Dragon Ball: 15 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Goku

Even primarily good characters can do awful things, and that's the case with Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Here are the worst things about him.

Anyone who is a fan of the Dragon Ball series of television shows and movies definitely knows who Son Goku is, but what a lot of you may not know the terrible things he’s done. People really tend to praise him, for the most part; since he's the main character of the series, this isn't really surprising. He has done a lot of good things throughout the course of the Dragon Ball series, and ultimately does good for the world a bit more often than not. But does that mean that he's completely innocent? No, of course not.

As much as we love this guy, we just can’t forget that he’s either done some really messed up stuff or has caused bad things to happen due to negligence. This doesn’t mean that Goku is a terrible person or a bad character, no, it only adds to who he is and that is great. As the protector of Earth, Goku has a lot on his plate, so some of his less than adequate features can be excused. The playfulness and the youthful vigor of this Saiyan just make him charming enough to let most of the negative aspects of his being slide. Unfortunately, to really understand how good of a character he is, those very personality traits need to be ripped apart. As unsatisfying as the end of the whole series is, at least it was a good ride. Here are 15 horrible things about Son Goku that you probably didn't know.

15 Doesn't Know How To Be A Dad

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Somewhere deep in your hearts, you knew that this was coming; it is the 500 ton ape in the room, after all. Goku is absolutely the worst father in the entirety of the series, potentially being worse than even Peter Griffin in Family Guy! He not only neglects each of his children, but he shirks his fatherly duties to throw them into the most dangerous of situations on the occasion that he actually interacts with them. He causes them to skip school, forces them to join martial arts tournaments, and generally forsake any sort of family bonding time. Sure, this is because of Akira Toriyama’s admitted inability to write relationships. The relationship that Son Goku has with his kids, and grandchild, is more like a friend than a parental figure.

14 *Tips Fedora*

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One of Goku’s more defining features is the fact that he is a young child trapped within the body of a middle aged man. This causes a lot of problems in the series, particularly for those close to him. When you really think about who Goku is, this isn’t at all surprising. Look at his love for everything fun and how he loves to fight and train with others, to such a degree that he is unable to hold any sort of employment for very long. In fact, he shirks everything that he has to do just to be able to lay some smack down on others in friendly competition. The only real responsibility he holds is as the protector of Earth, and even then he applies a childlike sense of right and wrong towards it.

13 Why Would You Do That In Front Of Oolong?

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We all make terrible decisions on occasion, we’re only human and Goku is quite similar to us. One of the most disturbing things that he’s ever done was eat pork in front of the greatest pig in the universe, Oolong. The whole debacle with Goku is pretty crazy. For starters, it seems rather insensitive to eat a pig in front of another, especially if that lovable little perverted swine is sentient. If any of us were in Oolong’s shoes, we’d probably have just flipped out at how someone was eating someone similar to us right before our eyes. Thankfully, Oolong doesn’t really seem to mind. Why? There are a lot of fan theories regarding this, the main one being that there is a hierarchy among the animals and Oolong is technically a different animal.

12 Could Potentially Destroy Everyone

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Have you ever wondered why Goku is so radically different than others of his species and why he only shows his true Saiyan side when he’s in the form of a Great Ape? Some of you probably know about his little bump on the head which damaged his brain in such a way that rendered him more like a human. The whole affair with Son Goku’s brain injury is that he could potentially be injured again, causing him to accomplish his genetic predisposition on Earth. Thankfully, there are ways to justify why this could never happen, most of them surrounding the fact that each death and resurrection, his “normal” state of being became his true and irrevocable self. This is a long shot, but I’m calling it because I don’t want to see evil Kakarot.

11 Gravely Hurting Some Of His Friends

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Now that I have both your attention and your hate, let me explain. Goku decided it would be a good idea to transport the self-destructing Cell to King Kai’s planet, resulting in the deaths of all of the planet’s residents (King Kai, Gregory, and Bubbles). He makes mention that it is the only place he could think of and that’s all fine and all, but couldn’t he have thought of some abandoned planet? He’s been to enough of them after they became devoid of all life. Anyway, this is a pretty horrible thing of Goku to do. Outside of this, Goku’s role as the protector of Earth made everyone around him a target for other powerful beings resulting in the deaths of several more of his friends and loved ones.

Before I forget, he also killed his grandfather by accident.

10 And They Call Him Mr. Creeptastic

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Something which we all need to come to terms with is that children are curious, especially about the opposite gender, but there is a clear line that they should never cross. Sadly for us, our little Goku managed to cross that line about 1,400 miles back. In both the show and manga versions of Dragon Ball, the little Goku decided to take a peep at Bulma’s nether regions while she was sleeping. It was a totally creepy thing of him to do, being made even darker by his remarks that Bulma lacked a particular set of organs. To remedy this, Toriyama had Bulma wake up, believing that someone had just stolen the Dragon Balls. This singular event is probably the darkest thing that Goku’s ever done himself.

9 Nearly Destroys The Earth... A Lot Actually

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C’mon, go ahead and hate what is about to be said, but it’s true. Kakarot is one of the more common reasons things get destroyed in the Dragon Ball universe, and we love it. You know it’s true, simply think of how many villains in each series who arrives simply to exterminate our favorite monkey-man-alien. Son Goku is easily one of the most recognizable fighters in all of the multiverse, having fought everything from humans to gods and he always finds a way to mess it all up by just being himself. There’s not really much of a way for our childlike hero to win in this regard, so we’re going to have to begrudgingly accept that he is the source for much of the misery that transpires. Sometimes, he nearly destroys the world with his own attacks. He does destroy one planet though, granted it was tiny.

