25 Dragon Ball Characters We’ve Never Seen Cosplayed Before

With the video game industry booming thanks to streaming services such as Twitch and those offered by each console, it's often easy to forget the people who keep the culture alive... Literally. Video games and anime often go hand-in-hand and sometimes, a beautiful marriage comes from it: Anime video games and JRPGs. Both of these stand alone in their glory due to their crossover nature and people have begun to take note of that. These people go by the name of "cosplayers" and they're able to put forth an act of creativity like no other.

Cosplay allows a person to be someone completely different and unique to their interests. It allows them the privilege of paying homage to their favorite characters and to not only pay tribute to them but to become them as well. A popular root for cosplay is the Dragon Ball series, of which there are countless arcs and sagas that are essentially free reign for those courageous enough to take them on. Getting a new saga of the show for cosplayers is like waking up on Christmas morning and finding double the number of gifts you'd originally expected—it's exciting, fun, and rewarding.

To give these cosplayers the attention they so worthily deserve, we've sought out 25 of the most epic Dragon Ball cosplays in existence right now. Some of these are from Super while others are a bit of a blast from the past; we've also included wild genderbender cosplays as well as partner projects. These are for the hardcore fans, the newcomers, and those who just appreciate the skill involved in transforming oneself into someone else.

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25 Goku Off To Save The World

via: deviantart.com/alexcloudsquall

This cosplay of Goku was originally spotted at Kameha Con, one of the largest Dragon Ball conventions in the world. The convention itself is fan-driven and gives the biggest fans a chance to embody their favorite character from the show. The detail in this costume—everything from the electrifying transformation to the added gore—makes it unbelievably realistic. It's something more akin to a live-action movie than a personal take. As far as Goku cosplays go, this is the stuff we live for.

24 Super Saiyan Blue Goku

via: imgrum.pw/tag/molecularagatha

When it comes to Dragon Ball Super, many cosplayers are still perfecting their final touches from the relatively new saga. With the third Broly movie premiering, you can guarantee that more Dragon Ball cosplays will be on the rise. With a little bit of photo editing, who knows—you might even find yourself in a Super Saiyan Blue situation. The cosplayer responsible for this incredible real-life transformation is Agatha (@molecularagatha on IG), and she brings a genderbender cosplay to life like none we've ever seen.

23 Not To Be Seconded, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

via: tommykingsblog.com

There's no way that Vegeta would ever let Kararot upstage him and we wouldn't expect anything less from a Vegeta cosplayer. This one was spotted at a popular Comic Con and there's no denying it: Real-life Vegeta is no one to mess with. This fluorescent hair and striking icy eyes are enough to strike fear into every form of Frieza... and fellow onlookers too. The detail in this armor and the fact that every hair—including eyebrows—has been transformed to reveal the most powerful Super Saiyan Blue reveals attention to detail and a serious passion.

22 A Mean Android 17

via: twitter.com/nipahdubs

Yet another daunting character from Dragon Ball Super, this is a flawless interpretation of Android 17. Amazingly, this is not the only cosplay that cosplayer Nipah has completed. In addition to this awesome Dragon Ball Super cosplay, cosplays of each Organization XIII member from Kingdom Hearts were also on the list. It takes someone with significant skill to take any character and bring them to life so efficiently and without hesitation. It seems like there's literally nothing this talented cosplayer can't do and we're excited to see what's next.

21 Beerus The Destroyer

via: alfabetajuega.com

Yikes, we're not messing around with this one. Beerus was depicted in Dragon Ball Super as the most powerful god in the universe (the seventh one, anyway). Nothing could stand up to him, not even Goku and Vegeta. This real-life version of the destroyer is beyond accurate, depicting him in full color, clothing, and even his bemused yet all-business expression. To say that cosplaying a creature rather than a human is challenging would be an understatement, therefore this cosplay speaks for itself. We're just hoping he was well-fed at this convention.

20 Future Trunks And Mai, A Perfect Match

via: findingaster.com

We have two photos of this partner cosplay because it's just too awesome for one spot. Both of these cosplayers are incredibly talented, future Trunks capturing the tough essence of what it means to be Vegeta's son and Mai capturing what it takes to stand up with a warrior. It was fun watching these two later on in the saga as adults but it's even more fun watching them come to life. This is one of the many things that cosplayers can do for fans and we have to admit, this one was executed especially well.

