Dragon Ball FighterZ: 10 Characters Who Should've Been DLC

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Dragon Ball game we’ve pretty much always dreamed of. It’s a fighting game that’s just as flashy and over the top as the anime, perhaps even more so. With an easy to pick up auto-combo system, the game is easily accessible to fans of the series even if fighting games aren’t their thing. The roster spans across all of Dragon Ball history, so there’s no shortage of character versatility.

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The selections made for DLC characters have been questionable though. Characters that feel like they should’ve been in the game from the jump (base Goku and Vegeta) were tagged on as DLC. If Android 18’s moveset features 17 as an assist asset, why wasn’t 17 placed on the core roster from the start? When looking at the base roster and then the DLC, many people probably felt like they wasted their money when compared to previous Dragon Ball titles. So, here are 10 characters who should also be DLC.

10 Pan

Since Goku from Dragon Ball GT has recently been added, it’s opened up the flood gates. Pan is certainly not the best character on this list, but she fills a near-empty void in this game.

To be blunt, the roster desperately needs more females. When compared to other top fighting games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and even Mortal Kombat 11, the number of female characters in FighterZ is paltry. This is more due to Dragon Ball as an IP not having a very robust amount of female characters, but even so, a character like Pan, who has at least proved her worth in GT, is more appealing than her mother, Videl, who’s biggest character traits are being Gohan’s wife and Mr. Satan’s daughter.

9 Nail

Speaking of underrepresentation, what about Namekians? Seems people tend to forget that there was a planet full of them before it blew up. One of the most notable, outside of Piccolo, is Nail. In his short amount of screen time, Nail put up an admirable fight against Frieza before eventually falling and then fusing with Piccolo.

Since fusion forms of a few different characters appear in the game along with the sperate beings that make them, it isn’t too much of a stretch to ask for a character who fused with Piccolo. This is a fighting game after all. Regardless of power levels, fighting games should always strive to be as balanced as they possibly can.

8 Super Buu

Might as well complete the triple threat. With 17 being added, that makes all 3 major androids playable, so why not all 3 forms of Buu as well? Super Buu may be the roughest villain to come out of Dragon Ball Z and has the sloppiest arc in the entire anime, but that’s what will make him a fun character to play as if done right.

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Think of something like Seth from Street Fighter. A character who basically has access to moves from a number of other characters across the roster sprinkled throughout his normals and special moves. His supers could be a combination of these things, along with his own signatures. Each one could also transform him into any of the costumes he donned in the anime depending on the super, which would just be too silly not to do.

7 Zarbon

One of Frieza’s right-hand men, Zarbon gave the Prince of Saiyans a run for his money before his Zenkai boost, promptly bopping the guy in their second fight.

Zarbon is interesting in that he usually avoids powering up because his second form makes him very ugly. I’d imagine he’d have a very Vega-like bravado in the game through his mannerisms before and after fights. He’s all about his beauty. It’d be funny to have him make a little quip about not wanting to transform before he does a super. Getting styled on by a pretty boy in a fight never feels good, and that’s what makes him great.

6 Recoome

Possibly the silliest member of the Ginyu Force and, considering how silly the Ginyu Force is as a whole, that’s saying a lot. Despite his large and imposing frame, Recoome used to be a dancer, which explains his great speed and agility.

If there is at least one other person from the Ginyu Force that needs to be added, it’s this guy. His normals and special moves could all be dance related. His compulsive nature of yelling out his moves before doing them, even when they aren't all that special, just screams ‘put me in this game!’ His supers would no doubt be the silliest and most enjoyable spectacles in the game.

5 Caulifla

While technically not the first female Saiyan in Dragon Ball, Caulifla is the first female Super Saiyan and is proving to be one of the most popular characters introduced in Super.

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As mentioned before, FighterZ really needs more female characters. Since it’s already dipped its toes well into Super, it might as well add some significant firepower to the roster offered by the new female characters. With access to as high as Super Saiyan 2 levels of power, her normals, specials, and supers can be just as flashy as anyone else’s in the game without the addition of a male assist character.

4 Kale

Caulifla’s best friend and the current Legendary Super Saiyan of her universe, it would almost be criminal to add one of these ladies without the other. Affectionately titled the female Broly, Kale may have a shy and meek personality in her base form, but that’s what makes her perfect for this game.

Kale has the gift and the curse of being a Legendary Super Saiyan. Basically, this means she has a powered-up form that gives her great strength but strips her of her consciousness. In this case, a duo super would actually make sense. Instead of relying on another character to blow themselves up in order for the player character to do their super move or have another character straight up jump in on their super just because, Caulifla could actually be a real assist to Kale. Kale could rage out in Legendary form for a second before Caulifla steps in to calm her down to her Super Saiyan 2-esque form before they both let loose with a devastating move. That could be pretty sick.

3 Dabura

The King of Demons himself, Dabura was a secondary antagonist in the Majin Buu saga, but his presence was primary-tier.

How has this guy not been added yet? It’s a crying shame. His design is A-1, he has one of the best names in Dragon Ball and he can turn people to stone using his spit. Just imagine all the set-up potential this guy could have just with that ability alone. Dabura could make a better DLC character than at least half of the other characters that have been added already. No doubt about it.

2 Pikkon

A character exclusive to the anime, Pikkon is introduced in a filler episode. Nevertheless, his performance is legendary.

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Shout-outs to green-skinned characters. Pikkon is a beast. He took out Cell, Frieza, and King Cold in Hell before giving Goku a fight he won’t soon forget during the Other World tournament. He’s proved himself to at least be at Super Saiyan levels of strength and with him being an anime exclusive character with a super slick design and awesome personality, he has all the credentials of being a great DLC character.

1 Raditz

This one should be an absolute no-brainer. Who else but Raditz should be a DLC character? The first major baddie of DBZ and Goku’s older brother, Raditz is arguably a bigger throwback than Goku himself.

His design was ahead of its time. Raditz was rocking the Super Saiyan 3 hairstyle before it was cool. On top of that, Raditz defines naming moves in Dragon Ball Z. He has some of the best and most enjoyable move names of all, with the majority being derived from days of the week like Saturday Crush and Double Sunday. Raditz is a true OG and it would be nothing short of disappointing if he never gets added as DLC.

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