25 Dragon Ball Logic Memes That Prove The Series Makes No Sense

Dragon Ball is one of those series that everyone knows about. Whether you're a huge fan, watched it a few times, or use it as a radar to locate nerds you want to avoid, it can't be denied that it is mainstream. It's incredibly popular in Japan, America, and China to the point where every boy born between 1985-2000 knows the name Goku.

After doing some research, we learned that Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, never planned past the third chapter of the manga which is now up to chapter 519. That means there is a lot of room for inconsistencies and logic fails throughout the series. That's right, Dragon Ball Z was never even planned. It even has a Z at the end because Toriyama wanted it to be considered the end. Tough luck, dude.

The point is, no one watches Dragon Ball for the historical accuracies or the realistic scenarios. They watch it because they want to see Goku smash faces and make wishes with the seven dragon balls. So whatever, anyone who cares about logic and stuff making sense should go read a book about dirt or something.

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25 Bardock, Papa Of Goku

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When Dragon Ball Z began, it started with the origins of Goku and the Saiyan race being aliens. It only birthed new questions about who Goku is and what the rest of the universe was all about. When they finally revealed Goku's father, it was pretty epic.

Bardock got some visions about his son and how he would avenge planet Vegeta. He also tried to warn the other Saiyans that Frieza was a jerk and was going to wipe them out. No one believed him so Bardock decided to try and kill Frieza himself. He came pretty close, too.

24 Bulma, Such A Silly Goose

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Bulma is supposed to be this intelligent world traveler and when she finds Goku, she is confused by his tale. Maybe she's never seen a human being with a tail like Goku's, but don't you think she would have been able to ignore it? What she should have really been concerned about was how this little kid survived in the wild on his own.

Goku's tail was the basis for him originally being a representation of the Monkey King from Chinese folklore and the novel The Journey To The West. The weird thing about Goku's tail is that it is his weakness, and the only way to stop him from going berserk mode as the great ape is to cut it off.

23 Goku Restrains His Brains

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None of us can stand when video games do this. It's the same nonsense as when the character you play as can't swim or when Master Chief can fall from space but still takes fall damage from jumping off a cliff. The inconsistencies in a character's power level and what they withstand is always going to be annoying.

This meme, in particular, makes no sense because this is Adult Goku in this game. The dude who has killed the strongest enemies in the universe and has become so powerful he can destroy a planet. Yet he can't open a door or get into a treasure chest that contains some awesome loot.

22 ChiChi Has The Quality Genetics

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This sort of stuff can be left up to the issue of enhancement of technology and the ease of creating animation. Back in Dragon Ball, Kid Goku was a beast, but it was just a little bit more difficult to draw all that definition for every frame. You can't blame the animator for making Goku's arms not look so jacked. Or can you?

Either way, the balance of strength and ability from Kid Goku to how strong Goten and Trunks are is a little uneven. They basically become Super Saiyan by accident when they were just fooling around. It took Goku years and an entire series to finally get that strong. Kid Goku could have used those powers like 100 times.

21 Dragon Ball Ridiculous

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It makes sense to not make the show so simple. If they had just gathered the dragon balls and wished for Cell to be super weak or the size of a bug for them to smash, there'd be no build up and ratings would plummet. But that doesn't mean we can't be salty for the show making no sense.

But it seems like every time a bad dude comes to ruin the world, Goku and friends give him every opportunity to win. They never team up on the guy with any real strategy and they constantly allow their strongest dudes to get killed. It seems that if the Z fighters really wanted to defend Earth they'd use more strategy.

20 Give The Guy A Break

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It seems like they just create conflict within the series to actually have some conflict besides the fact that some psycho wants to destroy the planet. They jump on Goku's case for not being around to raise Gohan and then when Gohan has a kid they get salty at him for not working on his training.

First off, why does he even need to train? The planet has Goku and Vegeta there to defend against basically anything, and there'd be no need for Gohan. Let him do his thing and raise his family. Also, let Goku do his thing and NOT raise his kids. He's too busy being the hero of Earth and our hearts. Chi-Chi's got it under control.

19 This Is True In Politics As Well

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This happens all the time. They yell and yell and get angrier and angrier to the point where the glow more and get stronger. Why don't they just learn how to focus all their rage and get to the strongest point as soon as possible. I guess that's too much to ask.

It is pretty awesome watching Goku or Vegeta get super angry and then suddenly, because of that anger, begin to destroy their opponent. Even if it does happen all the time, it's pretty fun to watch. The bad guy always gets super confused and then super terrified that he realizes how badly he screwed up by pissing off the Saiyans.

18 Revive Krillin So He Can Die Once More

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Krillin was the first major character to die in the Dragon Ball series. Unless you count Grandpa Gohan. But we never got to see him die, only heard about it. We get this from Goku when he explains that a monster killed his grandpa when he was asleep one night after looking at the moon.

