband doesn't share.

While Bulma isn't one of Team Universe 7's fighters, she has several skills that make her stand out from her friends.

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25 Had An Unfortunate Switch

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While the Z-Fighters battled with the Frieza, Bulma encountered issues with his soldiers. Captain Ginyu realized that her form could be used to trick her friends and family.

Captain Ginyu switched Bulma's soul with a Namekian Frog.

Though Bulma's closest friends are of Saiyan race, she is a mere human. She didn't have the power to stop the Captain before switching their bodies. She later regains her body, thanks to Gohan, the son of Goku. If not for Gohan's interference, Bulma would have been doomed to spend life as a frog.

24 Helps The City’s Superheroes

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Most of the Z-Fighters wear their everyday clothing when fighting. They may change into martial artist uniforms or even tracksuits. Gohan changed up the formula when he became a superhero. He didn't want anyone to know his real identity when he became the Great Saiyaman.

Gohan enlisted Bulma's aid to construct a device that could instantly change his clothing. Bulma created a transformation watch that gave Gohan the power to transform in an instant. If that's not impressive, she made it in only two hours.

23 Knows How To Bargain

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Bulma has a knack for finding things. She discovered two of the Dragon Balls in her basement and developed new technology to find the others. Bulma doesn't need a device to find everything. Bulma borrowed Master Roshi's submarine to navigate Pirate Cove. While inside, she found a giant diamond. To apologize for not returning the sub, she offers it to Roshi. While he was going to accept the diamond as an apology, Launch stole it first. Bulma isn't afraid to pay or trade for technology when her friends are in trouble.

22 Will Inherit The Family Business

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Many would believe that Tights, the oldest Briefs sibling, would inherit the family business.

Bulma has had an active role in the Capsule Corporation since she was a child.

She has worked closely with her father for decades. The only time she spoke to her sister during the manga or anime was concerning finding Jaco, and not about the company. Bulma is also seen working at the main CC HQ during the series while her sister is in space. It's clear that Bulma will be the one to run the family business in the future.

21 Created A New Fusion Method

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Bulma takes an active role in the Dragon Ball video games. In Dragon Ball Fusions, Bulma develops the Metamo-Ring. This device works similarly to Potara jewelry and allows the wearers to fuse into one warrior. Both fighters might wear the unique rings then perform a Fusion Dance to activate this ability.

EX-Fusion combines the power of Potara jewelry and Fusion Dance. The only setback to this ability is both fighters must have a cordial relationship. The closer the users are, the stronger the EX-Fusion outcome.

20 Knows Her Way Around Planes

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The Z-Fighters primarily rely on flight to travel. Those of superhuman races can even fly through space. Goku and Vegeta use teleportation to travel throughout the universe. When they have been weakened or don't have enough ki to fly, they're stuck on land. Thankfully, they have a talented friend in their group.

Bulma can any aircraft since she lacks ki.

She used a ship to transport her friends to watch the battle between Goku and Beerus. Beerus has also repaired spaceships and isn't afraid to travel to new worlds.

19 Has Her Selfish Moments

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Bulma first discovered the existence of Dragon Balls when she was sixteen-years-old. She learned that these magical orbs had the power to grant her any wish in the world. Many would wish to make the world a better place. Young Chi-Chi wished to restore Fire Mountain. Bulma intended to make selfish wishes.

Bulma initially wanted to find all of the Dragon Balls to wish for a lifetime supply of strawberries.

Not soon after, she decided to wish for the perfect boyfriend instead.

18 Isn’t Afraid To Show Off Her Style

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The only time fans get to see Goku or Vegeta change their hairstyle is when they unleash their Super Saiyan modes. After they have used up their power, they return to the same style. This trend is common with the male characters of the series.

Bulma isn't afraid to show off a variety of hairstyles. She began the series with shoulder-length hair with a side ponytail, a curly mass of hair as an adult, and currently a short pixie cut. Bulma has also dyed her hair in a range of blues and violets. She always stands out amongst the cast.

