Dragon Ball: 25 Weird Things Only Super Fans Knew About Buu's Anatomy

Buu is one of the more confusing characters in Dragon Ball. Here are all the things that fans missed concerning his anatomy.

If you haven’t heard of the Dragon Ball series by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock since the late 80s. Following the story of alien super heroes, not much unlike Superman himself, this anime and manga series has always been herald as one of the greatest fighting series out there.

The show is known for being overly long and having dozens of episodes revolving around overpowered fights and dudes or obvious aliens with insane muscles and powers. If this isn’t your thing, you should still give the original series a try; there’s still a lot to the series outside of these fights. In fact, it was these cliffhangers that lead to the ever-popular meme, “Next time on Dragon Ball!,” leaving viewers with the need to see what happened next.

Since the show has been going on for a very long time, we’ve been introduced to a variety of cool characters. Perhaps the most memorable of them was definitely Buu; a pink alien character that had many forms, all of which were drastically different from one another. Buu was particularly popular because of how strange his body was. From gaining strength randomly to pulling off pieces of himself to use as ammo, Buu was a crazy strong alien that no one really knew what to expect with. Everyone loved this character for these amazing abilities, so we’ve decided to show you just how out-of-this-world his body truly is! Here are 25 things you probably didn’t know about Buu’s body unless you’ve been diligently following the series!

25 He's One Of The Most Powerful Villains

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You might not know it if you’ve only ever looked at Fat Buu before, but Buu and variations of him are actually one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball series. His powers are exceptionally diverse and make beating him one of the hardest objectives protagonists in the series have ever had to do; how do you beat something that can literally turn you into food? While we have seen Buu get defeated before, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t one of the harder opponents in the series.

24 He Can Transform Anything Into Sweets

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As mentioned previously, Buu does have the ability to turn people into food! Be careful wishing you were a snack around Buu, because it just might come true in a way you weren’t thinking of. His ability allows him to turn people into sweets; we’ve even seen him turn a variation of himself into chocolate before. You might expect a monster to threaten to eat a character, but we don’t think anyone would have anticipated turning them into a sweet was going to be step one.

23 His Body Is Completely Elastic

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We’ve seen Buu fling both himself and body parts at opponents, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that his entire body is extremely elastic. In some ways, it’s actually pretty disturbing, but for a fighter it should be of good use. Buu is able to shape his body as needed and it possibly also helps him in dealing with blows from opponents. We’re not sure where this ability comes from, but it’s definitely one of the stranger facts about this pink creature’s body.

22 He Can Even Detach Pieces Of Him

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We’ve talked a little bit about how elastic Buu’s skin is, but what’s even grosser is that he can actually pull off parts of his body and use it as ammo. That’s right, those bits of skin can become a weapon. It sounds like this should be a very painful process, but Buu has given no signs of it bothering him and we have to say, it’s definitely a sound line of defense; it certainly shocks an opponent who’s never fought with Buu before.

21 He Can Literally Turn Into A Ball

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When you have a body as versatile as Buu’s, you can often do a lot of crazy tricks with it. One of these tricks is literally turning himself into a ball; yes, the entire body can be molded into a tight ball. Buu does this in particular when he wants to charge at his opponent at a fast speed. The move itself is called the Mystic Ball Attack and it allows him to send enemies fighting just by propelling himself at them.

20 He Has Strong Telekinetic Powers

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One of Buu’s most notable attributes, regardless of which form we see him in, is the large antenna-like appendage at the top of his head. We’ve seen him use this to do things like grabbing people, but there’s actually a more powerful use for it. Buu is able to use very strong telekinesis through it; it’s been said that it’s so strong he could actually levitate an entire city of people in the air. While doing this, he’s also able to shape them into what he wants, which makes it even more spooky.

19 He Can Absorb And Become Other People

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Buu is a lot like Kirby in a few key ways; he can be round, pink, loves to eat food, and also seems to take the form of whatever he puts in his mouth. Yes, Buu is able to absorb people and, in turn, their powers. Surprisingly, Buu is more of a shapeshifter but through consuming people he can pick up their powers and how to use them. This becomes particularly scary when he consumes people like Piccolo who are extremely powerful.

