Dragon Ball: 25 Things That Make Majin Buu Too Powerful

Majin Buu is one of the most-known villains in the Dragon Ball franchise. He's more powerful than most expect; here's why.

Back in the days of Dragon Ball, Mr. Popo warned Goku that no matter how strong he gets, there will always be someone stronger. Flying high after his victory over Piccolo, Goku used this statement as a motivator to become even stronger in order to meet the next challenge. Dragon Ball Z took this statement to heart when it introduced all sorts of enemies, with each new threat one proving to be far more powerful than the one that came before it. When Raditz showed up, he was the most powerful enemy anyone had ever faced.

However, it turned out he was nothing compared to Vegeta and Nappa. After the Saiyans were defeated, we learned that Frieza’s army completely outclassed them. Then, Frieza himself was unstoppable until the Androids were introduced. Cell then became the ultimate villain, but it wasn’t long before we learned that Majin Buu was even stronger.

It’s easy to think Buu was just the next progression in a long line of powerful bad guys, but there is evidence that maybe Dragon Ball Z went a little too far with this one. Over the course of the Buu Saga, we learn that he is more powerful than the Supreme Kais, able to defeat Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, and can outmaneuver Mystic Gohan. Every time a Z Fighter proved to be powerful enough to maybe take him out once and for all, he took on some new form, gain some kind of new power, and managed to wriggle out of defeat.

In the end, it felt like maybe Majin Buu was actually too powerful to be defeated, and perhaps the good guys only won with a little bit of luck.

25 Eliminate All Weaknesses

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Majin Buu is a unique villain in the Dragon Ball Z series because while the likes of Frieza and Cell were purely evil, he still had a piece of goodness inside him. Eons ago, Buu was shown to have absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai, but the result created a weaker and more docile version of himself. After transforming into Fat Buu, Bibidi was able to seal him away once and for all, where he would remain until the modern day. When he finally reemerged, it was clear that he was powerful and dangerous, but Buu also had an innocence about him that was unbecoming of the storyline’s ultimate villain.

What was Buu to do? Why, cut out the impurities, of course.

While everyone is busy trying to fuse with each other to be able to match Buu’s strength, he’s over here using fission to separate himself from his weakest parts. Seeing that the goodness of the Grand Supreme Kai could not be overcome, the evil in Majin Buu released itself into the physical form that became Evil Buu. Once the evil side absorbed Good Buu, he became Super Buu, a creature that was dominated by evil. He also managed to grow significantly in strength, proving himself too much for many of the Z Fighters.

24 Don’t Tell Him What To Do

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According to the Dragon Ball franchise, it’s never a good idea for a weaker character to tell a stronger character what to do. Paragus ultimately paid the price against Broly when he tried to control his son. Dr. Gero was taken out by Android 17 when he tried to order his own creations around. Majin Buu is initially released by the evil doppelganger of Bibidi known as Babidi. The wizard used his power to control the likes of Dabura and Vegeta to do his bidding, but once Buu entered the picture, things became a little more than the pint-sized villain could handle.

Despite Fat Buu’s docile nature, he also had an incredibly mean streak about him, evidenced by the delight he took in eliminating innocent people around him. While Bibidi clearly had an agenda to use his minions to take power in the universe, Buu had his own desires that he wished to see fulfilled. Eventually having Bibidi tell him what to do no longer proved to be fun, and he quickly eliminated his would-be master. At that point, Buu had overthrown his controller and now there was no one in his way of unleashing indiscriminate destruction across the universe. Once Bibidi was gone, the kid gloves came off.

23 Total Body Control

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Many characters from the Dragon Ball universe can change their size and shape. Piccolo can extend his arms, Saiyans can transform into giant apes, but Majin Buu has complete control over his body. That means he can use his ability in order to avoid even the most dangerous attacks. When Baby attacks Earth in Dragon Ball GT, he shows the ability to infect and possess victims by implanting a seed within their bodies. Baby manages to take control of Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta, but Buu is able to avoid this seed by moving his body to avoid it taking hold.