To this day, the first time Goku transforms into the Great Ape is one of my favorite episodes. Anyway, back to Krillin always dying. It happens all the time and it's always super hard on Goku. But nothing was more upsetting than when Krillin died the first time from King Piccolo's servant, because we didn't know if Krillin was gonna come back to life.

17 Papa Piccolo

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Piccolo started out as a bad guy and then eventually became best buds with Gohan later in the Dragon Ball Z series. As stated earlier, Goku is busy doing his thing becoming the greatest martial artist on Earth and defending the planet from psychos. Let dumb Piccolo do the baby work with the children!

As if Gohan needs any help anyway. Everyone forgets that Kid Goku basically raised himself, 'cause he killed his grandpa. Goku was on his own until Bulma found him and basically brought him into a world of fighting and conflict. Wow, I never really thought of it that way. If it wasn't for nosy Bulma, Goku might have just led a happy life in the mountains and Earth may have never been destroyed 8 or 9 times.

16 The Nose Knows

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This isn't even my final form! Yeah, that's because you don't have a nose, dude. Doesn't even make sense that these guys look the way they do but then when they become super powerful in their final forms they grow noses. Maybe it's a coincidence, but who cares?

The point is, Krillin can grow hair and he can grow tall. Well, not very tall, but he will never grow that nose, and therefore will be destined to hold the mantle of strongest human being on Earth. Which is pretty cool when you think about it. Even still, he's considered a joke to everyone else since all his friends are basically Gods.

15 The Strongest Man Of All

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What's up with Hercule never dying? Everyone thinks he's this great hero and the survivor of all these calamities, but really he's just some chump. There's some theories out there that he has the potential to be the strongest character on the show, but in reality, he's just a loser.

During the Buu saga, he is basically the only person who lives. That means he has to sit and watch everyone die. So he must have a pretty strong mind to be able to handle all that! Even Goku dies a few times. But no, does Mr. Satan ever get killed? Not even once. We can only hope he gets killed for real in Dragon Ball Super.

14 I Was Wondering This Myself

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The problem is that if there was even one female Saiyan, Vegeta would have certainly turned her into his slave. We wouldn't have the cute relationship between Bulma and Vegeta. Heck, we wouldn't even have Trunks/Future Trunks! Nobody wants that.

It still doesn't make any sense that there were no cool female Saiyan heroes in the movies that had to do with Bardock and the history of Planet Vegeta. There should have been at least one Wonder Women-like Saiyan who was like the Susan B. Anthony of the Saiyans. Would be pretty awesome to find that she was still alive so some more full-blooded Saiyans could be made and the species could continue to exist untainted.

13 Cardiovascular Strength

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I read somewhere that the writer of the show, Akira Toriyama, was trying to end DBZ and didn't want to keep it going. So he killed Goku. But he screwed himself because the whole purpose of the show is that you get the 7 dragon balls and wish people back to life. They've literally done it a ton of times on the show and in the manga. We've seen it happen, and you're not fooling anyone.

Still, how the heck is Goku going to die from a heart issue? He is the most in-shape dude in the universe. All the dude does is works out, eats, and sleeps. That basically all you need to start building up them gainz.

12 Rock, Paper, Scissors... Kamehameha

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This is actually something I agree with. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a fair way to settle things between friends. It's better than a stupid coin flip since it has just enough room for skill and cheating. And when it comes to someone as skilled as these three, you can't help but think the best man will win with a bit of luck.

Still, they should just work together and vanquish their enemies. But then again, as stated before, no one wants to watch a show where the good guys win right away and don't even have to try that hard. I mean, how else would they extend a single battle over like ten episodes?

11 Majinn Buu The Boneless

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Wasn't Buu made out of like a piece of gum or something? Nah, maybe not. But who cares. He still has to explain how he cracks his knuckles and what not. Is he made of magic? How can he stand without bones? How can he fall in love without a sternum to protect his heart?

None of that matters because nothing makes sense in Dragon Ball. Sometimes in the manga, the writer will write himself into a panel of the comic and express that what he's writing makes no sense at all. But I guess that's the mark of a great show. It makes no sense, yet people still love it and the characters.

10 Six Memes For Your Candy

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There are two things needed to be said about this set of memes. The first one is that all of them are absolutely true and make no logical sense anywhere but in the Dragon Ball world. And number two, I was too lazy to go into Photoshop and disconnect them from individual list numbers. Therefore, happiness descends upon you, and you get 6 for the price of 1. Congratulations.

The moon thing is the one that makes the least sense. Though it would be awesome if Earth had a whole bunch of moons for us to look up at during the night time. But then again, we'd probably be so used to it that it wouldn't matter. What would be cool if a bunch of moons just showed up out of nowhere and decided to chill in the Earth's orbit? And on those moons, Goku and Vegeta exist.

