Dragon Ball: Ranking All The Levels Of Super Saiyan From Weak To OP

Super Saiyan Third Grade, Super Vegeta or the OG Super Saiyan. Which one is more powerful? Find out below!

Do you remember the Dragon Ball sagas? Technically, they’re still going but  you may have grown up watching the shows and or reading the manga. What stands out to you the most? Is it the heartfelt friendships that started out as rivalries, but ended up as family? Consider Goku and Vegeta. They start as bitter enemies—well, Vegeta considers Goku a bitter enemy, anyway. However, not only do they grow to care for each other, their children become the best of friends. Or maybe it was the comedic, yet oddly sweet turns of the various romances? How goofy Krillin slowly won over cool and aloof Android 18, or how a hot head like Vegeta is unable to resist Bulma’s charms? Was it the five-minute battle of Goku vs. Freiza that somehow spanned eight, yes, eight, episodes? If you’re like us, you would not even have to look up and verify that it was. Indeed, five minutes over eight episodes because it would have left such an incredulous and indelible mark on your childhood memory that you will never, ever forget. Ever. We remember sitting on the edge of our chairs after school, waiting to see if finally Goku would finish off Freiza, and then everything would be okay again. But then the episode ended. And then it ended again. And again. Only, after eight long episodes to have it end that way…! As you can tell, we're still not over it.

All of that was important, undoubtedly, but the most basic and fundamental aspect of all the dragon ball sagas? The varying levels of Super Saiyan.

Here's Ranking All The Levels of Super Saiyan From Weak To OP

16 Super Saiyan 4

via shadowmaster23.deviantart.com

We’re starting out with this particular level of Super Saiyan, or SS for short, because it doesn’t show up until GT and it has so many prerequisites. You need to master the Golden Great Ape and regain consciousness as the Golden Great Ape. Okay, that is all well and good, but there is even more required. Then, you need to have access to a Blutz Wave Generator whenever you want to transform. Except for Goku because, well, he’s Goku and we all know that Goku is something special. Why is he something special? What makes him so freaking amazing at every little thing that he does? Well we never really find out, but that’s a story for another article.

So, back on track. What is the Blutz Wave Generator, you ask? It’s a machine that was built by Bulma. It’s specific task was to help Vegeta turn into Super Saiyan 4, as he lacks a tail, by emitting Blutz Waves. This particular form does have its benefits. It’s a Super Saiyan form after all. It makes the user’s power ten times as strong as Super Saiyan, However, the main drawback to it? It also makes the individual using it become cold and aggressive. Not good.

Art by ShadowMaster23.

15 Super Saiyan Third Grade

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This particular level is also called Super Saiyan 1.5 or Super Saiyan Stage 3. Not confuse it with Super Saiyan 3, which might otherwise be quite easy to do. This form takes intense training to reach and was first achieved by Future Trunks. It was, most likely, achieved in preparation to fight the infamous Cell, who had already defeated Vegeta. This form is slower than Super Saiyan Second Grade or plain old Super Saiyan as the user’s muscles are so much bigger, but it is more powerful.

However, we’ve ranked this the second weakest ranked form because it’s so slow and it's useless in battle.

While Future Trunks does manage to keep up with Cell at first, it quickly becomes apparent that his weakness is speed. This is a weakness that Cell exploits, as it has not even occurred to Future Trunks that he might be slower in such a form. Future Trunks is not all too used to combat yet. That’s not the only hindrance. The muscles in this form are humongous, and they take a lot of energy to maintain. While it’s really super strong, though there are varying accounts as to how strong, you can’t even use it for that extended a period of time.

Art by Dark-Crawler.

14 Super Saiyan Second Grade

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Are you all surprised that this one is next on the list? You should not be! It is super weak. We don’t mean that literally, but more in a figurative way. Here. Have some history. Super Saiyan Second Grade was first achieved by either Vegeta or Future Trunks during training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber over a period of roughly two months. This particular form increases musculature and gives further boost in power through the usage of ki. During the initial transformation into Super Saiyan Second Grade, ki is forced through the body. This causes the Saiyan's muscles to inflate, increasing both power and somehow speed. The form is similar to Super Saiyan, as it is not truly its own level. But, the hair is a bit lighter, and perhaps a tad bit spikier.

This form is first really used to battle Semi-Perfect Cell. It proves not only a match for Cell’s power, but Vegeta is able to dominate Cell. The difference in clout is pretty darn staggering. So much so that Vegeta actually lets his pride get in the way of, you know, beating Cell and allows the villain to absorb Android 18. This allows Cell to transform into Perfect-Cell and become oh-so-insanely powerful. All in all? We aren’t impressed with this form. It doesn’t stand out, and it didn’t end up being all too useful.