His ability to manipulate his body also makes him an extra threat during his attack on Earth in Dragon Ball Z. Using his shapeshifting abilities, Buu is able to alter his appearance at times and can liquify himself, which he uses to attack his victims from the inside. He can also stretch his body to add an extra threat that his opponent never saw coming. In his battle with the Z Fighters, Super Buu proves to be able to wrap his entire body around his enemy and squeeze them. The character’s tentacle can also stretch in order to become something of a whip or even a rope to strangle his opponent. It is these kinds of physical attacks that make him a threat at all times.

22 The Gods Don't Stand A Chance

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Majin Buu proves to be powerful enough to defeat the absolute best of the best in battle, including most of the Z Fighters. He annihilates everyone on the Lookout, defeats Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, and overcomes a souped-up Mystic Gohan. If you’re thinking that his power levels are a little too out of control, you have to remember that Kid Buu was able to defeat even the gods many years ago. In a flashback scene during the Majin Buu Saga, we learn just how powerful and dangerous Buu is because he possesses the ability to outclass those who are supposed to be the strongest in the universe.

Thousands of years ago, Bibidi unleashed Buu on the Sacred World of the Kais in order to destroy those who watch over the universe.

The monster manages to eliminate both West Supreme Kai and North Supreme Kai in quick order. He then manages to defeat and absorb South Supreme Kai, the strongest among them. Buu also managed to absorb Grand Supreme Kai, though thanks to his influence, Shin was ultimately spared from attack as well. It was clear that Majin Buu was as close to unstoppable as you can get. The fact that Goku was actually able to defeat him was unexpected but a very welcomed relief.

21 Bad Controls Everything Around Him

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Many of the biggest villains in the Dragon Ball franchise often show that they have a small portion of goodness within them. Tien Shinhan proves that he’s not as much of a bad guy as he made himself out to be. Piccolo turns over a new leaf after building a bond with Gohan. Vegeta eventually redeems himself after all the atrocities he has committed. Even Android 17 and 18 turn out to be not so bad in the end. Majin Buu takes this to a whole new level by literally splitting himself into a good entity and a bad entity.

Unfortunately for the Z Fighters, Buu’s evil side proves to be far more powerful than his good side. When the two split from each other, it is Evil Buu who overpowers Good Buu, absorbs him and creates the more powerful Super Buu. This more powerful villain takes out most of the Z Fighters, the entire population of Earth, and very nearly beat everyone available to stop him. When Goku and Vegeta are able to disconnect Good Buu from Super Buu’s body, they create the maniacal Kid Buu. This version of the character is so out of control that he actually blows up the Earth at one point in the battle. The evil of Buu very nearly eliminates everyone.

20 Everyone Has To Deal With His Rage

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Being so evil that you annihilate an entire race of people is not exactly an original display in the Dragon Ball universe. After all, Frieza famously blew up the Saiyan home planet and annihilated almost the entire race as a result. Even the Saiyans themselves managed to wipe out the Tuffle race, as explored in Dragon Ball GT. Not to be outdone, Super Buu managed to commit horrendous acts of his own, but he did it in his own special way.

By the end of his attack, the human race was just about extinct.

Inside of simply blowing up the planet to make it easy for himself (he does that later), Super Buu actually takes the time to systematically target each and every living being on Earth before unleashing his Human Extinction Attack and eliminating them all. Such an ability doesn’t just show off his extreme power, but also the immense level of evil burning inside his body. If Goku was not able to stop him, Buu would have traveled the universe, wiping out every sign of life just for the fun of it. Judging by the power of this attack, no one would be able to see it coming.

19 The Power Of Corruption

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According to the storyline in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dr. Gero didn’t just stop collecting genetic material with Cell. He created another being known as Android 21 by collecting the cells of the Z Fighters, Frieza, Cell, and even Majin Buu. While all these beings made her one of the most powerful fighters in the universe, the presence of Buu’s evil influence turned her into a dangerous monster. Much like Buu before her, Android 21 had a good side and a bad side. When Android 21 unleashed her true form, she became an uncontrollable destructive monster, just like her genetic donor was before her.

