25 False Things About Dragon Ball Super That Everyone Believed

Dragon Ball Super's popularity and hectic production has made it the victim of the series' penchant for miscommunication.

What better way to celebrate the success of the latest Dragon Ball movie then to look back on the most recent series, Dragon Ball Super? The most recent show of the franchise was met with mixed responses upon its arrival. At first there was mostly negative criticism, however, the show did get better over time. Still, some problems persisted, such as the lack of interesting story-lines or compelling villains. Even in the face of such negativity, people would flock to see each episode every week until its eventual completion.

However, in our pursuit to find every flaw and mistake, we sometimes end up being too harsh on Dragon Ball Super. This leads to the rise of false information or “facts” that give people the wrong idea about the show. It’s especially confusing in a fan-base as large as the one for Dragon Ball. There are so many online communities dedicated to the discussion of this single franchise, that there is bound to be some confusion or spread of misinformation. It’s not anyone’s fault, just something that’s bound to happen when you have millions of fans.

Not to worry, as the that’s what this article is for. We’ve compiled 25 different false facts about Dragon Ball Super which have spread around the internet. Some of these are less obvious than others and you might’ve missed them amidst the chaos. Since the show is currently on hiatus, it’s a good time to dispel some of the false information about Dragon Ball Super. That way, if the show restarts, we can make up new fake facts about the show!

25 Movie VS Series

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It can be confusing to determine which events to follow; the movies or the series. This problem started when the first two arcs of Dragon Ball Super decided to retell the same story of Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. It seemed very unnecessary at the time and still appears to be so.

There is a safe method to take here though. Always assume that the anime is canon until it's specifically mentioned otherwise. Which still isn't a perfect method because the manga has continued to tell its story while the anime has stopped.

24 Trunks' Transformation

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The blue aura of Trunks' transformation can be a little off-putting. This aura was reserved for the Super Saiyan Blue transformation. Has Trunks somehow tapped into that power without knowing it? How would that even be possible without the same level of training Goku and Vegeta overcame?

The truth is, this has nothing to do with Super Saiyan Blue. Trunks' new form is known as Super Saiyan Rage. It's similar to the power Gohan activated during the Cell Saga. It's presumably a power that only a child of a Saiyan and Earthling can activate. However, that hasn't been officially confirmed.

23 Animation Quality

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The most talked about aspect of Dragon Ball Super was the animation. It was one of the most inconsistent pieces of art the series had ever seen. There are moments when the animation is stunning and rivals other high-quality anime, especially during the later arcs of the story.

Then you have the absolutely awful parts. Like in the image above, which is from episode five. These are the moments when Dragon Ball Super falls flat on its face. However, this wasn't because the animators were lazy. The core issue has more to with Toei's poor scheduling.

22 The End Of The Story

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Those who followed the anime for Dragon Ball Super may think that the story ended with the closure of the show. However, the recent movie about Broly is a direct continuation of the plot and is even canon to the series.

On top of that, the manga has continued to print and cover the next arc after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. There is also a returning character, keeping the lore moving forward. However, if you prefer the anime, then it's best for you to avoid the manga and wait for the eventual adaptation.

21 How Did Android 17 Know Goku?

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Some fans thought there was a plot hole in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super regarding Android 17. During the former, Android 17 states he recognized Goku's voice. However, he never heard Goku talk as he was absorbed by Cell before they met.

It turns out Android 17 had some form of consciousness while inside of Cell. It was there where he was able to hear Goku's voice. Which is why he was able to recognize him all those years later.

20 Frieza's Personality

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It's not uncommon to think that Frieza has become more of a "good guy" after helping the heroes out in the Tournament of Power. However, he is still the same sadist that everyone feared during his introduction.

Frieza still prioritizes his own gains over that of everyone else. Even in the final moments of the Tournament of Power, Frieza was trying to convince Goku to revive him after the battle. A promise which Goku upholds, much to Vegeta's dismay. Even in the new movie, we see Frieza relishing in the pain of others.

19 The Truth Of Ultra Instinct

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What is Ultra Instinct? This is a question that even the show had trouble explaining properly. We learn from Whis that Ultra Instinct is a martial arts technique, not a transformation. It's about dodging and attacking without thinking, based solely on instinct.

