Dragon Ball: 25 Ways Frieza Is Too Overpowered

Frieza is one of the most devastating fighters in all of Dragon Ball. Here are 25 ways he is simply too overpowered!

Frieza is one of the most iconic and respected villains in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. He was the second major villain of Dragon Ball Z and is still considered to be the best of the bunch to this day. Frieza’s beloved status in the community ensured he would make several comebacks through the show’s lifespan. The most recent of which has been in Dragon Ball Super. This has got me thinking about how powerful Frieza has become. He was always presented as a dangerous enemy. Of course, he was totally outclassed by Super Saiyan Trunks at the start of the Android Saga.

That was a misrepresentation of his true power. Frieza is capable of so much more than that. Even his initial Golden Frieza transformation wasn’t done to justice has he ended up losing to Goku and Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Super, we get to see more of the Frieza that everyone loves. His sadistic nature came across perfectly and he was one of the strongest characters in the Tournament of Power arc. It was a glorious moment for the space emperor and all of his fans. Things were looking up for this memorable Dragon Ball villain.

We have compiled a list of 25 outstanding features that make Frieza the monster he is. He has many powers and abilities that contribute to him being one of the strongest Dragon Ball character ever created. The list will include every appearance the tyrant has made from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super.

25 Transformations

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Frieza was one of the original characters to make use of the ever popular “this isn’t even my final form” joke. Throughout the Namek saga, Frieza was able to transform into a more powerful version of himself. Each transformation had him grow larger and stronger.

Until the final form where he loses his horns and other details. The sleek and simple design is the most powerful. It perfectly captures the kind of character Frieza is. He continues to grow in strength and constantly surpasses the Z-Fighters. All a result of those fancy transformations.

24 Destructo Disc

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This is Frieza’s version of the attack. It’s more powerful and is purple too. This is one of Frieza’s best attacks and can cut anyone (or thing) into half by slicing through it. It’s an ability with a lot of potential.

That being said, Frieza doesn’t often make the most of it.

One of the most iconic uses of the Destructo Disc is when Frieza hurt himself while fighting Goku. It was a major blunder possible only because of Frieza’s arrogance.

23 Planet Destroyer

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Golden Frieza destroys the Earth in mere seconds during Resurrection of F. It was a last ditch effort to get revenge on Goku and the other Z-Fighters. The downside is that he ended up getting caught in the explosion as well.

Even by Dragon Ball standards, Frieza’s planet busting powers are far greater than many other characters. Even earlier in the show, he destroys the entire Saiyan planet while still in his base form. That’s an incredible feat when the power levels of the show were relatively low.

22 Mecha Frieza

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Everyone thought Frieza was no more after Namek blew up, but he lived through it. His father collected his remains and had him restored to a somewhat recognizable form.

It’s sort of like the Darth Vader treatment.

It’s amazing that Frieza managed to survive despite being caught in such a massive explosion. On top of that, his burning desire for revenge was strong enough to get him battle ready in about a years time. After which he was sliced by Trunks.

21 Kinesis

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This is one of the most underused power in the show. Frieza is one of the best users of kinesis and often does so as a supplement for his average hand-to-hand combat skills. He can lift huge boulders and throw them at high speeds.

He does make good use of this during the Namek Saga during his final fight with Goku. It’s seen more often as a skill in the video games rather than the anime. Make no mistake though. Frieza is adept when it comes to these psychic-like powers.

20 Massive Potential

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When Frieza became Golden and attacked Goku and Vegeta, he was unprepared. He only trained for about four months, so he didn’t have enough stamina to sustain such a powerful transformation.

Imagine if he did train for longer. Well, we see some insight during the Tournament of Power. After more training, he is able to sustain the form for longer and is stronger than before. It’s a shame Frieza doesn’t train as hard as the Saiyans.

19 Golden Frieza

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This was the big comeback for Frieza. A new transformation he developed through after a rigorous training session. It was going to be the ultimate revenge against the Saiyans who continued to foil his plans.

Initially, this form was stronger than Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue transformations.

The only drawback was the lack of stamina. Frieza hadn’t spent enough time getting used to the pressure of so much power. When he got better at it, he was a force to reckon with in the Tournament of Power.

18 Intelligent Warrior

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Frieza is a smart individual who tried to implement a strategy in his fighting whenever he can. He certainly has the talent to do so. This was evident during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super.

Here Frieza actually worked with various members of the Z-Fighters to take out powerful opponents. Most notable was his partnership with Gohan to defeat a very fast and annoying Dyspo from the Pride Troopers.

17 Tail Combat

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Frieza’s tail isn’t just for show. He can use it as an effective weapon. The most common use is to choke people with his tail. However, there are other options like a tail slap to the face.

This would be a surprising moment for Frieza’s foes. Some would’ve wanted to use the tail as a way to hurt Frieza. But instead, they might be on the receiving end of a powerful tail whack. The tail gives Frieza that little extra edge in difficult fights that may result in his victory.

16 Breathing In Space

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If all of the above wasn’t enough, Frieza can also breathe in space. This may not be useful in a wide range of situations like his other abilities. But there is some value to it, no doubts about that.

He can blow up planets from afar if required. Or he can fly out of a planet he set up to destroy like he planned to do in Namek. At the very least, he can take a leisurely flight across the many galaxies of the universe.

15 Extreme Speed

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This is one of Frieza’s traits that are less obvious at first. The truth is, he is extremely quick. During the Namek arc, Frieza is able to keep up with Kaio-Ken Goku, who was faster than any other character at the time.

Even in Dragon Ball Super, Frieza is shown to be on par with Super Saiyan Blue when it comes to speed.

He may not look like all that fast, but Frieza’s speed is a great skill to catch his opponents off-guard.