13 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Shinka

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Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Shinka, try saying that five times fast, is only ever used by our favorite Saiyan Prince, Vegeta. This form is one step beyond Super Saiyan Blue, and represents the fact that Vegeta has broken through his limitations. In Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Shinka, Vegeta gets his pupils back. Though his eyes stay that incredibly piercing blue and his hair grows longer, but it too stays that shocking shade of icy blue. He bulks up a bit, similar to Super Saiyan Second Grade, but an extra vein-y version.

 Just check out his forehead in this form. That has to cause a migraine. 

Our favorite aspect of this form? We am so very glad you ask, dear reader. It is the fact that Vegeta becomes extra, super sparkly. Extra sparkly. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Shinka is a neat form, mainly due to those extra sparkles that cling to our dear prince like summer fireflies, but it is only used by Vegeta. Meh. It does increase his strength, speed, agility, and stamina, but he achieves this power and still is not able to beat his foe, Jiren. Not so great there, Prince Vegeta.

12 Berserker Super Saiyan

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Berserker Super Saiyan is also known as Legendary Super Saiyan, and is the final form of plain old regular Super Saiyan form. Vegeta makes the bold claim that Berserker Super Saiyan form might actually be the real, unadulterated form of Saiyans, but do we really believe him or is that just wishful thinking? This form is mainly used by Kale and Broly, and is marked by a green-tinted yellow spiky hair motif. The user’s muscles are enlarged, but do not weigh the warrior down as they fight. Unlike other bulky forms of Super Saiyan. A bright green glow surrounds the user of this particular form.

Again, Berserker Super Saiyan is only really used by two people. It doesn't even have sparkles, which almost is a mark against it, but it does give you beefed up muscles without hindering your speed. So, that’s cool. We guess. There is one of the downsides of this particular incarnation of Super Saiyan. While there is immense and unfathomable power, it also turns the user in a jerk. It makes the warrior using it love destruction and abject slaughter. Hm. Not so nice. The pupils vanish from the eyes, and the Saiyan’s skin turns pale.

11 Super Saiyan Green

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Super Saiyan Green is also called Super Sayain 2, but it is specific to the character of Kale. This form is a better-controlled version of Berserker, or Legendary Super Saiyan. Her hair is green, but is Super Saiyan 2 level spiky because it is, again, her equivalent to Super Saiyan 2. Instead of a yellow or golden glow, Kale has a green energy aura that surrounds her. Super Saiyan Green beats Kale’s Berserker Super Saiyan form because it is more stable and less bulky, while being incredibly powerful, fast, and dexterous. But it's too salad-y.

She reaches this form after entering Berserker and being, well, snapped back to her senses by Caulifla. She is able to absolutely control her form once she is “brought back,” and her power is incredibly enhanced. She uses it to battle against Super Saiyan God Goku, but he is able to still deflect and destroy her attacks with ease. Super Saiyan God Goku can not only deflect Super Saiyan Green Kale’s attacks, but those coupled with Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla. Even working in tandem they do not make Goku bat an eyelash. It is pretty much impossible to respect this form, other than the fact it is decently powerful and does not weigh Kale down with excessive bulk.

10 Super Vegeta


Like the name implies, Super Vegeta is only used by, well, Prince Vegeta. This particular form of Super Saiyan boasts stronger ki than lesser forms. He uses this particular iteration of SS in the fight against Cell, which was important. But, this form is pretty much Super Saiyan Second Grade.

This is, technically, the form Vegeta uses when he battles again Semi-Perfect Cell. And when we say battles, we do mean that Prince Vegeta beats the ever loving life out of Cell.

Everyone who witnessed or took part in the battle, including dear Cell who was undoubtedly very confused at the sudden turn of events, wondered how Vegeta  changed drastically. After all, it was not all that long ago that the sassy prince was getting his own toosh handed to him by Cell. Android 18 even goes so far as to think that Vegeta was actually holding back on him when they battled previously, as if Vegeta would ever do such a thing. There is no way his warrior’s pride would allow him to give anything other than his best, which is one of Vegeta’s more redeeming features. Android 18 is informed that no, Vegeta would not do such a thing, and that is when Vegeta declares himself as “Super Vegeta.” We guess, warrants a new classification. Maybe.

9 Super Saiyan Anger

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Super Saiyan Anger is another one of those Super Saiyan forms that is utilized by only one individual, and that individual happens to be by Future Trunks. Super Saiyan Anger appears when Future Trunks is taunted by Zamasu and Goku Black and inevitably triggers the transformation. Future Trunks’ hair is a little more spiky than it is when in Super Saiyan 2, and his whole body has an electric blue aura with a golden glow surrounding it. Super Saiyan Anger is comparable in strength to Super Saiyan Blue, which might attribute to the blue electricity spiking everywhere.