The evil personality used Dr. Gero’s lab to create clones of some of the more prominent characters in the Dragon Ball universe. These mindless clones were used to fight the good guys, though their ultimate purpose was to serve as a food source for Android 21. Ultimately, the evil side proved to be so powerful and dangerous that she had to be destroyed once and for all in an epic showdown. Android 21’s intelligence and leadership skills gave her the potential to be a very vital member of Earth’s society, however, like all of Dr. Gero’s creations, she was created to do evil. The influence of Majin Buu simply made her even more dangerous and unpredictable than even Gero could have expected.

18 The Universe Was Spooked By Him

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Most of the bad guys in the Dragon Ball universe are well known threats to the public. They attack innocent people, threaten the world, and must be stopped to end their reign of terror. Majin Buu isn’t just some demonic villain that no one has ever heard of before. Existing since time immemorial, Buu was well known across the cosmos as a dangerous being of destruction. His reign of terror over the universe was split between long periods of hibernation, turning his existence into a legend.

However, not everyone forgot about the very real threat he represented, even if those people were in high places of power.

Back when King Cold was alive and in control of a good portion of the known universe, he recognized the beings who were threats to his empire. He warned his son Frieza to stay clear of two powerful entities. One was Beerus, the God of Destruction, who had the power to snuff out their entire empire on a whim, if he was inclined to do so. The only other being who was considered too dangerous to mess with Majin Buu. After Frieza was brought back to life in Resurrection F, hearing that Goku was now powerful enough to take out Buu is what motivated him to train in order to take down his rival once and for all. It’s hard to find something the emperor of the universe is afraid of, but Majin Buu’s power levels got him there.

17 Welcome To The Kamehameha Club

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The Kamehameha Wave is the first energy attack introduced in the Dragon Ball franchise. It is the creation of Master Roshi, and only those who have studied to harness their ki for years are said to be capable of forming it. That all changes when a young Goku sees Roshi use the technique, and is seemingly able to recreate it with very little effort. It is this feat that convinces Master Roshi to train Goku in the first place. The same thing happens in the Majin Buu Saga when Innocent Buu is able to pull off the Kamehameha of his own, just by copying Goku. At this point, we all should have known that trouble was coming.

Buu isn’t the only villain to use the Kamehameha Wave for evil, since Cell was able to use the technique. While Cell had the ability thanks to having Goku’s genetic material, Buu is able to pull it off simply by copying what he sees. After using the attack against Super Saiyan Goku 3, he pulls it off again as Super Buu and Kid Buu, unleashing what is known as a Super Kamehameha as well. Even after the dust settles, the evil side of Buu is vanquished, and Mr. Buu lives on Earth, he continues to use the Kamehameha as part of his repertoire of energy attacks. The crazy thing is he’s completely self-taught.

16 Complete Destruction Of The Earth

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It doesn’t take much to destroy a planet in the Dragon Ball universe because it apparently happens all the time. Frieza has done it multiple times to the point where it’s surprising when he doesn’t destroy an entire world. He blew up Planet Vegeta back in the day, Planet Namek during his fight against Goku, and even managed to destroy Earth in Dragon Ball Super, but that got reversed by Whis. The only villain who managed to legitimately blow up the Earth was Kid Buu, who used his Planet Burst technique to eliminate the entire Earth.

During his battle with Goku and Vegeta, he unleashes an incredibly powerful technique that the anime describes as being strong enough to destroy the Earth 10 times over. The attack can absorb the energy of other attacks, making it even stronger and making it something of an evil version of the Spirit Bomb. When Kid Buu unleashes the attack, Goku and Vegeta only have seconds to escape the Earth’s destruction, but they are forced to leave some of their friends and family behind. The only way to bring the Earth back was to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish it all back after Kid Buu had finally been defeated.