14 Imprisonment Ball

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A very useful attack he uses against Goku on Planet Namek. With it, Frieza is able to capture his opponent in an energy ball using his psychic powers. Since Frieza is a powerful being himself, his imprisonment ball would be difficult to get out of.

He doesn’t use it that much afterward through. Which is a shame since it’s such a great attack. Well, he does have many other attacks to use so it’s possible he totally forgot about it. Albeit, for Frieza, such a mistake would be strange.

13 Cage Of Light

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A unique attack he creates on the fly during the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Frieza teams up with Gohan to fight the light-speed warrior, Dyspo. They struggle for a while due to his insane speed.

However, Frieza creates a cage of light using his energy beams. This hurts Dyspo’s mobility and opens up an opportunity for Gohan to defeat him. While using this technique, Frieza is unable to move and had to expend a lot of stamina. It has drawbacks but is great in team fights.

12 Durability

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Frieza has shown high levels of durability in the face of adversity. Even in the face of certain defeat, he has somehow survived. In Dragon Ball Super, Frieza attempts to fight Toppo 1v1. The result wasn’t pretty for him.

Despite receiving a massive beating, Frieza persists.

He somehow managed to stay within the fighting arena and his strength for later. At this point, Toppo was at the top of his game. It was a miracle that Frieza managed to survive against that onslaught.

11 Enhanced Senses

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Although he can’t senes Ki like others, Frieza has above average senses. His sight and hearing surpass that of most characters (excluding any Namekians). This easily compensates for his inability to sense Ki.

With these keen senses, he was able to pick up on Goku’s strength, without the need for a scouter or Ki measurement. He could feel that a great power was brewing on Planet Namek, prompting him to call on the Ginyu Force.

10 Finger Beams

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Frieza’s most iconic attack. This has been responsible for the demise of many characters, including Vegeta and Trunks (Cell was the one who used the attack that time).

In more recent times, this attack has been nerfed a little bit. It’s no longer the instant win condition it once was. Regardless, Frieza’s finger beams are still a force to be wary of. It's a fast attack that can easily catch an opponent off-guard.

9 Control Over Destruction Energy

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Destruction Energy is a special force that can only be used by the Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super. It’s a different sort of Ki that mortals shouldn’t have command over.

Yet, Frieza was able to somehow manipulate this energy.

He almost used it on Goku until Beerus came to the rescue. Usually, touching such energy results in instant destruction. But Frieza did what he does best. Take complete control of any situation.

8 Mastery Of Ki Control

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Frieza spent a lot of time before the Tournament of Power training his mental capabilities and Ki control. He had a lot of free time and he made great use of it. During the tournament, he showed complete mastery over his Golden Frieza transformation.

This also gave him the skill to manipulate his energy attacks to create new techniques, like the Cage of Light. Frieza was able to hold his own against some of the toughest fighters in the Dragon Ball Multiverse.

7 Rage Mode

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Frieza has more in common with Saiyans than he would like to admit. While he is calm most of the time, there are times when Frieza completely loses his cool. During these moments of pure anger, he gains a huge power boost.

This comes across during his fight with Jiren and Toppo. His anger and frustration at being at a disadvantage are what causes him to snap. The full extent of his power is unclear. Perhaps we’ll see more of this hidden strength in the Broly movie.

6 Super Strength

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Frieza has shown to possess great physical strength. He doesn’t showcase this very often since he is averse to hand-to-hand combat. But make no mistake, Frieza is just as capable as Goku when it comes to brute strength.

If Frieza made use of this asset more often, he would have a much better time in combat.

As Golden Frieza, he does engage in more physical combat. It’s a no-brainer, to tell the truth.

5 Survived The Spirit Bomb

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Goku used the Spirit Bomb as a last resort to defeat Frieza. While it appeared to have worked at first, Frieza managed to survive the attack. He was badly hurt but still managed to live. And strong enough to still attack Piccolo and Krillin.

The Spirit Bomb was Goku’s best attack (before becoming a Super Saiyan) and for it to fail was a huge deal. Frieza had every reason to gloat afterward since he had overcome Goku’s final attack. Although a little more humility may have prevented Goku from becoming a Super Saiyan.

4 Destroyer Of Planet Vegeta

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Frieza destroyed the entire Saiyan race (bar a few people) with one single attack. Despite Bardock’s best efforts, there was no way to stop Frieza’s Supernova. Every single Saiyan on and outside the planet were demolished.

It was fear of the Super Saiyan that resulted in such an extreme measure. Although it was the few Saiyans he missed that ended up causing Frieza the most pain. A little oversight can go a long way in the Dragon Ball universe.

3 Manipulation

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Frieza is a master of manipulation. He tricked Goku into giving him energy which he wasted by trying to retaliate. More prominently, his skills came to light during the Tournament of Power against Frost.

Frieza acted like an ally and even went as far as attacking his teammates to convince Frost.

However, at the last second, he knocked Frost out of the ring. It was a classic trick but executed to perfection.

2 Sadistic Nature

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Frieza’s sadistic personality makes him a fearsome threat to opponents. He has no mercy for his foes and won’t hesitate to hurt even his allies. He enjoys seeing other in misfortune and revels in the thrill of combat.

This personality quirk ensures that he never holds back in combat. One drawback is that he toys with his opponents a little too much. Despite this misstep, Frieza’s sadistic nature ensures he gives his opponents a difficult time.

1 Space Emperor

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Frieza is the leader of an entire large-scale space empire. He has thousands of soldiers who he uses to invade and conquer planets. In the past, his best soldiers were the powerful warrior race, the Saiyans.

Even without them, Frieza still has access to a large force of soldiers ready to obey his every command. Now that Frieza is back to life, he can finally resume his conquest of the entire universe.

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