Broly Unleashes His Anger On Dragon Ball FighterZ This Week

Dragon Ball FighterZ will welcome DBS Broly to the roster this week.

After months of teasing and build-up, Bandai Namco is finally bringing Dragon Ball Super's version of Broly to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Coming December 5, 2019, for all platforms, DBS Broly will be available as a standalone purchase (for $4.99) or as part of the "FighterZ Pass 2" bundle (for $24.99). He also looks pretty insane.

Based on the ridiculously popular film that retconned him into official canon, this new Broly differs in a few key areas from the currently available Broly. Similar to his filmic counterpart, DBS Broly gets stronger the more damage he receives. He's described as a heavy character, so his movements will be slower than the typical DBFZ fighter. This ability to remain in Super Saiyan form is also greatly reduced, another homage to how he was in the film.

When DBS Broly releases, he will mark the end of Dragon Ball FighterZ's second season pass. The sixth and final character of said DLC pack, it's currently unclear what Bandai Namco has planned for the future of this fighter. After canceling tournaments associated with the game in early 2019, it appears likely that the company will move on from FighterZ as it focuses on other Dragon Ball related media.

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It's certainly a treat to have this new version of Broly added to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the majority of the DLC for the game has been underwhelming. Some fan favorite characters did see inclusion, but the running gag was that yet another version of Goku would join the roster. It's hard to shake that joke, too, as five different characters share properties with him (Base Goku, Vegito, Bardock, Gogeta, and Goku GT). Why not call it Goku FighterZ?

Still, the amount of love and care put into capturing the essence of each character is something developer Arc System Works should be proud of. The graphical engine used perfectly emulates the anime and each fighter draws inspiration from some of the most obscure of Dragon Ball Z episodes. If you're a fan in any capacity, it's hard not to be amazed at how stylish and accurate this game really is.

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