Dragon Ball: 25 Things About Pan That Make No Sense

The Dragon Ball series follows the story of Goku, a young Saiyan boy as he becomes one of the strongest fighters on Earth. Goku's pure heart has helped him make new friends and turn enemies into allies. The Saiyan also wed a human woman, Princess Chi-Chi, and began a new story together.

Goku's oldest son Gohan met a young woman named Videl at Orange Star High School. At first, Videl was suspicious of her new classmate. Gohan tried to keep his abilities from her, but they brought the couple together instead. Videl was caught in the middle of many alien threats, but Gohan always managed to protect her.

Gohan and Videl eventually married and began a family, making Goku and Chi-Chi grandparents. Pan was the first three-quarter human and one-quarter Saiyan hybrid to be born on Earth. Many expected her to have less ki than her relatives, but more than her human friends, like Krillin.

Pan proved everyone wrong when she displayed her massive powers at a young age. Viewers of the series felt confused about the extent of her powers. Pan kept proving she wielded more abilities than her friends Goten and Trunks, even though she was years younger than them. Goten and Trunks were half-human, half-Saiyan hybrids which should have proved themselves to be stronger, but Pan proved them wrong.

Our spoiler-filled list contains some of the most head-scratching facts about Pan. If you're just as confused as we are about Pan, continue to see what makes her differ from her Dragon Ball co-stars.

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25 A Name Of Many Meanings

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The Son family primarily have names based on food. Gohan means "rice" in Japanese, while Chi-Chi means "milk." Pan is another character to have a food-based name. Her name is Japanese for "bread" but could also be translated to the pan flute, a type of instrument.

While Gohan and Videl may not have planned to name their daughter after food, Chi-Chi always hoped to continue the family tradition.

She asked Videl and Gohan to name their unborn daughter "Gomen," a based on "Go-" a surname common in her immediate family and "-men" which is the suffix of ramen.

24 A Natural In The Ring

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Gohan and Goten were talented fighters at a young age. They received little outside training outside of their father, Goku. Pan developed her skills quickly, with almost no training.

When Pan was four, she faced off against an adult named Wild Tiger during the World Tournament Championship. It's unknown where she received her training, if any. Gohan has always been shown to be overprotective of his daughter, while Videl stopped training altogether after getting married.

23 Doesn’t Like To Lose

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Pan was eventually taught how to fight from her Grandfathers. Goku taught her how to defend herself in battle. Hercule was more interested in the business-side behind training, such as using her fighting skills to train others for money.

None of Pan's teachers taught her how to lose a fight graciously. Pan has been spoiled by her family, so she hates to lose. She will go into a rage when she doesn't get her way. With her fighting skill, an angry Pan has dire consequences for those around her.

22 Naturally Took To The Stars

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The baby Pan had her animated debut in Dragon Ball Super. She was shown using her powers during her mother's pregnancy.

Pan quickly began displaying her strengths as an infant.

She barely knew how to crawl, but quickly learned to fly. We don't know who taught the Saiyan-Human hybrid this vital skill. Pan used her ki to tease her parents by keeping out of reach. Gohan and Videl both know how to fly, but for some reason are too afraid to catch Pan when she's airborne.

21 Has Her Grandmother’s Style

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After Pan was born, her Grandmother Chi-Chi had plans for her. Chi-Chi wanted Pan to show off her feminine side. Chi-Chi didn't wish to Pan to grow up to be a fighter like the rest of her family. Videl disagreed and wanted Pan to dress however she'd like.

When Pan grew older, she ended up taking her Grandmother's advice anyway. Pan's appearance grew to look more like Chi-Chi than her mother as she became older. Pan enjoyed being comfortable, but still enjoyed dressing up occasionally.

20 A Child At Heart

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Everyone knows that Pan is the first grandchild of the series. She's younger than her friends including Trunks and Goten. In Dragon Ball Z, Pan is said to be a five-year-old girl. Her age was changed when the series was adapted for English audiences.

In the Funimation English dub, Pan is supposed to be one year younger. There's no explanation for why she was de-aged by one year. The confusion over her age lasted during her entire existence in the series.

19 Judges Others By Their Appearance

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Pan is very close to her grandfather Goku. They're both playful and love a good battle, even though they're decades apart in age. Goku is de-aged into a child during Dragon Ball GT.

This change made Pan disrespect her grandfather.