18 He's Very Good At Mimicking!

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In addition to being able to absorb people, Buu can also mimic them in personality. Buu is easily able to appear like someone else and take on their attributes with ease. For example, we’ve seen him take on the exact features of Barry Kahn at one point; it was pretty disturbing, but no less impressive. He's also able to mimic Ki attacks just by watching! Being able to mimic people is not only a big talent but also a huge advantage when you’re a giant pink creature.

17 His Scream Is Spooky

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A super scream is a pretty generic power when it comes to super humans or powerful aliens, but Buu’s really takes the cake. The move Vice Shout is used by Super Buu primarily; this is where Buu uses all of his energy in a single high-pitched scream. The scream is so powerful that it can actually collapse dimensional walls and create a rift in a universe. Next time you feel like letting out that pent-up rage, consider using a Vice Shout to really get your point across.

16 We Can't Measure His Ki Signature

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Ki in the Dragon Ball universe is very important because it tells us a lot about a character’s power level. It’s the life force energy that helps these characters fight in the first place and, without it, we really wouldn’t have a show. Buu actually has so much Ki that we’re not really sure where his power level is at; although it does seem to fluctuate a little between his different forms. The kind of Ki Buu is able to manipulate is pink Ki Energy.

15 There's Basically An Entire Plane Inside Him

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We know that Buu has a really strange body, but no one would have guessed that there was an entire plane existing inside him. In fact, in both the anime, manga, and even video games, we’ve actually seen this place and it’s a little spooky. Within his body, Buu is able to store the people he captures, keeping them in what he calls his “people pods.” This is where Buu is able to copy and absorb the powers of the people he eats.

14 He Can Materialize Inside Himself

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You would think that being inside Buu means that you’re safe from Buu himself in a way. After all, it’s not like he can follow you into his insides, right? Well, no. In fact, this is probably one of the strangest parts about Buu’s body; he can actually appear inside himself. We’ve seen this when unfortunate people get trapped inside him and he decides its time to show up for a chat. How he does it, we’re not really sure. Then again, would you really want to know that?

13 Everything From His Blood Cells To Enzymes Can Fight

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When you’re stuck inside Buu’s body, you might be a little scared as to what’s around the corner; do you get digested like a normal human’s body or is it something even different? Buu can absorb people by either eating them as a sweet or by using his goo to place them in people pods in his body. However, if you’re going to freely travel around inside him, like Goku and Vegeta did, you might be surprised to find that everything from his enzymes to even illusions of other fighters will go against you inside Buu's body.

12 His Insides Have Actually Been A Battle Stage In The Video Games

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One of the coolest parts about Buu’s insides is that they were actually featured as a battle stage in the video games! To be honest, the pixelated stage certainly looks far less creepy than it did in the manga or anime series. You can fight through his Stomach, Intestines and Brain in hopes of getting out with Super Buu being the final boss of the Brain. So, if you’ve ever wanted to explore this strange plane yourself, feel free to in the Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury game.

11 We Were Introduced To This New World In "The Innards Of Buu"

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We were first introduced to this extremely strange place in the episode “The Innards of Buu,” which was pretty disturbing for the most part. Of course, we’d seen just how strange Buu’s body was before this episode but knowing there’s a giant place inside him that you can actually fight him was a whole other ball game. The episode kicked off with Vegito being absorbed by Super Buu and everyone fearing that the end had finally come. Thankfully our heroes pulled through, but not before Buu caused some massive damage.

10 He's Actually The Best Healer!

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If you love video games, you’ve probably daydreamed about the best kind of healer at one point or another; they can be pretty rare after all. If you could play games with Buu, you’d probably be pleasantly surprised to see that Buu is actually one of the best healers in the entire series. Buu can literally bring people back to full health; another amazing use of that strange tentacle atop his head. And when we mean full health, we mean that it takes him very little effort to fully heal another person should he feel like it.

