21 Dragon Ball Characters Altered By The Community

There are two types of people in this world: people who like Dragon Ball and all of its off-shoot series (yes, even GT), and those who are wrong. And face it, guys - Akira Toriyama's art style is flattering to everyone, no matter who (or what) you are. So it only makes sense that the various artists on the Internet who've been inspired by Dragon Ball would make images of their own in the show/manga's art style. And of course, there is a huge pile of that out there, made by artists with more skill than I could ever hope to have. But sometimes... how can I say this?

Sometimes, people just love to draw their favorite characters playing with their Senzu Beans. Bringing forth their eternal dragons. Shooting their ki blasts willy-nilly.

People love to draw their favorite characters, but people love corrupting their favorite characters even more.

And you know what? I'll just come out and say it: it's awesome. It runs the gamut of being embarrassingly bad to being just as good as Toriyama's art, and while it's hard to call something better than the art on Dragon Ball because it was so influential and timeless, some of it kind of feels like that. And while we happy little keyboard-tappers at TheGamer love telling but not showing, we can't in good conscience show you the darkest stuff. We can, however, show you some of the stuff that treads the line. And man, are we ever good at trawling the Internet for that stuff that's just on the edge. So let me, with both fun flags in hand, dance on that line and show you some really nice-looking Dragon Ball fan art.

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21 Mechanical In The Streets...

via Pinterest

Honestly, I think we all need to come to terms with one simple fact: Android 18 is by far the most popular Dragon Ball character to the fandom. Countless cosplays have been done of her, and her fan art is just as numerous as the billions of DBZ original characters that exist in the mind of dedicated fans everywhere.

So of course, some of her stuff is the most twisted.

A lot of it involves that loveable little cue ball Krillin, her ever-put-upon husband who married WAY above his rank. But hey, this one is great! I can't seem to find the artist's credentials, but this is a great look for her. Cheers!

20 Hey, Wanna See Him Shred?

via DeviantArt (Darkly Shaded Shadow)

Dude, this entry might be another example of the community "corrupting" characters, but honestly, when your character is supposed to be the embodiment of all evil on earth, how exactly can you corrupt him more? Give him a mid-2000's heavy metal makeover, of course. Add about a dozen pounds of metal into his face, and give him about a mile of tribal tattoos, capped off with a sick dragon tattoo. Somehow make him even more cut than he was in the show, and there we are:

Dabura, the new lead singer of Godsmack.

Special thanks to Darkly Shaded Shadow for giving us this. Never misunderstand me, I love this piece of fan art. It has me under its Voodoo. I might stand alone in this opinion, but whatever. This pic rules.

19 From the Scrapped Capsule Corp Calendar

via Instagram (CMCillustration)

When it comes to the popularity of Dragon Ball women, Bulma is the classic. She was the first character (we were introduced to) that earned Master Roshi's awful awful affections in the original Dragon Ball. As she has gotten older with the different series, her beauty has aged more like wine than like milk. Pretty much, all she's done is trimmed her hair and gotten a bit more lines around the eyes. That's about it.

This picture from CMC Illustration's Instagram captures that cocky attitude that's served her so well throughout the years.

Gotta love that little smirk on her.

The onesie-bathing-suit thing though is a bit weird. But you know, I guess it's kinda steamy in a 90s kinda way. Meh, Don't focus on that. Everything else is awesome.

18 Cheesy Butter Bois

via Pinterest

So yeah, if you guys didn't know it already, every single one of the Ginyu Force members are named after dairy products and are meant to be a parody of the over-the-top characters found in shows like Super Sentai (known in America as Power Rangers). And of course, one of the most classic sentai shows was Sailor Moon, which is also one of the most "corrupted" animes to date.

So I guess it makes sense that the parody found in Dragon Ball Z would definitely end up getting shipped seven ways to Sunday. And of course, here we see Burter and Jeice (from the Japanese words for "butter" and "cheese") enjoying a chocolate bar while Jeice gives Burter to some super bedroom eyes.

17 "Perfect" Rule 63

via DeviantArt (GothicAtrocity)

Remember Rule 63, everybody? It explicitly states that it is possible to find gender-swapped versions of every fictional character on the Internet. And even though Cell doesn't really have a gender, we've got this rather salacious-looking lady Cell right here. I mean, I guess you could say Cell was male since he was only made from the cells of male fighters, but I think that's stretching it a little bit.

Though you do have to give it to GothicAtrocity here. They've taken something that's not really steamy in any manner and made it pretty... umm... jaw-dropping. I mean, this Cell totally looks like it wants to assimilate me, if you know what I mean. You know what? Head on to the next entry, I need to um... give this Cell the tour of TheGamer's offices.

16 One Green Bean

via Pixiv (METO)

Yo, Rule 63 looks pretty good on everyone's favorite Namekian. This version of Piccolo is certainly much "more" than the original...