15 He Knows The Way Of The Voice

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The Way of the Voice is known as a sacred and powerful practice followed by the Greybeards in the world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Those who learn the Way of the Voice, unlock the power of their Thu’um, or voice, and are able to speak the ancient language of the dragons. By focusing their powers, the Dragonborn can unleash many different abilities simply by shouting. What does this have anything to do with Dragon Ball Z? Well, using this description of the game’s power, Super Buu shows off the fact that he might actually know how to use the power of his Thu’um.

They are completely separate franchises, but the evidence is strong.

When Super Buu follows Piccolo and Gotenks into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to fight, he becomes trapped within the dimension after the door is destroyed. Believing he has no way of getting out of his predicament, Buu becomes incredibly enraged and begins to shout. In what becomes a big surprise for everyone involved, Super Buu shouts so loud that he actually tears a hole between dimensions. He opens a portal back to Earth and is able to escape. Sure, it might not be canon, but it is very clear that Buu is actually a Dragonborn who is able to channel the power of a dragon.

14 He Has Anger Problems

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When Majin Buu first emerges from his cocoon, he shows himself to be a happy and docile being who just wants to eat and play tricks on others. However, there is a dark side to him, and it’s something he has trouble controlling. It is this mean streak that Babidi taps into in order to turn Buu into his weapon against the universe. Even with his all the goodness in him, Majin Buu has very clear and dangerous anger issues. When he is frustrated or someone does something to hurt those around him, Buu has a tendency to blow up and become an uncontrollable danger to those around him.

When Mr. Satan is shot, Buu’s anger and sadness get the better of him and he erupts, releasing all the evil inside him. This ultimately creates Evil Buu, who absorbs his good side and evolves into the stronger and more intelligent Super Buu. Despite this upgrade, Buu’s anger issues don’t go away so easily. When things don’t go exactly the way he wants, Super Buu gets mad. He tears a hole between dimensions with his voice and even blows himself up in a giant release of energy.

As Kid Buu, he presents himself as a being of all anger and rage, with very little in the way of reasoning to keep him in check. Even when Mr. Buu settles down on Earth, he’s asked to keep his anger in check, because that’s how dangerous he can be.

13 The Most Explosive Power

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Buu is one of the strongest beings in the Dragon Ball universe, and while he has the ability to beat you with his hands and feet (and other body parts), he likes to dish out a fair share of energy attacks. When Buu first makes his presence known in the anime, he proves to be too powerful for Gohan. After unleashing an energy attack so powerful it nearly vaporizes the Saiyan, Buu went on to unleash a bevy of ki blasts over the course of the Buu Saga. When people think about Buu, his ability to regenerate is the first thing that comes to mind, but it would be a mistake to forget about the seemingly unlimited supply of energy he possessed.

Buu has shown the ability to produce energy beams from his hands, his antenna, his eyes, his mouth, and he even can produce powerful waves from his entire body. His signature energy technique is the Vaporizing Beam, which he uses in every battle in Dragon Ball Z. Buu really proves himself to be unstoppable when he unleashes incredible amounts of energy that can eliminate entire populations and celestial bodies with absolute ease. Super Buu uses his Human Extinction Attack to take out absolutely every living being on Earth in one coordinated attack. He also uses his Planet Burst technique to destroy the entire planet in a single blow. Buu really proves himself to be an unlimited source of power.

12 Super Saiyans Don’t Mean Much

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Over the course of his attack on Earth, Majin Buu proves to be far more powerful than the Super Saiyan transformation. Following the events of the Cell Saga, Super Saiyan is shown to be the ultimate power in the defense of the Earth. When Gohan unlocks Super Saiyan 2, it’s clear that no one stands a chance. Unfortunately, Buu proves that not to be the case, and no Super Saiyan was actually able to defeat him at any point in the Buu Saga. Not only was the base form of the transformation not enough to defeat him, the advanced stages were no match either. Buu, in his various incarnations, managed to defeat Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Vegeta, as well as Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Gotenks.

In fact, when Goku finally does manage to defeat Kid Buu in the end, the Super Saiyan transformation has very little to do with it.

