Dragon Ball: 25 Weird Things About Goku Black's Anatomy

Dragon Ball has introduced viewers to a wide range of villains. Many target the series' protagonist, Son Goku, with no other motivations. The God of Destruction, Beerus, wanted to destroy the planet Earth. Goku has defeated countless villains who wanted to destroy his homeworld. He's even managed to turn some of those villains into friends. After fighting countless villains for decades, one would think Goku would grow tired of the battles. That's not true. Goku lives for fighting and will do almost anything to train.

Goku's thirst for battle has gotten him into trouble in the past. Chi-Chi would rather him spend time with his family and get a job. One day, all of Goku's hard would be used against him and the people he loved. A sinister being named Goku Black suddenly appeared in the present-day world. He wanted nothing more than to rid the universes of humanity.

Dragon Ball Super introduced Goku Black during the "Future" Trunks Saga. Future Trunks once again returned to his past to seek out his father and the other Z-Fighters. Goku Black was a time-hopping threat that had the power to destroy Earth. The Z-Fighters had to learn how to take down this sinister villain who looked eerily similar to one of their friends.

Goku Black not only confused characters in the series but also viewers. Only the series' creator Akira Toriyama knew how Goku Black existed and what limits if any, there were to his power. Our list tries to make sense of this unusual character. Before you continue, be aware that there are significant spoilers for Dragon Ball Super.

25 Has A Dark Power

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The Kamehameha is Goku's signature move, taught to him by Master Roshi. It's a concentrated blast of ki energy. The pure blast of power is often colored in blue or white light. Different characters have their own variation of ki, which may have a red, green, or yellow tint.

Goku Black is the only character so far in the series who has the power to wield a black Kamehameha attack.

Having the opposite color of Goku's attack may have displayed just how dark the villain was. Goku Black also used two variations of the Kamehameha, including the Super Black and Binding Black Kamehameha.

24 Can’t Control His Emotions

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Zamatsu wasn't always an anger-fueled villain. As a Supreme Kai, he was calm, cool, and collected. He followed the teachings of his master Gowasu closely. As time passed, Zamatsu's distaste for mortals began to overcome him. He could no longer hold back his anger, which caused him to do reckless things. He destroyed his master and went on to cause havoc in both the past and present.

Zamatsu's rage-fueled actions have blinded him to the point where he would instead succeed in hurting others, no matter what the cost.

23 They Aren’t A Fashion Statement

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We've watched Future Trunks go back in time to ask the Z-Fighters for help defeating the Androids. Whis used a spell to reverse Frieza's destruction of Earth. Goku Black also wields power to move through time thanks to a stylish accessory. He wears a Time Ring, which allows him to travel throughout any timeline he wishes.

Goku Black doesn't pay each time zone a friendly visit. He removes all of the Gods and Z-Fighters so that they can't reverse his sinister changes.

22 Survived Trunks’ Attacks

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The majority of the Z-Fighters rely on brute strength and ki in battle. Very few of them use weapons. Future Trunks is a master swordsman and carries a broadsword on his back.

In the Dragon Ball manga, Future Trunks was in the midst of the battle against a fused Zamatsu and Goku Black. After an hour passed, they began to de-fuse.

The unstable Fusion gave Future Trunks the perfect opportunity to separate them by force with his sword.

It wasn't enough to defeat him for good.

21 Is a Master Crafter

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The Z-Fighters don't need to use weapons to defeat their enemies. Villains are happy to take them on in hand-to-hand combat.

Goku Black has a signature strike called the "God Split Cut" where is hand has the powers of a blade. He has enhanced this ability by turning it into a physical blade. His ki-based weapons include the Azure Dragon Sword Model Energy Blade which is a ki-powered sword and the Sickle of Sorrow which becomes more powerful the angrier he becomes.

20 They Share Everything

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Goku Black obtained the real Goku's body through dishonest means. When the villain initially debuted, fans wondered who this character was. He sounded familiar, but fans didn't want to assume it was Goku. They were right.

In both the Japanese and North American localizations, Goku Black shares the same voice actors as Goku. Goku Black sounds angrier and more serious than the Goku we're used to. The showrunners likely wanted to emphasize that Zamatsu completely took over Goku's body, including his signature voice.