8 Abusively Neglectful Husband

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Remember how bad of a father he is? Well, it gets worse. Goku is an abusively negligent husband; it is shocking that Chi-Chi has stayed with him all this time! This fits well with his character, especially when you consider that he unknowingly decided to marry Chi-Chi when they were young. This is a largely forgotten aspect of the series, in part due to how it paints Goku in a more believable and human light. Of course, some may argue that Goku being a terrible father and husband is thanks to Toriyama not being able to write interpersonal relationships very well, but that doesn’t change the facts. The marriages between Android 18 and Krillin and that of Vidal and Gohan are quite well-functioning, so there’s little excuse for Goku.

7 Not Too Keen On Listening To Others

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The long and short of this blurb, friends and readers, is that our favorite Japanese rendition of Sun Wukong is not the best when it comes to paying heed to what others say. In all honesty, there is something that is quite admirable about this personality trait of his, in that he is unwilling to let things go if it’s for a good cause, but that’s not the point here. The point is that Goku’s stubbornness is something which gets him in trouble with not only his enemies, but also his friends, and most importantly his wife. Seriously, think of how dysfunctional their marriage is compared to everyone else’s! Since Goku is hardly able to listen to what others have to say on matters that don’t involve martial arts, it’s shocking that things work out as well as they do in the series.

6 Good Natured Wishes, But Child-Like Attention To Detail

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This one might be a little bit more abstract, but the wishes that Goku and friends make are subject to the law of unintended consequences. This is most apparent at the end of Dragon Ball GT when the Shadow Dragons emerge, but that is only one of many instances of the good intentions with childlike considerations. Other times, Goku’s wishes convey either an acute lack of detail potentially resulting in more pain and suffering for those brought back to life, or they are completely selfish in their design. This is an institutional problem with all characters in the Dragon Ball universe, but Goku’s purity magnifies this somehow. Now, in all fairness, he did have a number of good wishes but even they had some troubling ramifications when you think about it.

5 Refusing To Kiss His Wife

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It probably seems like we have a lot of stuff about his marriage, but there is so much to talk about with this. The affection that Goku shows his wife is minimal, at best. It’s clear that he has some sort of love for her, but it just doesn’t work. He’s completely selfish in just about everything he does and ignores her most basic wants and needs. If you pay attention to a lot of the stuff he does, but what he doesn’t do is perhaps the most important because he never kisses her once. This lack of intimacy is just weird, no matter how you cut it. There is a saving grace for Goku in he grows somewhat at the end of the Cell Saga when he has Gohan apologize for his negligence toward his wife, although he immediately reverts back to his old ways after resurrection.

4 Pretty Much Only Leaves Half Measures

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This is one of the things that make Goku so terrible at times, he’s only killed a handful of enemies, allowing them to return to cause both he and his friends lots of anguish. It may not be in Goku’s character to kill, but it almost always comes back to bite him in the rear. If Goku would have just dispensed the due justice on a number of his foes, like Frieza, he would have been able to prevent quite a bit of suffering from the world and end an old galactic empire. This troubling realization perfectly fits with Mike Ehrmantraut’s maxim, “Never leave half-measures.” You’d think that after all the times that he’s had to go back and defeat those old enemies, he’d have learned his lesson but nope.

3 Responsibility's For Losers

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It’s hard to not love Goku, he seems like a lot of fun to be around and is a total foodie; he’s basically a giant kid. The unfortunate consequences of this are that he can’t seem to get his priorities in order. Take for example his employment history; it is filled with jobs that he loses within just an unbelievably brief period of time. The only reason he ever even gets a job is because his wife, Chi-Chi, forces him to get one to provide for the family. This constant state of unwillingness to accept any real responsibility other than his personal training or his training of others is a major point of sparsely spoken drama between the two. Even Goku’s friends have made a couple of comments on it.

2 Not Really A Family Man

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The family unit has been totally obliterated by Goku numerous times, the most egregious of these take place at the end of Dragon Ball Z and at the end of GT. First he leaves them with little word to train a young reincarnation of Kid Buu (Uub). This long term training seems to take place over the course of years with Goku having just about zero contact with Gohan, Chi-Chi, or even Videl. This is not only irresponsible, but probably the most selfish thing that he’s ever done. At least at the end of Dragon Ball GT, Goku’s choice to remain dead makes sense because he’s accepted that he is a huge liability for the people of Earth; he does intend on returning whenever Earth is in trouble, at least.

1 He Deserved Better

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This is something which I take great issue with, and so I assume a lot of y’all do, too. Android 16 deserved to “live” a full life, but he was never wished back after his “death.” This is the saddest thing in the entirety of the Dragon Ball universe as he was completely innocent. For whatever reason, Goku decided to not wish him back into existence, even though Android 8 was clearly brought back after Goku’s own wish to Shenron! This is just not acceptable, especially since 16 is the only character to never be shown to have aggressive tendencies and is always filled with love and affection. 16’s role is even sadder once you realize that he was made in the spitting image of Dr. Gero’s dead son, who died fighting for the Red Ribbon Army.

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