Instead, Goku forms a Super Spirit Bomb that proves to be powerful enough to vaporize him. The only problem is that Buu is still too strong to succumb, while Goku has grown tired, has lost most of his energy, and reverted back to his base form. When Buu deflects the attack back at him, Goku is only able to overcome because the Dragon Balls are used to regenerate all his strength. Transforming into a Super Saiyan, he is able to get the Super Spirit Bomb to destroy its target once and for all.

11 A Mind Is A Bad Thing To Use

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The Dragon Ball franchise has featured some very intelligent and articulate villains with Frieza and Cell, but things changed with the introduction of Majin Buu. Not only was this fat pink creature kind of infantile, he was also kind of dumb and hard to understand. That all changed when he evolved into the stronger and more villainous Super Buu. This guy was capable of speech and he actually had a battle plan against his enemies. Sure, he had some anger issues, but it was clear this version of the character used his mind in battle in conjunction with his abilities.

Buu’s power to absorb his enemies and take on their abilities is a great hidden trick that made him extra dangerous, but in order to nab his targets, he had to be tricky. It is said that the increased intelligence Piccolo gave him allowed Buu to manipulate the Z Fighters. He used his mind to outmaneuver Gotenks into defeat and ultimately trick Gohan in order to absorb him. When fans talk about Buu, they like to use his raw power as a testament to his effectiveness as a villain, but it’s important to remember how well he used his mind to defeat his opponents.

10 Copies On Copies On Copies

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Many fighters in the Dragon Ball universe have toyed around with techniques that will split them into multiple combatants. There is Goku’s After Image technique, Tien Shinhan’s Tri-Form ability, and even Janemba’s Mystic Copy power. At certain times, Majin Buu has even been shown capable to creating multiple copies of himself, and these duplicates aren’t just tricks, they are the real thing. Dragon Ball Z showed that both Innocent Buu and Kid Buu were able to reform their bodies into dozens of smaller clones before eventually reforming like nothing ever happened. Video games have also used it as one more technique Buu was capable of using in battle, making him even more dangerous than before.

In the 2006 Dragon Ball Z: Kamehameha Battle Sensation - Fusion With You video game on Bandai’s Let’s! TV Play, the player must fight through a wave of Majin Buu clones. In the more popularly recognized Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dark Majin Buu utilizes his cloning abilities a few times. He uses the Tri-Form technique to fight Goku and the Future Warrior, and the latter must defeat 30 small Majin Buu clones in order to defend West City from attack. If you thought one Buu was dangerous enough, these games prove that multiple versions of the villain can get dangerous very quickly.

9 No Place Is Safe

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Majin Buu displayed some bizarre techniques during his reign of terror in Dragon Ball Z. Able to manipulate his body into any shape, he could hurt you in many unique ways. Perhaps the most bizarre, but still completely terrifying, was his Dangerous Liquid Bomb, where he transformed into a liquid and plunged himself inside the body of his enemy. He uses this against the gunman Smitty after he went for Bee. After forcing his way into the man’s mouth, he expands until the man goes too. It was an attack used on an ordinary human who had no ability to defend himself, but it was unsettlingly enough to establish Buu as a dangerous villain early on.

Buu uses this technique one more time in his battle against Vegito, where he attempts to take control of his opponent’s body, instead of blowing it up.

The fused form of Vegeta and Goku became much larger than normal with Super Buu inside him, and he also becomes a part of their transformation. Meaning Buu and Vegito are briefly the same entity and will become stronger every time they power up. In the end, the fused heroes manage to expel the villain from their shared body, but it doesn’t take away the fact that Buu is able to attack you from every possible avenue available to him. If an opponent is too physically strong to defeat, he will just jump inside and take control. Thankfully it didn’t work out this time.

8 Nothing Is Out Of His Reach

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Super Buu shows that he has an incredible array of powers to choose from, but he can actually add as many attacks as he wants. With his power to absorb his opponents, Buu doesn’t just increase in power and get a new wardrobe, he actually masters their techniques as well. In Dragon Ball Z, Super Buu absorbs Gotenks and takes a few of his abilities for his own. That includes the Galactic Donut attack and the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. With Piccolo absorbed, he shows that he is able to fire off a Special Beam Cannon in battle. The idea that he can use the powers of his opponents for himself makes him absolutely terrifying.