9 He Can Also Regenerate Himself Fast

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If Buu is able to heal others exceptionally quick, it only stands to reason that he can actually regenerate himself like it’s nothing. This makes a lot of sense when you consider how malleable his body is as well as his super healing abilities for others. This sounds like a really wonderful ability, but it’s probably not the best when it’s a villain we’re talking about here. This ability has caused plenty of problems for our protagonists when trying to take down this powerful creature.

8 The Move "Vaporize!" Is Super OP

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Majin Buu has this attack that is incredibly powerful and works in a really interesting way. The move Vaporize! starts off as a blue beam that shoots out of Buu’s hands and turns into a ball at the end. When you think about it, a lot of attacks start off in more of a ball-like shape and then stream into a beam to hit their target. This particular move is so powerful that when it hit Gohan, it had the potential to send him out into space.

7 He Can Create Copies Of Himself

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Buu can technically make copies of himself using Fission, but perhaps the weirdest version of this act comes from Buu starting his own family in one of the video games. Dragon Ball Online is an MMO where players can create their own characters. One of the races available is a Majin, but we know from the manga and anime that Buu was the only one of his kind. We find out that Buu separated into two, creating a female counterpart, with whom he started a family with.

6 He Has Continuous Ammo

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Just when you think Buu couldn’t get any stronger, it turns out he also has endless ammo to throw at your heroes. Seriously, there’s almost no way that you’ll ever find this Majin low on any kind of ammunition to protect himself. Not only can he use bits of his body as weapons, but he also has a move called Continuous Energy Bullets which allow him to throw a bunch of Ki waves at his opponent all at once. It’s a pretty devastating attack, but it’s also only one of the many attacks he has up his sleeve; well, if he wore a shirt that is.

5 Try Not To Kick Fat Majin Buu In The Stomach

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Fat Buu actually has an attack named after his famous belly; the Belly Attack! Perhaps it isn’t the most jazzed name for an attack, it is a little obvious after all, but it is a really cool and strange attack. If you were to kick Fat Buu in the stomach, he’d be able to grab a hold of your foot and slowly suck you in. He was seen doing this to Super Saiyan 3 Goku where he was able to completely engulf his opponent.

4 He Has The Strongest Shield

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In the anime, we’ve seen that Buu is able to defend himself really well. Usually, Buu doesn’t need a real shield because his body can take a few blows like it’s nothing. Between his regenerative ability and healing capabilities, a shield just seems like much. However, in the anime they showed Buu having a giant pink bubble for a shield that even the military was unable to penetrate. Again, it’s pretty redundant, but it’s still a strong ability if even military blows could do nothing to him.

3 He Has More Forms Than Most Characters

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When you think of the Dragon Ball series, you might think of all the characters and their various forms. Unlike a lot of other anime series about aliens and super fighters, Dragon Ball was always really interesting in showing how fighters changed in different forms. Buu was the character that ended up having the most forms out of all the other characters. If you can’t pin down which Buu is most iconic, then the series has definitely done its job in showing you just how many forms there are.

2 Super Buu Will Always Be The Strongest From

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Buu has gone through so many forms and each has their own interesting capabilities, but the most powerful will always be Super Buu. Now many will argue that Kid Buu was by far stronger but the real danger with this form was rather the recklessness and not the power itself; Kid Buu wasn’t the smartest and was therefore pretty unpredictable. You can also consider Majuub, the reincarnation of Kid Buu, to be the most powerful of the forms if you want to consider the later version of Majin Buu.

1 His Pupils Were White Until Gotenks Hits Him

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If you’ve been watching the series for a long time, you may remember a time when Buu actually had white eyes instead of red. The red eyes have been a very iconic look for all of the Buu forms, so it’s a little strange to see them red; why did they change? Well, after Gotenks punches him, the eyes change color. This actually also includes his tongue which goes from pink to blue. While we don’t know why this happened to his body, we do know who did it!

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