She was horrified by the change. Pan stated: "It's awful, having a grandpa who's even smaller than I am." Goku's childish personality didn't change, but his appearance made her so uncomfortable. Pan couldn't look at him the same.

18 Doesn’t Mind The Attention

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Pan was the first grandchild born into the Son and Hercule family. Her entire family spoils her. Their lousy habit has consequences in the future. Pan becomes angry when she doesn't get her way.

Although Pan's family realizes that spoiling her will cause issues in the future, they don't stop. They care more about their first grandchild than teaching her long-lasting life lessons. Thankfully, Pan grows up to be a tough fighter who believes in helping others before herself.

17 Fell Prey To Her Enemies

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Pan can defend herself well in battle but isn't invincible. She has been absorbed by enemies several times throughout the series. In Dragon Ball GT, she was first turned into a doll. As a toy, she was fed by a machine-like being called Luud. Good Buu would later transform Pan again, this time as chocolate, and consume her. The last time Pan was absorbed was by a Dragon. The Shadow Dragon absorbed Pan. He used her as a way to protect himself. Goku wouldn't dare hurt the Dragon with Pan inside.

16 Can Get Away With Anything

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Pan is extremely fortunate to have the Z-Fighters at her side at all times. There's always someone close nearby to care for her. Pan often escapes from their reach. She's the only grandchild of the Son and Hercule family.

Pan gets away with more surprising behavior than other children in the series.

She escaped from her parents home and flew into outer space. Goku and Piccolo were worried when they couldn't find her. This behavior doesn't seem out of place for Pan. She leaves when she wants and returns home when she's ready.

15 Acquired A Unique Skillset

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Like most wives in the Dragon Ball series, they stop training to focus on their families. Gohan trained Videl until they were married. Chi-Chi was no exception. She put away her sword and armor when Gohan was born. Chi-Chi became furious when Goku trained her sons. She didn't pass on her unique skills to anyone, at least not during the anime or manga series. Somehow, her granddaughter Pan managed to learn these fighting techniques. Pan mastered the Maiden range of skills without learning them from Chi-Chi.

14 Showed Off Her Skills Before Walking

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When Pan was a child, she already knew how to fly and breathe in space. Those weren't the only abilities she wielded at a young age.

During the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super, she shows her strength against her future friend. Pan grabs Trunks, which knocks him off-balance. She also kicks him in the stomach, unaware of how strong she was. Trunks wasn't surprised that Gohan's daughter was so powerful, but she once again surprised him by almost stealing his sword.

13 She Doesn't Need A Spacesuit

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Pan gets into some mischief when Goku and Piccolo babysit. She climbs onboard the Pilaf Machine, which is piloted by Pilaf, Shu, and Mai. They're shocked to have the baby onboard and accidentally launch into space. To make matters worse, they accidentally turn on the self-destruct feature. The machine is destroyed, and the trio panics. They can't survive in space.

Pan saves them before it's too late.

She creates a special bubble that protects them all from harm, then safely lands on Earth.

12 Doesn’t Want To Inherit A Legacy

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Pan is a very independent child with a talent for fighting. It's no surprise Hercule would want her as his successor. His daughter, Videl, no longer has an interest in combat. Pan doesn't plan to give up battling but also has no interest in continuing the family business. She makes it clear that she doesn't want to be a hero like her grandpa.

In Dragon Ball Online, Hercule's school suffers from a major scandal. To help her grandma, she ends up inheriting the family business anyway but rebrands it as the Pan Fighting Network.

11 Lacks Motivation, Thanks To Her Family

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Pan has a natural gift for fighting. She didn't need to unlock her ki. Pan unlocked her power while in the womb. She could always hear her family training or discussing defeating the next alien threat. Pan inherited power but has little interest in improving her skills. It's only thanks to Goku's instruction that she learns how to harness her powers.

During GT, Pan loses interest in training. She is willing to fight but doesn't have an interest in becoming the best, unlike her Grandpa Goku and "Uncle" Vegeta.

10 Was Missing A Saiyan Trait

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When Saiyans are born, they have a tail until adulthood. Who can forget Kid Goku's tail as he trained at the Kame House? Goku eventually loses the tail by the time he is reunited with Chi-Chi later in life.

Pan's father, Gohan, was also born a hybrid Saiyan-Human.

