Dragon Ball Legends 1 Year Anniversary Event: Every Login Reward And Major Addition

The 1-year anniversary event for Dragon Ball Legends is now live with a long list of items for players to grab. Speculation has been high as to whether or not Bandai Namco will meet the high expectations of players.

The event will be running throughout June with daily login rewards to claim, so be sure to check in at least that often so as not to miss out on the rewards. These anniversary events are often meant to be a form of thanks from the developer to the players for their dedication in the year since the official launch of the game, so how they are presented is important.

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New Main Story

A series of story-related content has been added to the game, including:

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  • A New Main Story
  • The Ultimate Showdown, Gods vs The Super Warrior!
  • Rising Battle: The Battle Begins! Vegetto!
  • Let's Fight! Stage 2 added

Level Cap Increase

The level cap has finally been increased from 2,000 to 3,000, and both X3 EXP and X5 Zeni with Bonus Battle 6 have been added. If you have not already done so, clear through the story mode to begin acquiring both Rising Souls and new Super Souls, and check the exchange shop for the same. Both of these are the fastest way to class up each character as opposed to only grinding. Do not forget to acquire the now free-to-play Vegito as well.

Following these steps, a player can get a strong team to or as close as possible to level 3,000, which should make any new events and content more manageable.

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New in-game missions have been added consisting of Adventures and collecting Dragon Balls. If you are mainly a solo player, check out this Reddit post to find others to swap codes with in order to progress more efficiently than by doing it alone. In addition, a small quality of life improvement has been added in that Mission Tabs have received a makeover, looking more polished and organized.

Login Rewards

Each day will award a unique reward for logging in, consisting of:

  • Day 1 - 10 Million Zeni
  • Day 2 - One 5 Energy Ticket and 10 Skip Tickets
  • Day 3 - 2 Anniversary Silver Tickets
  • Day 4 - One 5 Energy Ticket and 3 Silver bells
  • Day 5 - 2 Anniversary Silver Tickets
  • Day 6 - Two 5 Energy Tickets
  • Day 7 - 200 Chrono Crystals
  • Day 8 - 10 Million Zeni
  • Day 9 - One 5 Energy Ticket and 10 Skip Tickets
  • Day 10 - 2 Anniversary Silver Tickets
  • Day 11 - One 5 Energy Ticket and 3 Silver bells
  • Day 12 - 2 Anniversary Silver Tickets
  • Day 13 - Two 5 Energy Tickets
  • Day 14 - 300 Chrono Crystals

Unfortunately, these rewards seem more tailored towards newer players, and in some cases, not particularly useful for those who have been playing since day one. A grand total of 500 Chrono Crystals await, which is disappointing. Still, login rewards have not been revealed for June 15-30, so we should wait before judging too harshly.

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Battle Version 2

The implementation of Battle Version 2 is massive. In some respects, these changes make Dragon Ball Legends feel like an entirely different game now.

The Tackle is being introduced in an updated way to knock an opponent back from mid-range, which may be followed up into a chain of attacks. However, initiating such a chain in this way results in lower chain damage, similar to how launching an opponent within the Tekken series sees a quick fall off in damage as a juggle goes on.

Strike Cancel may now be canceled later than before. This will allow for far more aggressive play styles, but time will tell if this is healthy for the game. Allowing for such late cancels is similar to the initial changes made in Street Fighter 5, which significantly pushed the game towards a faster, more offensive-minded style of play.

On the other hand, missing a Rising Rush against a skilled opponent can be punishing, as attackers will be vulnerable for an extended period of time. Blast Arts are now able to be side-step canceled as well, complimenting the previous change. Somewhat controversially is that there will no longer be a balanced attack power established on power level. Instead, players will only have what they bring to the match.

There are a few more changes to speak of in Battle Version 2, and players should do themselves a favor and take the time to watch YouTube creator D-Free, as he dives deep into what these changes mean for players.

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Does the Anniversary Event live up to the hype?

Players are reacting to the news of the anniversary event in different ways. For those who are not familiar, Gacha-style games often see the making or breaking of their games with these type of anniversary events.

Many users pay exorbitant amounts of real money in an attempt to acquire specific characters, as that is in essence how the Gacha system works. This is often considered the more important opportunity for the developer to show an act of good faith by giving back to the community. How a developer treats its fans during an anniversary event establishes the expectations about what to expect in the coming year. Being given nothing at all is usually a sign of a dead game with no long-term prospects. Meanwhile, being generous and open in communication often points to a healthy game.

With that said, most are hoping that no new characters of high power are locked behind tickets. Locking Gohan, Goten, and Beerus behinds tickets has not been particularly popular with the player base in the past, but it would be significantly worse to see any such inclusion of a character behind a similar gated mechanic during this celebratory event. Super Vegito, or one of the Super Saiyen Blues should become available in some other way that can be accessed by the community at large, but not behind a ticket.

The event is on now and runs until June 30th, so get in there and keep an eye out for what lies ahead after the initial login bonuses have been claimed.

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