The video games continue this ability by giving him access to other techniques he didn’t have an opportunity to grab in the anime. In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, he can also use Vegeta’s Galick Gun and Final Flash. If Tien or Yamcha are absorbed, he has access to Ki Blast Cannon, Wolf Fang Fist, Volleyball Fist, and Spirit Ball Attack. Death Beam and Death Ball can be used if Frieza is absorbed, and Cell gives him the ability to pull off Energy Field and Spirit Bomb. Just imagine the kind of damage Buu could do if he ever managed to absorb every member of the Z Fighters. There would be no attack he couldn’t pull off, and he would be unstoppable.

7 Those Healing Hands

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Majin Buu is one of the most powerful characters from the Dragon Ball universe, but it’s not all because of punches and energy blasts. As a villain, he plagued the heroes of the Earth for a long while, but it’s his good side who shows off one of his most powerful techniques, which is actually used to help people. It turns out that Mr. Buu can actually heal people with minimal effort, and that means people harmed in battle and suffering from disability. He is able to heal other with the use of his Recovery Beam, which shoots blue energy at the target.

Buu can also heal the wounded with his hands.

Thanks to this ability, Buu is able to heal several people, even when it seemed like they were not going to make it. He uses the technique for evil when he heals Babidi after he is cut in half by Piccolo. As a good guy, he heals a blind kid of his blindness, his dog Bee, and Mr. Satan after he is shot. His ability to heal others makes him a valuable member of the Z Fighters, and gives his allies another healer among them. When the good guys are eating senzu beans, they have usually relied on Dende to heal them from their wounds. Now, if he can just stop falling asleep all the time, he could be helpful in many different ways.

6 A New Form Of Power

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Buu went through a very long and winding lifespan over the course of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He begins as one entity, then splits himself into good and evil beings. After Evil Buu absorbs Good Buu, he becomes Super Buu. When Good Buu is removed from inside Super Buu, he then devolves into Kid Buu, and his good side once again becomes a separate entity. Once his bad side has been eliminated Mr. Buu lives on as a friend to the defenders of Earth, but that’s not the last we hear about the duality of Buu’s life.

Following Goku’s defeat of Kid Buu, he asks that the villain is reincarnated as a good person so he can fight him again. This takes place with the birth of Uub, who becomes Goku’s pupil and something of a hero on his own. When Baby takes over the Earth, Uub proves to be too weak on his own to take on the villain. However, Mr. Buu comes to his aid, and the two sides of the same being re-merge with one another. As a result, Uub becomes known as Majuub, and his power increases greatly. No matter how many transformations he makes, Buu seems to have a surprising power-up waiting to debut.

5 The Start Of A New Generation

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Majin Buu is an entity who has spent most of his existence splitting himself between different forms. Kid Buu, Super Buu, Fat Buu, Evil Buu; each of these beings hold a different aspect of the same character. No matter what form he took, it was clear that Buu was one of the strongest people in existence. Now imagine if there was a second, completely independent one. That’s what happens in the video game franchises. Buu gets lonely and decides to split himself in two, creating Miss Buu. From there, the two procreated using the Love-Love Beam technique and started an entire race of power Majins who lived on Earth.

Debuting in Dragon Ball Online, the Majins became a healthy race of beings on Earth who possessed many of the same abilities as their ancestor. Extending through Dragon Ball Fusions, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the player is able to create their own character using this race as a template. It is established that these Majin are weaker than Mr. Buu was originally, but that’s ok. Anyone who has the ability to create an entire race of people has to be one of the most powerful beings that ever existed. Even if each generation of Majins dilutes the abilities of these people, it’s such an accomplishment to have achieved.

