Dragon Ball FighterZ Crushed Fortnite In Twitch Viewers During Championship Match

The championship match for Dragon Ball FighterZ hosted at Evo 2018 drew in nearly 250,000 viewers on Twitch on Sunday night.

Spoilers for Evo 2018!

Dragon Ball FighterZ just wrapped up its first ever world championship at Evo 2018, and its Twitch viewers - not counting the people watching in person - eclipsed even perennial Twitch champion Fortnite.

The final came down to two supremely talented players - the USA's SonicFox, and Japan's G01. G01 seemed to be on a winning streak, but after switching sides over a coin flip - a slightly unorthodox request from SonicFox - he was on the back foot.

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SonicFox's team of Bardock, Zamasu, and Android 16 managed to obtain something like Ultra Instinct and start predicting - and perfectly countering - all of g01's moves. g01's Cell, Vegeta, Bardock team couldn't keep up, and SonicFox was declared the winner.

During the match, the viewership on Twitch continued to climb, mostly thanks to passionate fans spreading the link on Twitter and, perhaps, urging Ninja, the popular Fortnite streamer, to just go offline for a moment and keep the dream alive.

When the match started, viewership was just over 200,000 - but by the end, it had soared to nearly 250,000, leaving Fortnite in its dust, which at that point had started to drop down to about 220,000. Were people leaving the Fortnite streams to catch up on what was, essentially, the only good episode of Dragon Ball since the '90s? Who's to say.

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Still, the best part of the night happened immediately after the match, when SonicFox whipped out his phone to send off a quick, but important, tweet.

It's telling about this niche but inclusive community that the only really negative reactions to his tweet were about the side-switching.

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