There are a lot of really great websites out there, guys, and Pixiv is one of them. This artist, known as METO, has an awesome skill to somehow take these characters and make them completely realistic. Well, realistic-ish. I love that this Piccolo looks a bit more at home in an episode of Sailor Moon than Dragon Ball Z. So I guess this means she's Sailor Namek, then. And I think Usagi would have some stiff competition for Tuxedo Mask's affections. Needless to say, it's a wonderful fan creation that goes well beyond Toei's wildest dreams.

15 Frieza Used Peck! It's... Pretty Creepy

via DeviantArt (Glay)

Admit it guys - we always knew something was going on with Frieza. As ace as he might have represented himself, how can you not pass up a tasty treat like Zarbon? I mean, he did have the prettiest mug out of all of Frieza's goonies. Still though, we don't see the rest of this scene, so as far as we know he could be showing off this obvious and creepy favoritism in front of his own cronies, which would probably make things a little awkward around the office.

Shout out to Glay, the artist of this pic. They somehow use their skill to make Zarbon look prettier than he looked in the show, going full on bishounen mode, but everything else looks like it could have been cut straight out of the anime.

14 Future Trunks + Mai = OTP

via Pinterest

So thanks to Dragon Ball Super, the convergence of the universes has given us a gigantic variety of ships that no one else thought possible except in the darkest recesses of their AO3 accounts. One of those shipped the hardest and most aggressively is the Future Trunks x Mai angle.

It's Dragon Ball Z meets old-school Dragon Ball in the most romantic way. 

At least, in this heartwarming little comic I found on Pinterest. Shout out to whoever made this - I love having emotions after looking at just four pictures. However, a lot more Future Trunks x Mai stuff out there is much more... adult, shall we say. This comic isn't really corrupted, but consider it a squeaky-clean avatar of what actually exists.

13 Nice Launchpad

via DeviantArt (Carlotus)

Hey, everyone, it's Launch! Lunch? Meh, whatever. It's the girl from the original Dragon Ball whose hair changes color when she gets mad. Here we obviously see her after a pretty epic sneeze, and whoever she's running from must be incredibly aggravated, judging by the piles of Zenni sticking out of her saddlebag. And apparently, she's getting the short end of the stick as Goku flies past on the Nimbus to safety from the hail of energy bullets.

Big props to artist Carlotus for making the machinery of the Dragon Ball world look actually futuristic and not a dirty gray that you normally see in the show. No hate though - it was the eighties, everything was beige.

12 Don't Make Her Mad, Tien!

via DeviantArt (Zoe Productions)

Everyone's favorite three-eyed character, Tien (or Tenshinhan for those who think that the Japanese version is the only truth) is also a big target of the devious community. Hey, when you have an ability to make copies of yourself and "gang" up on your opponent, people get some pretty corrupting ideas.

Here, however, we see a little moment between Launch and Tien. They never really got together in the series, but hey.

That's what being able to draw is all about: making the characters who've never been together GET TOGETHER.

And while this is pretty adorable, we need to remember that there's so much more stuff out there. It might not all include Tien and Launch, but oh man, things get crazy. But for the moment, let's enjoy this little display of puppy love and share a collective "D'awwww."

11 Red Ribbon Tsundere

via Instagram (ozuma_arts)

Everyone loves Mai, and her resurgence in the Dragon Ball Super timeline is further proof of her favor with the fans. She's adorable as a little baby when she starts out, and she's a romantic interest as she mingles with Future Trunks in the "Future" Trunks Saga arc further in the show. As such, we've been getting a ton of  Mai stuff out there, and honestly, she is pretty cute in a rather proletariat sort of way. She's got a real "hardened person raised on nothing but turnips" sort of feel to her, and I have at least a few friends who think that would be stunning.

Judging by this shot here by Ozuma_Arts over on Instagram, I can only imagine that they would be welcome in this group of friends I was just mentioning. Maybe they can meet up somewhere and plot the destruction of the bourgeoisie.

10 Thousands Of Dreams Have Just Come True

via Danbooru (ayo)

Oh. Oh my. Look, even when it's on the shape of people I prefer, French maid outfits are a little too much for me. They don't really summon my dragon. However, I do totally get how it's way up other people's alleys. Maid Cafés are completely huge thing in Japan, and if I remember right, they're starting to get their claws in the US.

So having the two main rivals of the Dragon Ball Universe dressed up in maid outfits, down to the frilly garters?

But of course, if they are working at a Maid Café, it would be totally in-character for Goku to eat the cookies he's supposed to be taking to the customers. He would be the absolute worst restaurant employee of all time.

9 You Ever Wanna Have Some Bubblegum?

via DeviantArt (Satsui No Hado)

So I haven't gotten my greedy little hands on Dragon Ball Fighter Z, but I really really want to get into it. And this fanart from Satsui No Hado over on DeviantArt is giving me some supreme motivation. I know some slight things about the villainess of the game, Android 21, and seeing her as a Majin here is super cool. I love the tail and the SS3-length white hair.

While Toriyama's style is pretty classic, it's always so cool when somebody gets into the style and makes it their own. Satsui No Hado here is very close to the original style, but the face and the hair are given a bit less of an angular look, which is a great way of making a style of someone else their own.