9 The Strongest Hairstyle

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Seriously, though. Screw logic. This is Dragon Ball. I have to accept the idea that Goku and Vegeta can control their hair 100% of the time. How else would they have such awesome hairstyles that in no way transfer to real life? Same with the guy from Chrono Trigger and Cloud from FFVII.

But in reality, this makes no sense. It would have been a fun way to animate the characters and remind the viewers that they are in intense gravity. When thinking about the animators they probably just were being lazy and didn't feel like changing the way their characters looked.

8 Magic Dragon Balls

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Why was this never the choice? I guess it's because there was always someone who died right off the bat when a bad guy showed up, so they had to use the wish on them. We're looking at you, Krillin. Why doesn't this weakling Krillin just go live somewhere where he doesn't get annihilated as soon as stuff hits the fan?

Anyway, Goku isn't the smartest dude in the world of anime. But that's similar to other leading characters in some of the most successful shows. Naruto is dumb, Luffy is completely idiotic, and Goku is happy-go-lucky but he's constantly doing dumb stuff. All these dudes know is fighting, and I guess that's good enough.

7 But They Can Block Everything Else

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These guys are all known for moving faster than the speed of light at times. They battle so fast that normal humans can't even see them. They can literally dodge and block the greatest and most trained warriors in the universe but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of battles... they bite each other.

Maybe it's one of those situations where a dog bites its owner so the owner bites the dog back even harder to establish dominance? In which case, we see Goku doing what needs to be done. But really, if you have the opening for an attack and choose to bite the dude, why not knock him out instead? Or kill him?

6 Blame Akira Toriyama

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This is something that isn't really fair. Or maybe it is because the original plan for Goku was that he was just a human or some sort of God. Not so much that he is a copy of Superman. Sorry, but it seems pretty obvious that after Dragon Ball was so popular and DBZ was created they stole some origin story stuff from the Man of Steel.

So, really, Goku looked like a normal human because he was a normal human, sort of (he had a tail). So when the Saiyans were introduced, they had to look like Goku did. But that doesn't really explain how the president of the planet is a dog person. Not even a little bit.

5 A Namekian Dialect Of English

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This sort of stuff happens in every form of entertainment. Like in Star Wars. We explore galaxies and planets of every shape and size and the people on it are all unique, but most of them know English. This is all well and good because they also have a bunch of languages of their own, but how come English is so universal? This must be explained.

Or don't explain it, it doesn't really matter. I don't plan on learning any other languages in my life, let alone an alien language that doesn't even exist on our planet in this reality. Like, what is going on with those people who speak Elvish fluently? Yeah. Elvish. From The Lord of The Rings. Put that on your resume or something, dude?

4 Lead By Example, Goku

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So what if the rules don't apply to Goku? He's Goku. He can do whatever he wants and he can say whatever he wants. He pretty much deserves everything considering all the times he saved the planet. But this is just another one of the ridiculous inconsistencies of the show.

It's not that it's a big deal, and Goku's kids may have never actually seen him give up so this could still reign true. But it's important to note that Goku isn't the terrible father everyone else says he is. Look at the confidence and values he placed in his superhero children!

3 Kakarot The Foolish

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Maybe this plays to how great of friends Vegeta and Goku become. Mostly on the part of Vegeta because that dude has no friends whatsoever. When we finally learn that Goku's actual Saiyan name is Kakarot, none of us were willing to start calling him that. It's just like in Final Fantasy VII when you find out Red XIII's name is actually Nanaki. No one cares, bro.

The fact that Vegeta has no friends sort of makes the relationship he has with Goku that much cuter. They even merge to become the most powerful thing in the universe. That's gotta be some special love between the two. We can accept this nonsense of Goku allowing Vegeta to call him Kakarot. He is the Prince of all Saiyans, after all.

2 Time Is A Human Construct

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This is a problem with multiple animes. Ones that come to mind right off the bat is the Street Fighter anime and One Piece. These shows, man. The people talk so much before and during battle, it's borderline annoying. These guys are rushing in for a punch, literally flying through the air, all the while having a full conversation.

This kind of stuff is what turns the regular people off from anime. Whether the creators are doing this to extend a season or milk as much from the drama of an episode as possible or whether they think the information given is necessary, I'll never know. But to make anime less corny and more based in reality will draw more viewers for sure.

1 God Of Destruction In The Room

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When Beerus came on the scene, everyone was thinking that Goku had finally met his match. But isn't that the case with every major Dragon Ball Z enemy. They get to Earth and start killing everyone and Goku has to show up unprepared to save the universe. The difference between Beerus and the rest of these baddies is their purpose on Earth.

Beerus wanted pudding and is willing to destroy everything just to achieve this goal. Maybe that's ridiculous, but I can count on two hands the number of times I was willing to destroy the entire planet for a ridiculous reason like my cell phone working too slow or not being able to find my wallet. Go Beerus!

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