19 A Genderbender Goku

via: aminoapps.com

There's nothing more we love than seeing creative twists on traditional and classic characters. Simply because Goku is a male character doesn't mean that he can't be portrayed by a female. Not only did this cosplayer take on the challenge of making one tough-looking Goku, but she added her own personal spin on the costume as well. With a kimono-like dress, stockings, and a bit of makeup, she has transformed this character into a force to be reckoned with. Who says that girls can't rock a challenging cosplay?

18 A Genderbender Vegeta

via: pintaram.com/u/camenezescosplay

We're throwing it back old school for this cosplay. Vegeta is seemingly everyone's favorite character because not only is he tough as nails, but he doesn't show much emotion or let anything stand in his way. This comes off as hilarious 50% of the time but he's a well-loved main character nevertheless. This cosplayer embodies all of those notions in a single cosplay, adding a feminine touch with long black hair while still implying some serious attitude. This is the kind of classic we love to see alive and well.

17 Frieza Spotting

via: insta.orenya.com

Found at yet another Kameha Con, we can't think of a better place for this epic cosplay. Pulling off Frieza is no easy feat since not only is he completely inhuman, but he has some fairly intense details to complete as far as his outfit and armor. He's not even a natural color so face painting is also involved, none of which seemed to be an issue for this cosplayer. Whether they were working with Zamasu has yet to be determined, but it's an interesting dynamic between the two displayed in this photo. Bravo!

16 One Didn't Make It, The Other One Is Mad

via: flickr.com/photos

If there's one thing that will never change, it's the dynamic between Vegeta and Goku, or Kakarot, as he's often referred to. This posed scene was literally taken straight out of the anime as they both stand in near-defeat (well, actual defeat for Goku). The detail is unreal, all the way down to each individual rip in their clothing as well as the halo above Goku's head to imply his current life status. Their wigs must have taken hours if not days to complete and they've pulled nailed down expressions that have us thinking things are about to go down.

15 The Cutest Cosplay Yet

via: bwdrawings.blogspot.com

Majin Buu, the once formidable opponent of both Goku and Vegeta, had been tamed and taken care of by the time Dragon Ball Super came into existence. In that saga, Majin Buu is under the care of Satan, an interesting translation from the Japanese anime. Satan is responsible for the town in Dragon Ball Super and though he talks a big talk, he's essentially useless... to everyone but Buu, that is. To Buu, he's more than just a caretaker and is, in fact, a father figure. This match is adorable and truly brought to life by these two.

14 Stoic Future Trunks

via: twitter.com/dtjaaaam

Trunks never comes back to the future for no reason and if he's making his way back, you know something has gone horribly wrong. At least, this is the case as we find out in Dragon Ball Super when Trunks makes his way back after losing just about everyone and everything. Although he's made his way back from a bleak existence, he suffers no fear of standing up to continue fighting. He truly is the product of both Vegeta and Bulma, and this cosplayer captured that in this single shot.

13 Whis, The All-Powerful

via: twitter.com/caygak

Whis is an interesting character for a number of reasons. Not only is he seemingly all-knowing, but he seems to display somewhat of the same god-like power that Beerus has. As assistant to Beerus, it only makes sense that he would possess some type of magic, although he remains somewhat of a mystery. We know with overwhelming certainty that he has a fascination with both Goku and Vegeta and, without a doubt, a serious passion for food. This cosplayer makes a remarkable real-life Whis, from his classy shoes all the way to the perfect shade of sky blue.

12 A Sinister Frieza

via: imagenesmy.com

We can't imagine what it took to nail every little detail of Freiza's costume but this one is absolute perfection. Even Frieza's tail looks like it could whip a Saiyan into shape and that's nothing to shake a stick at. Many fans have a love/hate relationship with the villain and for good reason—He was tough and arrogant. Freiza strolled into the picture with the utmost arrogance and defiance when it came to his opponent's power, and this cosplayer captures that attitude with absolute certainty.

11 Genderbender Piccolo

via: twitter.com/elenablueskies

This could be a gender-bender Piccolo or it could just be a female Namekian but either way, it's totally epic. Obviously, this is something that's definitely not depicted in the anime and it's pure brilliance on the part of this cosplayer—ElenaBlueSkies—to take on the challenge. This costume is flawless and the makeup is even more believable and if we didn't know any better, we'd likely think that you're face to face with a new character from Dragon Ball. 