8 When Did Vegeta Moonlight As A Model?

via DeviantArt (Nejita)

Alright, so clearly we have Vegeta at some point in his time on Earth where he had just started to settle into his life there but didn't know what to do for money, I guess, so he decided to be a Calvin Klein model.

And you know what? It works.

I'd be buying the pair he's selling.

Super Saiyan Briefs - guaranteed to take your love life over 9000, or your money back. Just make sure your partner is ready for your Final Flash. You know what I mean. Make sure they can handle that Big Bang Attack you got planned.

I'll... see myself out.

7 Wait, Is Burt Reynolds Mr. Satan?

via Pinterest

When it comes to the dictionary definition of the word "blowhard," you'd have a whole heck of a lot of trouble finding a closer incarnation of the term than Mr. Satan. This self-proclaimed toughest fighter in the world is a parody of American wrestling and the big personalities those wrestlers have. And in this picture, he looks like frickin' Burt Reynolds.

Wait, why does real-life Mr. Satan look like The Bandit?

I mean seriously. Once he beats the Cell Games single-handedly, is he gonna Cannonball Run a truckload of moonshine to Tex-Arkana? I guess I can get people who might find this guy steamy, but after this picture, I can't help but giggle more whenever I see him.

6 Raditz's Tiger Beat Centerfold

via Tumblr (RaditzHub)

This version of Raditz from the Tumblr blog RaditzHub, is a complete overhaul from all the other incarnations we've seen of him thus far. Most of the time he looks like a grouchy guy with long hair and a huge widow's peak.

This looks like he's taking a glamour shot for his new career as a teen heartthrob. 

Shoutout to RaditzHub, for giving even the most tertiary antagonists from the DBZ universe their own chance to shine. I never really saw much in Raditz, but having him drawn like this, I mean... I get it, you guys. It's pretty nice.

5 Yajirobe's Shoot

via DeviantArt (AngelaCapel)

OH MY GOD. How... how have I missed this my entire life? How can something like this exist? I spent the last five years of my life trying to get this self-portrait of myself removed from the Internet, and somehow it still showed up, and under the search terms "Yajirobe hot rule 34" no less!

I gotta say, I kinda rolled up in a corner and cried for quite a bit. I mean, I don't have the greatest relationship with my body, so seeing this described as a Yajirobe portrait really was a rude awakening for me.

Oh wait, this was drawn by AngelaCapel on DeviantArt? Huh. How did I miss that? The detail is so accurate, though...

4 Q.T. Pie Videl

via Pinterest

This is adorable! There's so much creepy stuff out there with Videl, so I figured doing a really cute one for her would be a nice change of pace. Let's be honest, you guys have probably already seen them, you know what I'm talking about. So this artist gives us a breath of fresh air from her... encounter with Spopovich that's been documented in far too graphic detail.

Also, you gotta love Videl. She's the kind of girl that's essentially made for Gohan, and hundreds of times stronger than her dad, Mr. Satan. How she and Gohan ended up giving birth to a lame-o like Pan from Dragon Ball GT is anyone's guess. You can't win 'em all, I guess.

3 Getting Smashed By, Well, Everybody

via Danbooru (Masao)

Poor Yamcha, he's got a bad wrap. No, he's not the strongest human on planet Earth, but he's also not the weakest. However, he somehow ended up being the butt of the joke for years, even though jerks like Yajirobe still exist.

However, this picture found on Danbooru by artist Masao is a wonderful enigma. This guy is in the middle of a crater, which people who've watched the anime know is a reference as to how he died the first time around.

This time, he's got a rather revealing wardrobe malfunction.  

The blast from Nappa somehow strategically blew off his pants, putting him into a rather... accepting stance. I think he's got an idea you should do with your Wolf Fang Fist, if you know what I mean.

2 The Only Character People Remember From The Bojack Movie

via Pinterest

Hey, I know I'm talking a bit of smack about this film, but it's the only Dragon Ball movie I actually own (on VHS!), so I claim rights to do so. It wasn't that great, but the cronies in Bojack Unbound included Zangya, so we can't call it a total loss. This fire-haired fighter was able to mix her looks and her deadly skills into almost blowing up Krillin (again), only to get thwarted later on.

But that brief appearance isn't going to stop the Internet, not even for a second, into making some creepy stuff about her. And this picture that I found on Pinterest is one of the more conservative ones out there. Still, it's pretty hot.

1 Buu = Bae

via DeviantArt (ShynTheTruth/MajinIuk)

Oh DeviantArt, you never fail to make my job easy. Anyone who's watched Dragon Ball Z knows that Majin Buu's first evolved form, Super Buu, is a massive pile of maniacal bubble gum bent on the destruction of all life. So of course, leave it to talented Deviants like ShynTheTruth and MajinIuk to take that being and make it, for lack of a better word, desirable.

Also, what is with the dang earrings on its... ear holes? I just can't get over that. It defies all logic and reasoning - they don't belong anywhere. But they still fit there for some reason?

Ugh, I need to stop thinking about it before my head explodes. This version of Super Buu is pretty hot though, so I guess that's all I should be focusing on.

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