He was the first mixed being to be taken with a tail. Goten and Trunks didn't inherit the appendage. Some believed the next female hybrid might inherit the Saiyan tail, but she was also born without one.

9 Appearances Over Power

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Becoming Super Saiyan is a pivotal moment in the Dragon Ball series. It is an ability only those with Saiyan heritage possess. Half-blooded Saiyans, like Trunks and Gohan, also have the talent. Pan should wield this power but has yet to transform. She is excited about the possibility but is more concerned with her appearance. Pan's curious of what she'd look like with golden hair. She's worried that her new hairstyle could clash with her outfit, disregarding all of the benefits of the form.

8 Wants Power Without The Work

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Gohan and Goten both had to train hard to fight along their father. Pan showed her natural talent as a baby. She trained with Goku for years until he was de-aged into a child. After growing into a pre-teen, Pan began to lose interest in her training. She no longer had the motivation to become stronger.

If Pan did continue her training, there could have been no limit to her power. Instead, she chose to rely on Goku and Vegeta for alien threats instead of focusing on herself.

7 Doesn’t Back Down From A Battle

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Pan took on adult fighters when she was four. She had no problem jumping into the ring at the World Tournament.

As a preteen, Pan fought alien threats that were bigger and stronger.

With Goku, they defeat Haze Shenron, a toxic dragon. She would later give Android 20 a difficult fight. Dr. Gero and Android 20 were both so surprised by her strength that they complimented her. She didn't defeat them but held them off long enough to save her friends.

6 Wants To Be Treated As An Equal

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Pan is the youngest in her family. Her grandparents and parents are overprotective of the younger Son family member. Pan had fought a variety of fierce battles and lived to tell the tale. Though she relies on Goku and Vegeta to finish the fights, she gets angry if she's left behind. She wants to be included in those tough battles because she believes she can help out in some way. Pan has proved herself several times but is still considered a child in her family's eyes.

5 Wore The Cape For Hercule

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Pan believes her parents can be embarrassing. They once transformed into superheroes named the Great Saiyamen. By wearing costumes, they concealed their true identities as they saved Hercule City.

Pan never wanted to wear an outfit because she thought they were embarrassing. She ends up wearing one anyway. In her 40s, Pan wears a Great Saiyaman costume to fight the Frieza Force. A unique outfit was unnecessary to battle the alien threat, but she wore one to conceal her identity as Hercule's granddaughter.

4 Prefers To Fight Alone

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Fusion dances allow two people to become a single fighting force. Several Saiyans perform this move, including Goku and Vegeta, Trunks and Goten, and later Kale and Caulifla. Once they fuse, two fighters can become an almost invincible fighting force until their power sources deplete.

Pan finds Fusion Dances embarrassing.

When she sees others dancing, she can't help but look away. It's unfortunate that Pan isn't more accepting towards the dance. By bonding with someone else, she could become an even stronger fighter.

3 Had To Rely On Her Mother’s Strength

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Gohan is a half-Saiyan and half-human hybrid. Videl is pure-blooded human. Together, they brought Pan into the world. She is only one-quarter Saiyan, but many believed she wouldn't have much power.

Pan showed off her skills as early as the during pregnancy. When Beerus was still a villain, the Z-Fighters all lent their strength to Goku. The group was afraid they wouldn't have enough power until Videl revealed her pregnancy. She gave her strength to the Z-Fighters so that Goku could transform into Super Saiyan God mode.

2 Only Lacks The Signature Hairstyle

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While Pan lent her strength to the Z-Fighters, it was Videl who displayed the effects. Her hair turned golden yellow as she transferred Pan's power to Goku. It was the last time that Pan should display any Super Saiyan effects.

The series' creator Akira Toriyama would later explain in the Daizenshuu that she has the potential, but has yet to transform. The Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files explains further that Pan would unleash a unique Super Saiyan never seen before in the series. Caulifla would be the first female Super Saiyan viewers would see in the series.

1 Never Got Her Chance To Shine

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For decades, Dragon Ball fans believed that a combination of Saiyan heritage and strong emotions would transform one into Super Saiyan mode. Goku first transformed when he saw Krillin defeated before his eyes.

According to Akira Toriyama in the Daizenshuu, Pan hasn't had a reason to become Super Saiyan yet.

Pan's older and stronger family members often stepped in to save the day while she stood by and watched. If Pan had a reason to transform, there's no doubt she would jump at the opportunity.

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