17 Is The Youngest Sibling

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Vegeta has a younger brother named Tarble who rarely makes an appearance in the show. Many fans don't realize he has a sibling. Bulma has an older sister named Tights who has made an appearance in both the manga and anime. Tights has long blonde hair and wears berets of beanie caps. Like her younger sister, Tights is a normal human who doesn't have any superpowers. She shares some of the Brief family intelligence but not at Bulma's level. While Vegeta is bossing around Tarble, Bulma is taking lessons from Tights.

16 Always Supports Her Team

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Throughout the series, the Z-Fighters and their friends compete in various tournaments. It's their chance to show the world who is the strongest fighter. Bulma is always at every tournament. When the main cast were teenagers, Bulma was there rooting for her friends.

As she grew older, she later attended these matches to cheer for her husband Vegeta and son, Trunks. Though she doesn't wield any superpowers, she wants her friends to know she supports their efforts to be the best.

15 Enjoyed Fame For Longer

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Goku may be the main character of the series, but he has always had a side cast of characters. Bulma has had the longest run in the series. She's the only female to have been with Goku from the start. Though the pair has argued back and forth, they have remained close friends. The only time they have become enemies is when Bulma fell victim to mind control tactics. Whether Goku is enjoying time with his family or battling an alien foe, Bulma continues to root for one of her oldest, closest friends.

14 Was A Curious Child

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When Bulma was five-years-old, she traveled with her family on a visit to Omori Island. Since Bulma is the youngest, she didn't have an interest in conversations the adults were having. She noticed a broken spaceship that would belong to her future friend, Jaco. While everyone was busy talking, she repaired the ship without anyone seeing. Bulma took a ride inside the ship, electrifying everyone on the ground. Jaco and Omori were impressed by her intellect at such a young age.

13 An Excellent Student

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Bulma impressed her family and friends with her intelligence. She was a hard worker who was interested in creating new gadgets. Bulma works closely with her father at the Capsule Corporation but realizes her studies are limited to his teachings. She enrolls in university.

Due to her intellect, Bulma graduates from college when she's fifteen years old. She quickly sped through her lessons but didn't return home yet. When she turned sixteen, Bulma decided to head off into the world for a new adventure.

12 Had A Bad Habit

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Bulma has a few bad habits that were showcased in the series. She's unnecessarily rough with her friends and often argues with Vegeta. One bad trait she had was using a common vice. She was often shown using one and blowing smoke. His activity has stopped over the years, especially after having Trunks. She decided that her health was more important than her bad habit. Bulma had other ways to relieve stress, which included working on new inventions or unfortunately taking out her frustrations on her friends and family.

11 Transformed Into Treats

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When aliens threaten to destroy Earth, Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z-Fighters are the first line of defense. They fight until the threat is taken out. Some aliens with unusual methods to battle Earthlings. Monster Carrot decides to have some fun and turn Bulma into a carrot.

Luckily, Yamcha and Goku saved her from getting eaten. Bulma was once again transformed into a food item in Dragon Ball Z. Bulma was changed into chocolate, along with her son Trunks. Luckily, Vegeta has avoided transforming into any sweets.

10 Isn’t Afraid Of Alien Technology

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Bulma can create amazing technology to improve the quality-of-life for her friends. During the Saiyan Saga, Bulma witnesses Raditz defeat Goku and capture Gohan. Raditz doesn't manage to get far before Goku and Piccolo stop him.

Bulma obtains Raditz' broken Scouter, which displays any creature's power levels.

After repairing the device, she modifies the language settings. Bulma and her friends, who don't know the Saiyan language, could read the power device in numbers after her modifications. Bulma's intelligence isn't restricted to human technology.

9 Doesn't Worry About Money

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The Capsule Corporation specializes in compacting items into smaller forms. They decided to sell this technology. The company quickly became known worldwide for their useful line of products. Over time, they have become one of the largest, and wealthiest, companies in existence.

