The 10 Best Fighters In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is packed full of the most powerful characters in the franchise, including Frieza, Trunks, Perfect Cell and, of course, Goku.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The fighting game genre is one that can be very difficult to get right, especially as they're being developed for one of the most niche audiences in video games. However, it's generally accepted that Dragon Ball FighterZ  definitely hits all the right notes.

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The game offers up a challenge for fighting game newbies, while also proving interesting to those who know the genre like the back of their hand. Who should you main, though? Well, here's an introduction to ten of the best characters in the game.

10 Goku (SSJ)

We know that most people are going to argue that Super Saiyan Blue Goku is the better character (and we would tend to agree), but we think that players who are coming to the game fresh should spend some time with this Goku first. Before you get a solid handle on the combos and mechanics, he's far easier to get to grips with.

For example, this is one of the few characters who can double up two super moves into a single combo, thanks to his Instant Transmission Kamehameha. As such, it's a great idea to start here, before advancing to SSB Goku when you feel ready.

9 Trunks

This guy certainly isn't the strongest character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but that doesn't stop him from being one of the best options for people looking to grab a great neutral for their party.

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His normal combos do a lot of damage and have a lot of reach, which tends to be the advantage of waving a big sword around. The hitboxes on this guy's moves are big, too, so he's able to really pull out a lot of damage at short notice. He also has high mobility, allowing him to easily punish opponents' mistakes.

8 Beerus

We know that some people consider Beerus to be among the worst characters in the game, but that's just not fair.  Not only does he have one of the best low-level super moves, but this guy can really put on the pressure by baiting people out of their comfort zone.

As is often the case with underrated characters in fighters, people who know what they're doing with this God can truly punish an opponent who underestimates them. Assist-wise, though, he's not so hot.

7 Hit

Hit's in the same boat as Beerus, really. Even though people who know how to use him are able to brutally take down their enemies, Hit takes a lot of flak from doubters in the community.

The key to this character is using his diagonal mix-up attacks properly. You'll succeed or fail as Hit depending on how well you utilize them. We'd like to think that fans will enjoy using this character despite his slandering online, but so many are unwilling to try out anybody outside of the usual high tiers (as is fighting game tradition).

6 Goku Black

One of the greatest things about Goku Black is that he gives the player a full-screen command grab, one that can even lead into further combos if you so choose. However, he has a lot more going for him on top of that (including one of the largest hitboxes in the game), making him great for beginners as well.

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It's widely accepted that Goku Black's Instant Transmission move is the best teleport in the game, really forcing the enemy to change their tactics on the fly (which is super difficult for many fighting game fans).

5 Kid Buu

If we're being honest, it pains us to have to put this guy on the list, but his being super annoying doesn't change the fact that he's just plain great. Simple and effective, that's the name of Kid Buu's game.

His normal attacks have a huge range, while his super moves combo is better than most other characters and causes a huge amount of damage. In addition, he's a great assist to have around, meaning he's even very useful while waiting in the wings. In short, you'll definitely want to think about adding this guy to your party.

4 Android 16

Granted, Android 16 probably won't be the first character to jump to mind on the subject of best Dragon Ball fighters, but he's another powerhouse you can never underestimate.

He can cancel block strings into a punishing command grab and combo, as well as having some attacks with armor (very handy for interrupting opponents who commit too hard or for turning a bad situation around). Android 16 has all the tools to get the job done, so tread carefully while he's around.

3 Adult Gohan

Well, yes. It's inevitable that you're going to have many, many matches against Adult Gohan. He's just one of those characters. What happens if you let him get to level seven of his Release Power? Well, you're now facing off against one of the strongest fighters in the game, that's what happens.

Adult Gohan has a fast fall, great normal attacks with massive reach and an overhead cross-up in his Ultimate Back Attack. What we're saying is, you've already got a good character on your hands if you pick Adult Gohan, but once you start to build up his power, you've got one of the very best.

2 Cell

All fighting game characters have strengths and weaknesses, of course. That's the goal, at least. There are powerful characters who are slow and lumbering, fast, agile ones who don't deal a lot of damage... you know how these things work. Regardless, many within the Dragon Ball FighterZ community consider Cell to be a real all-rounder among the better fighters in the game.

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Just as in the anime, Cell is a very difficult enemy to come up against, with many of his attacks have a huge amount of reach. He's a very good character for the beginner player, but also has a lot of intricate combos that fighting game champions can really sink their teeth into.

1 Frieza

In a similar way to Cell, Frieza has a lot of great normal attacks that make for excellent combos. He's different in some key areas, though, lacking the grabbing shenanigans Cell can perform.

Instead, this character can throw some of the longest projectiles of anyone in the cast, meaning that players can really keep the enemy away if they know what they're doing. Zoning is always a problematic strategy for inexperienced players to deal with, so Frieza will cause some real problems for an opposing player who doesn't know how to overcome this.

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