19 Was Also Fooled By Monaka

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Monaka initially appeared during the Tournament of Power against Universe 6 and Universe 7. Universe 6's fighters were close to winning until Monaka stepped in. He was a pawn, used by Beerus, to motivate Goku to train harder.

The fighters from both Universes, except for Goku, pretended that Monaka was the strongest of them all.

Zamatsu fell for the trick. At first, he body swapped with Monaka. He quickly realized that Monaka's "power" was all a ruse, and switched with Goku instead.

18 Takes On A New Identity

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Zamatsu was formerly the North Kai of Universe 10 but is now a Supreme Kai apprentice. His training under Gowasu was meant to teach him patience and power. Zamatsu became frustrated with his position. He didn't understand why he had to be kind to mortals.

Zamatsu considered mortals as lower beings. After switching to Goku's body, he also turned away his previous teachings under Gowasu. He referred to himself as Son Goku but was given his signature name "Goku Black" by Future Bulma.

17 Gains Strength With Emotions

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The male Saiyans of the series transform into their Super modes with anger. Their powers and forms change depending on their emotional level, which can rise and fall at any time. Goku Black didn't realize this until he met Goku for the first time.

After watching the present version of Goku transform, he quickly picked up on the technique. As Goku Black faced the potential for defeat, he became angrier. This anger only fueled his power levels, eventually evolving him into his final Saiyan form.

16 Had A Steep Learning Curve

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When Zamatsu wished to body swap with Goku, he had a lot to learn. Body Swapping with the Saiyan didn't teach him everything about his body or abilities. When the present-day Goku faces him in battle, Goku Black quickly gets up to speed.

Goku Black learns how to use Goku's body to its fullest potential after meeting the real version of the fighter.

With every ki blast, punch, and kick, Goku Black, learns how to use his stolen body to its fullest potential.

15 A Hybrid Warrior

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A body swap in the Dragon Ball universe doesn't mean a complete switch. The original vessel retains powers and fighting abilities. The body switch with Goku didn't remove his memories or emotions. Zamatsu had to learn how to play nice with his new form while not losing his original self.

Goku Black was no longer just a Saiyan. He was now a Saiyan/Shinjin hybrid that retained all his old and new abilities. Goku Black has twice the power but is at constant war with the original owner of the body.

14 Transformations Are Unnecessary

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Saiyans have a unique ability to transform into stronger forms. Over the series, Goku has had several forms, including Super Saiyan God mode. Goku Black learned how to change into Super Saiyan mode, then into Super Saiyan Rosé form.

Goku Black slowly becomes stronger the more he fights against Goku, who quickly becomes his primary target. Due to the incredible strength, his final form grants him, there's no reason why he needs to turn into regular Super Saiyan mode anymore.

13 One Wish Was Enough

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Goku does everything he can to become stronger. Goku abandoned his duties to train on Beerus' planet or inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He also studies the fights of others for his future battles.

Goku Black and Future Zamatsu soon had another opportunity to make a wish with the Super Dragon Balls.

Future Zamatsu suggested that Goku Black wish to become stronger. Goku Black refuses, stating that now he had the means to become strong without making a wish. Goku's body gave him all the advantage he needed to remove all timelines of mortals.

12 Has A Unique Form

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As Goku Black learned to control his new Saiyan powers, he quickly realized that anger made him stronger. Goku Black learned that Goku and Vegeta reached Super Saiyan God mode and knew he was capable of the same.

Goku Black soon transformed into his version of Super Saiyan God mode: Super Saiyan Rosé. In this state, his hair turns a rose pink color. Super Saiyan Rosé is the most powerful form of a deity. So far in the series, Goku Black is the only character to transform into Super Saiyan Rosé form.

11 Practice Makes Perfect

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Goku Black already knew how to fight thanks to his time as a North Kai and training under Gowasu. After swapping bodies, Goku Black didn't know how to transform into Super Saiyan mode. Goku's body had more abilities than the deity knew how to use.

Since Goku Black is the same as Goku, as the fighters faced off in battle, they learned from each other. Goku Black used his powers for devious means, while Goku tried to learn how to take down the villain.

10 Beerus Can’t Hold Him Back

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The Z-Fighters quickly learned that Zamatsu was planning on taking out his master, Gowasu. Beerus wasn't pleased.

Beerus eliminated Zamatsu before he had the opportunity to take out the Supreme Kai.