While this form looks cool and is pretty decently powerful, it is just a powered up version of Super Saiyan Second Grade. There are, however, sparkles in this form and we can definitely get behind that. The hair, while spiky, is unique to this form as well because it’s not full-Super Saiyan levels of spike, but it is still pointy. Future Trunks, or Mirai Trunks, takes this form one step further by absorbing the energy of hope from humankind that has gathered into a Spirit Bomb. Which, we suppose, leads us to our next Super Saiyan form on the list.

8 Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan

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Goku is the first to use the form of Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan. He transforms into a Super Saiyan while simultaneously creating and absorbing a Spirit Bomb. He absorbs the bomb into himself, which increases his power but causes him to pass out. Or be unconscious while in this particular form of Super Saiyan. Getting near to Goku in this state runs the risk of losing your life or having a limb being incinerated by the sheer force of power that Goku’s body emits. Super Saiyan Anger Trunks does the same thing to destroy Fused Zamasu. Every living creature on earth is desperate to live and, without realizing, sends their energy to Super Saiyan Anger Future Trunks. This collection of energy transforms into a Spirit Bomb for our extra-angry Super Saiyan Mirai Trunks to then take into himself as fuel to defeat Fused Zamasu.

It is a cool form. There is absolutely no denying that, but it is not used all too much. Goku uses Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan again when fighting Great Ape Baby. The villain creates a Revenge Death Ball, but Goku takes it into himself and uses that burst of power to defeat him. Like we said, it is an interesting form. But, it does not appear often and it does not stand out as its own iteration.

Ary by Zika-Arts.

7 Super Saiyan 2

via rmehedi.deviantart.com

Super Saiyan 2 is also called Ascended Super Saiyan or even Super Saiyan Fifth Grade. Not to confuse it with Super Saiyan Second Grade. After a while, all of these grades do get confusing. Super Saiyan 2 is first achieved by Gohan, as its triggered by his severe distress. This poor child has just seen everyone he knows and loves either eaten by Cell through his suction-tail, or abjectly defeated by the hideous villain.

Golden electrical discharge and super-extra-spiky hair are key features to Super Saiyan 2.

This form is especially extra powerful because every nerve is concentrated, inflating the muscles with ki. It increases power, speed and energy output. All in all, it puts many other Super Saiyan forms to shame. Extreme training and a very strong emotional response are prerequisite to attaining Ascended Super Saiyan. Unfortunately, because of this emotional upheaval, the clarity needed for Super Saiyan is negated and it is much much easier for the Saiyan’s cold nature to assert itself. Gohan is a good example of this. He is normally a happy, peaceful child, but in this form he does not just end Cell. He attacks him repeatedly and torments him. That alone is why it is not higher on the list.

Art by Rmehedi.

6 Super Saiyan 3

via siriussteve.deviantart.com

Super Saiyan 3 is, obviously, the third level of Super Saiyan. It is first achieved by Goku during intensive training when he is in “Other World.” Some of Super Saiyan 3’s remarkable features are the vibrant electrical discharge that surrounds the Saiyan, their aura, and the absolutely luxurious flowing hair that accompanies the form.

Also, what happens to their eyebrows?

Why do they disappear? What is the point? Is it the power of the eyebrow that makes their hair grow so long and opulently lavish? Super Saiyan 3 is the most powerful and final version of regular Super Saiyan forms. It does, however, take the most energy to use and it requires extenuating circumstances to actually achieve. If you are not careful when using Super Saiyan 3, bursting into this form for the first time might just cause you to explode. Doesn’t that sound like fun? No? We can’t say we blame you. Super Saiyan 3 focuses on the mastering and use of ki. Therefore, it consumes much energy to use and causes undue fatigue. Speed, stamina, and strength are all magnified, making this a boss of a form. Think about the first time that Goku used Super Saiyan 3 on earth. It almost tore the planet apart, causing destructive weather.

Art by Sirius Steve.

5 Super Saiyan Rosé

via nekoar.deviantart.com

This version of Super Saiyan is a bit complicated to explain. It is God-level, as in Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, but done by one who is a God themselves. It has the strength equivalent to Super Saiyan Blue, but has a different coloration because, well, the user is already a divine figure. So far, this level has only been achieved by Goku Black. Goku Black, or just Black, as he is sometimes called, is the villain in the Future Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super.

The Super Saiyan Rosé form, like Super Saiyan Blue, has no pupils, but has an aura that changes color from deep blue, to magenta to dark reddish pink, almost like a super metal rainbow. Super Saiyan Rosé turns Goku Black’s hair to light pink, almost white and spiky like in other Super Saiyan forms, but a touch longer. Goku’s whole body radiates with that crackling purple-magenta energy. While it is limited as to who uses it, Goku Black and Fused Zamasu, it’s still pretty neat. Especially as Goku Black has absolute control over his ki in this form. It is revealed in a fight against Prince Vegeta, Goku and Future Trunks. This is Fused Zamasu’s permanent state.