The Briefs family now has more money than most families. While Goku struggles to make a living as a farmer, Bulma uses her intelligence to create useful products and sell them. Bulma's wealth has proven helpful since she usually funds celebrations for her friends and family.

8 Can Make Anything Portable

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Bulma's family business is creating capsules. These tiny, portable pills have become a part of everyone's lives.

People use capsules for a variety of reasons, but Bulma uses them to help her friends.

Bulma transforms weapons, time travel ships, and garages into these small pills. Although she occasionally uses them for selfish reasons, Bulma has saved civilian lives with these tiny devices. During Dragon Ball Super, Future Bulma unleashes a giant warehouse on a cliff. This space saves hundreds of survivors from Zamatsu's wrath.

7 Helps Her Friends Stay Fashionable

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Goku's sons typically wear the same battle attire. Gohan's attire only changes when he decides that taking care of his family and his career are more important than saving the universe.

Vegeta's outfit has also mainly stayed the same. Since his battles become intense quickly, his costumes get damaged quickly. Bulma has continued to provide her husband with new battle attire throughout the series. Even if he's going out to train, she has given him a new uniform if she notices his old one is getting worn out.

6 Befriended Spooky Creatures

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With a name like "God of Destruction," it's no surprise Beerus strikes fear in the hearts of fighters. Vegeta was afraid of Beerus, though he respected the God's power. Bulma is scared of Beerus but is on friendly terms with the god and advisor. She wanted them to appreciate everything Earth had to offer.

Bulma began treating Beerus and Whis to various restaurants around the country. They're delighted to try the new foods and bring them back to Beerus' home. As long as Bulma keeps providing them fine meals, Beerus and Whis will continue helping the Z-Fighters.

5 Can Find Anything

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Bulma first discovered Dragon Balls in her basement. After hearing they have the power to grant wishes, she was determined to collect them all. Since she has no superpowers, Bulma developed a special device to locate them. Dragon Balls emit an electromagnetic pulse, which is untrackable for most.

The Dragon Radar can track the special orbs anywhere in the universe. The only time the device doesn't work is when the Dragon Balls are placed in an area that blocks the pulse.

4 Helped Save The Future

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During the Android Saga, Future Trunks traveled to the current timeline. Bulma learned that in the future, she would develop a time travel ship. She studied Future Bulma's notes and managed to repair the machine for further use. After defeating the Androids and Cell, Trunks traveled back to the future.

Bulma kept a capsule with a spare time travel machine inside.

Bulma's intelligence would continue to increase as she ages. There's almost no limit to what she can create.

3 Doesn't Rely On Physical Strength

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Bulma is one of the most intelligent characters in the series. There has not been another female, yet, that can surpass her knowledge. While her husband Vegeta relies on his superhuman powers to solve conflicts, Bulma uses the power of her mind. Thanks to her creativity, the Z-Fighters have developed a variety of weapons, tools, and vehicles to aid their battles.

Bulma also develops these vital tools by herself in her lab. She may occasionally have the younger Z-Fighters help or ask her father for advice, but she's prepared to spend long hours in her lab to get the job done.

2 Can Control Almost Anything

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Bulma has the knowledge to control any device she creates. She's often seen driving or piloting machines she developed at Capsule Corporation. Bulma's driving ability isn't limited to what she has created.

Bulma can also take control of alien space crafts or previously owned vehicles to get around. When time is a luxury, she manages to fix navigation controls or save herself, and her friends, from certain doom. If the Z-Fighters can't fly, Bulma can always find a way to transport them to their destination.

1 Survived To Tell The Tale

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We are given a glimpse of the future in both Dragon Ball Z and Super. Hercule City has been destroyed, and there are few survivors. In most future timelines, Goku and Vegeta has disappeared or been destroyed. There's no one else to help except for Trunks, Mai, and Bulma.

Bulma manages to survive in the future when most of her friends and family do not.

Bulma doesn't spend her time grieving. She works with Trunks in hidden labs to create a time travel ship to bring back help.

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