Unfortunately, this didn't stop all of Zamatsu's sinister deeds in every timeline. Beerus simply wasn't aware of Zamatsu's plans in other timelines. From there, as Goku Black, he destroyed all of the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction. Goku Black's plan appeared flawless until Future Trunks warned the past Z-Fighters.

9 Retains His Old Skillset

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After switching bodies, Goku Black didn't forget his past. Goku Black retains all of his training as a Supreme Kai, including his genius-level intelligence. Goku Black has a high level of ki and is a skilled fighter.

Not all Supreme Kais or appretences hold the fighting abilities Zamatsu did. One of the most unusual powers he wields is "Pure Heart." It is only because of his pure heart that he can brew a perfect cup of tea while being immune to the Devilmite Beam, a blast of power that turns negative thoughts into destructive beams.

8 He's Not Alone

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The Sickle of Sorrow rips open time and space. Though this has a devastating effect on all timelines, Goku Black uses it to his advantage. After opening a rift, clones of Goku Black in Super Saiyan Rosé form appear. They aren't hallucinations or visions of the future. They are physical beings that hold back the Z-Fighters.

Knowing how powerful an army of Super Saiyan Rosé could be, Goku Black mocks Vegeta and Goku. He then flies through time to find Future Trunks.

7 Isn’t Worried About Following A Schedule

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According to the Daizenshuu Guide Book, Saiyans have an average lifespan similar to humans. Saiyan-Human hybrids, are included in this estimate and won't likely have extended lifespans. A fusion between Goku Black and Future Zamatsu changed this. Their cells fused with one another, giving the other almost limitless power. After they return to their normal forms, Goku Black kept the extended lifespan.

Goku Black admits that he has no interest in living forever.

Goku Black wants to create as much mayhem as possible and doesn't want anything holding him back.

6 Could Wipe Away His Problems

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Goku Black becomes so powerful that he learns how to fuse, create clones, and transform into Super Saiyan mode. In his last form, Infinite Zamasu, he has turned into a mutated creature with incredible power. Infinite Zamasu becomes a cloud that engulfs the Earth.

At this power level, he can wipe out everything from the surface of the planet. It's only thanks to Future Zeno that the Z-Fighters are saved. Future Zeno unleashes Erase, a bright light that erases Infinite Zamatsu.

5 Won’t Feel The After Effects

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Goku Black wields a Time Ring, which gives him the ability to transport through time. Thanks to this handy device, he removed all of the Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction from other timelines. This ability has made users question how he hasn't created a time paradox.

The Time Ring grants him the ability to become immune to any issues in time. While Zamatsu was destroyed by Beerus in the present-day timeline, Goku Black managed to find a Future Zamatsu to work beside.

4 Is Top Of His Class

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Goku Black had a rough start when learning how to use Goku's powers. He quickly learned that the angrier he became, the stronger his power level would raise.

Goku Black's power continued to rise as he became more enraged.

Goku Black could no longer understand what his power level was. The living Gowasu analyzed just how powerful his former pretense was. Gowasu confirmed that Goku Black was the most powerful non-fused fighter at that time, due to his level of rage.

3 Cuts Through Time

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As the "Future" Trunks Saga continued on in Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black quickly grew stronger. The anime series displayed just how fearsome he was. Goku Black realizes how strong emotions are for Saiyans. He turns that anger into the Sickle of Sorrow, which channels his rage into a physical form.

With a single slash, the blade easily cuts a rift into time and space. The power comes at a price. Cutting a rift makes the universes unstable, which has potentially devastating results.

2 Careful What You Wish For

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Zamatsu has a distaste for mortals. He doesn't think the gods should waste their time on them. The Supreme God has an unusual fascination with Goku. Knowing how much power the Saiyan had, Zamatsu made a wish with the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku. He could have simply wished for the destruction of all mortals but chose to use his strength to take them out in by himself.

In Future Trunks' timeline, we see that he was mostly successful. He decimated major cities, and the survivors were forced underground.

1 His Own Worst Enemy

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Goku Black managed to find another version of Zamatsu while traveling through time. The villain became increasingly confident he would destroy all of humanity.

Goku Black's overconfidence was his downfall.

Fusing with the other version of himself caused Fused Goku Black to become physically unstable. Future Trunks managed to wound the sinister creature, with his father further weakening them with the Gamma Burst Flash. Future Zeno then erased him from all times, which meant Zamatsu would never return to get revenge.

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