10 Genderbender Future Trunks

via: deviantart.com/alexanightmare

Hey, future Trunks makes a great female character! This couldn't be more true with the cosplayer featured above who totally nailed swapping the gender of Trunks. With the addition of some brighter boots, a fitted denim jacket, black dress, stockings, and a slightly longer wig, it's perfect. You' never guess that this wasn't a legitimate character from the Dragon Ball universe and even her sword is completely on-point as far as detail and size go. Let's hear it for all the female cosplayers who go the extra mile for their favorite characters.

9 A Classic Bulma

via: cosplay-it.com

While seemingly simple, it's not the easiest thing in the world to pull off a decent Bulma. Contrary to popular belief, it can be much more challenging to pull off a "simple" character, simply due to the fact that every detail needs to be perfect and exact. This is one thing this cosplayer totally nailed with her Bulma cosplay, ensuring that every detail is present and accounted for. Even her hair is classic of Bulma from Dragon Ball Super, making it incredibly believable and professional.

8 Kame, Hame, HA!

via: threemanbooth.com

Feast your eyes on what might be the most perfect Goku in mid-attack ever created. This cosplayer clearly knows what it takes to go full Super Saiyan Blue and we'd be tempted to just step out of his way. While both cosplays are just as uniquely incredible, what we can't get over is the fact that one of them made an actual ball of energy. These attacks which are so classic to the anime and have been from the start, have seemingly come to life in one photo.

7 A Stern Vados

via: tiffanygordoncosplay.com

If there's one thing we loved more than Whis it was his sister, Vados. They both shared the same sarcastic, nonchalant humor that so defiantly outsmarted the gods they serve, making them a blast to watch on-screen. In real life, cosplayer Tiffany Gordon has completely brought this entity to life and has made it seem effortless. Just as with Whis, there are plenty of details that go into planning for a character such as Vados and this is without a doubt something to be proud of.

6 Goku In Super Saiyan 3 Form

via: reddit.com

We've seen Goku in plenty of different forms up to this point but one that you don't see often is Super Saiyan 3. This form involves much longer, blonde hair which is a trademark of the transformation. Not only did this cosplayer completely nail the hair as far as color and style, but he also captured Goku's Super Saiyan expression in the perfect manner. It's fierce, accurate, and serves as a perfect tribute to the most powerful Saiyan in the saga... For now, anyway.

5 Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

via: deviantart.com/jihatsuu

It was a proud moment in Dragon Ball Super when Vegeta revealed that he could also use a Super Saiyan Blue form. Even more so, the fact that he could use a combination of focus and concentration in order to effortless control his power and that of others was pretty intense. This form suits the ferocious fighter and his take-all attitude, and this cosplayer must have studied Vegeta's stance well in order to nail it so completely. There's almost no telling the anime from real-life in this photo.

4 A Sad Scene

via: picurams.pw

As the Dragon Ball Super saga progressed, we find that Trunks is having some serious trouble in the future. Not only is his world completely destroyed, but he loses everyone he loves—including childhood friend (and crush), Mai. These two cosplayers were pictured before but we're featuring again simply because of this heartbreaking photo. Unlike Vegeta, Trunks does show how much he cares for Mai, which makes this an even tougher thing to grapple with knowing what the future holds for them both.

3 A Mean-Looking Freiza

via: twitter.com/EmilyRexz

There is absolutely no denying that this is one of the best Freizas we've ever seen. It's likely the best Freiza any of our readers have seen, too, because this isn't a character who's often cosplayed. Up close, you can see every little detail even down the markings on Freiza's hands that have been carefully painted on. The suit itself has been painted to reveal each and every curve, showing both shading and highlighting where necessary. When it comes to bringing villains to life, this wins, hands down.

2 A Fierce Twist On Old-School Vegeta

via: the-true-saiyan-princess.tumblr.com

Vegeta is very obviously a well-loved character in all forms. This feminine twist on his character is one that we really love simply because she looks so awesome doing it. Just by looking at this, you'd never guess that the character of Vegeta was originally a male figure. To go the extra mile, this cosplayer has even incorporated the use of digital editing to look even more powerful. We're not sure who she's about to launch that attack at, but we can be sure that they must have angered her pretty well...

1 Beerus And Whis, Together Again

via: youtube.com

Two of the most memorable characters from the new saga, Dragon Ball Super, have got to be Whis and his god, Beerus. Both the destroyer and his assistant are a team to be reckoned with but, interestingly enough, are both incredibly lovable. Their quick wit and hilarious banter are enough to make anyone a true fan of the show, and this cosplay conveys that energy and both of their personalities perfectly. Between Whis' staff and the ears on Beerus, we're pretty sure this must have won a contest or two.

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