Art by Nekoar.

4 Super Saiyan God


You may wonder why Super Saiyan God beats Super Saiyan Rosé when the latter is, technically, a step above God. Super Saiyan Rosé is used only by Zamasu, either as Fused Zamasu or as Goku Black. While exciting, the fact that it is wielded solely by a villain is, well, a bit of a turn-off. Villains, while they may temporarily have the upper hand, never ultimately succeed in our beloved universe of Dragon Ball.

So let us talk about Super Saiyan God. It is achieved by Goku during a ritual involving six Saiyans, and is only ever really used by Vegeta other than Goku. Goku’s hair and pupils turn red, similar to the color of his fur when he is Super Saiyan 4, but his hair does not become extra-spiky or luxuriously long, alas. The shape remains relatively the same. He does, have fiery discharge, a bright blue aura with blue and white sparkles, and no extra-buff muscles to slow him down and make the form redundant. Super Saiyan God is, technically, separate from the Super Saiyan transformations. While it is powerful enough to defeat the God of Destruction, Beerus, this iteration has its price. The amount of energy it takes to use is monumental. It drains the user very quickly, so the form cannot be sustained for long periods of time.

Ary by Ade Bachitar W.

3 Super Saiyan Blue

via dark-crawler.deviantart.com

This level of Super Saiyan is pretty freaking OP. Not only does it look really cool, but it is powerful. Super Saiyan Blue has the power of Super Saiyan God, but the stability of the first Super Saiyan Form. Super Saiyan Blue is first attained by Goku through training. It is a pretty complicated process that involves either absorbing the power of a God or by obtaining godly ki through training with one. It is then achieved by going Super Saiyan in Super Saiyan God form, and it has a glowing blue light instead of yellow color scheme.

This form has it all. It's powerful and doesn't drain energy.

We are talking a powerfully huge blue aura, as well as extra-spiky glowing blue hair. This form does boast no pupils. The reason that Goku’s energy and hair are blue is to convey the tranquility that Goku has in this form. It is a direct comparison to Super Saiyan Rosé, which is largely red-based and used by an angry and violent individual. One of the many benefits of using Super Saiyan Blue is that the user, either Vegeta or Goku, has complete control over their ki, which means the form is not draining. This is, again, technically, the most powerful of all Super Saiyan forms, which is why it is ranked almost number one. Almost, but not quite.

Art by Dark-Crawler.

2 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken

via dragonball.wikia.com

What is more powerful than the most powerful Super Saiyan form, you ask? Well, that would be Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. The aura on this form alone could knock someone ten ways to Sunday. This particular Super Saiyan iteration uses Kaio-ken, while transformed as Super Saiyan Blue. What does that mean exactly? Let us tell you. It coordinates the boosts Goku gets from the Godly form with Kaio-ken, and uses them both in harmony. The aura itself is multifaceted, with the crimson aspect of the aura representing Kao-ken, which is then surrounded the blue godly light, which in turn engulfs the Saiyan.

Goku developed this technique himself specifically to fight Beerus, as the deity is incredibly powerful. However, if this form is used too long, it can result in Delayed Onset Ki Disorder. That means Goku’s ki is unstable. It may result in runaway Instant Transmissions and flying not going in his intended direction. While this form is incredibly powerful, it is also quite risky at the same time. It was necessary to best the God, but is by no means something that is recommended for daily use. Only three out of five doctors recommend it. Okay, dear reader, without further ado, let’s dive into our number one, absolute OP form.

1 Super Saiyan


That is right, dear reader. The number one Super Saiyan form is the OG Super Saiyan. It might not be the most powerful form, looking at you Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, but it is the original and, arguably, the best of all. Let us look back to that first transformation into this legendary form, shall we? Remember that epic battle we mentioned in the intro, don’t you? You know, that one between Frieza and Goku that lasted at least a billion episodes even though it only took place over the course of five minutes? Yes, the transformation happened just before that battle.

What triggers it, you ask? Why, the death of Krillin. How could you forget?! Goku’s anger over the loss of his best friend causes him to finally make the transformation, proving the legends true. Super Saiyan did exist. Super Saiyan is the best of all forms because it’s the impossible form. It's one that Frieza himself had tried to destroy and led to the absolute destruction of planet Vegeta. Not only is it a legend come to life, but if you invest in mastering the Super Saiyan form, it can be more powerful than Super Saiyan 2 or 3. It, also, takes less energy to maintain. Super Saiyan is OP.

Art by Xera_Arts.

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