4 He Is Very Hungry

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There are many villains who have some strange and even outright bizarre powers, but no one is weirder than Majin Buu. If you thought Cell’s ability to produce Cell Jrs out of his tail was crazy, Buu actually has the ability to turn people into food and eat them. Over the course of Dragon Ball Z, Buu uses this Transfiguration Beam to turn Dabura into a cookie, Chi-Chi into an egg, and a majority of the Z Fighters into chocolate. He eats all of them except for Chi-Chi, who he decides to break. In one instance, Buu transforms Vegito into a coffee-flavored jawbreaker.

Eating his victims sounds horrifying enough, but there is evidence that suggests he can actually absorb the power of others after consuming them. When Evil Buu manages to turn Good Buu into chocolate, Super Buu becomes far more powerful than either of them were on their own. After Mr. Buu fuses with Uub in Dragon Ball GT to become Majuub, he is able to combine his attacks and use a technique he calls the Chocolate Kamehameha. This power can also be used for good, as both Buu and Majuub have transformed people into food in order to keep them safe from outside attacks.

3 He Won’t Be Down For Long

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Out of all the powers you could have in the Dragon Ball universe, regeneration might be the most helpful technique available to you. Between Cell and Buu, a character who can regenerate from any amount of damage is definitely a dangerous opponent to face. However, Buu’s regenerative abilities far outmatch those of Cell in the end. Over the Buu Saga, he shows the ability to regrow lost limbs, fix holes in his body, and even recover from being blown to pieces. It is shown that large pieces of Buu will coalesce together in order to reform him. He can even be blown up into a mist and still be able to regenerate.

Unlike Cell, who had no idea he would survive his self-destruction, Super Buu knew quite well he would be fine when he used his Revenge Death Bomber Self Destruction technique. It very nearly consumes Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks, but it is revealed this was all merely part of his plan to get the two Saiyans to fuse into Gotenks again. When Kid Buu went nuts and blew up the Earth, he was right in the middle of the explosion and still turned out to be just fine. After destroying his physical body, the villain was able to reform without missing a beat. This is why it proved to be so difficult to finish him off.

2 Don’t Get In His Way

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Buu is dangerous in every single form he takes, but when he reverts into Kid Buu, his purest form, this is where he becomes the most dangerous. While Super Buu was pure evil, he at least had some ability to reason and make rational decisions. Kid Buu is simply a monster of chaos who only wishes to cause as much destruction as possible on the universe. This is the true, terrifying power of the entity known as Majin Buu, and there is absolutely no way that anyone could ever have hoped to contain him. There was no room for friendships and no redemption, Goku simply had to eliminate him before he destroyed everyone and everything.

Kid Buu proves himself to be the ultimate monster of the cosmos when he destroys the Earth while laughing maniacally. He also has no regard for his own body, because he uses a technique that is said to be strong enough to destroy the planet 10 times over. The explosion destroys his body, but he is quickly able to regenerate and continue on his path of chaos. Searching for Goku and Vegeta, he blows up several more planets, all for fun. He is easily the most unstable villain in the entire franchise, so it’s a good thing the good guys were able to finally stop him.

1 He Isn’t Done Yet

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After the evil side of Buu is finally vanquished, his good-natured double is left alive to live on Earth with his friend Mr. Satan. Given his incredible power and his ability to heal people, he becomes a valuable member of the Z Fighters, even if he’s always falling asleep at the wrong time. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, Mr. Buu is considered among the most powerful beings in the universe, but that doesn’t last for very long in Dragon Ball Super. Goku and Vegeta are able to unlock Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue transformations that easily outclass the Majin. However, Buu has some tricks of his own.

Goku decides to recruit Mr. Buu to fight on their team during the Tournament of Power. He finds that Mr. Satan has convinced Buu to train, and as a result, he has lost a significant amount of weight and now has become a lot stronger. In order to test his ally’s new abilities, Goku challenges Buu to a sparring match. The slimmer, stronger Buu is able to get the better of Goku and easily defeats his opponent through a series of energy attacks, punches, and a little help from his extending arms to knock him out of bounds. This shows that Buu has the ability to keep up with even the mighty Saiyans, so if they can ever get him to stop falling asleep, maybe he can save the world one day.

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