Yet, Goku very clearly transforms when using this ability. It turns out that Goku does get a new transformation. However, the actual Ultra Instinct ability he uses is still a martial arts technique. The new transformation simply allows Goku to use that power efficiently.

18 Trunks' New Hair Color

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A point of contention in Dragon Ball Super was the hair color of Trunks being changed from purple to blue. This was to match it with Bulma's blue hair. Oddly enough, kid Trunks still retains purple hair.

Now, let's clear up all the confusion here. The original hair color for both Bulma and Trunks is purple (from the manga). In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma was given blue hair, but Trunks retained his original purple. Now, in Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks had his hair changed to match Bulma's.

17 Future Mai's Age

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Mai's age in the future can be a bit confusing. Originally, she's supposed to be much older since she's been around since the original Dragon Ball. However, in the main timeline, Mai and the rest of the Pilaf Gang used the Dragonballs to become kids again.

So, why does Mai look so young in the future where the Dragonballs don't exist (since Piccolo is gone). Well, the only explanation is that they used Dragonballs right around the time when Piccolo fought the future androids and lost his life. And they would've had to de-age into infants for things to work out.

16 Is Super Saiyan Blue Weak?

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During the Tournament of Power, it appeared that the Super Saiyan Blue transformation was under-powered. Even before that, this new form failed to put up a decent fight against Zamasu and Goku Black. So, what's the issue? Aren't these guys supposed to be strong?

For the sake of a somewhat coherent plot, these new transformations appeared to be much weaker than they should. Otherwise, you would have Goku and Vegeta stomp through most of the competition in the Tournament of Power. Also, Goku keeps saying he doesn't have enough stamina, so there's that as well.

15 Goku Using Destruction Energy

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You may have seen some images of Goku using Destruction Energy. If you're unfamiliar with the manga, then it might appear to be fan-art or something like that. However, it really did happen, but is exclusive to the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Goku uses the Hakai ability against Zamasu. As you might expect, it's not perfected so the attack doesn't work out properly. Whether this is canon or not is another question. It comes down to what you personally follow, either the manga or the anime.

14 Timelines And The Multiverse

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Things always get weird when time travel and a parallel universe is involved. Well, Dragon Ball Super thought it would be a good idea to have multiple timelines and multiple universes. Both of which seem to coincide with each other.

First, there are 12 universes. On top of that, there are multiple timelines. So, you have the main timeline and the Future Trunks timeline. Each timeline also has its own version of the multiverse as well as King Zeno. It's very confusing but makes a bit more sense once you think about for a while.

13 Why Are The Universe 6 Saiyans So Strong?

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Something that bothered a lot of fans was how powerful the Saiyans from Universe 6 was. They were able to attain Super Saiyan 2 transformations relatively fast and seemed to be much stronger than expected. Fans thought they shouldn't be so strong.

But there are some things to consider. First of all, they are still Saiyans. They are still a warrior race who are always training to become stronger fighters. It's the same as questioning why Goku can go Super Saiyan when no one else could for centuries. Also, Akira Toriyama introduced the concept of S-Cells. These are special genes that a Saiyan can have. The more they have, the easier it is to become a Super Saiyan.

12 Potara Earring Limitations

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Vegetto's short time span as a fused warrior left many fans confused. Potara earrings were supposed to be permanent, so why did Vegetto defuse after a few minutes, at best? Well, it turns out that potara earrings do have a time limit if it's mortals doing the fusion.

After looking at Vegetto, fans thought the time limit was fairly short, around 15 minutes or so. However, the actual limit is one hour. The only reason Vegetto defused so fast was that of his high power level. Apparently, that has a major effect on the time two warriors spend as a fused being.

11 Why Is Kefla So Strong?

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It's understandable that fans believed Kefla's power was overstated in the show. She shouldn't be so strong and be able to put up such a great fight against Goku and his Super Saiyan Blue transformation. However, she managed to push Goku into using his Ultra Instinct.

It's important to remember that the potara act as a multiplier. There is sufficient evidence to believe that potara earrings are more powerful than the fusion dance. Although that has come into question after seeing how powerful Gogeta was in the most recent movie.

10 Kale, The "Legendary" Super Saiyan

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Kale is supposedly the Legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 6. Well, her transformation isn't quite the same as what we see Broly achieve in the most recent movie. In that movie, it's clear that Broly was channeling the Oozaru transformation in human form.

That's where Kale and Broly differ. The Universe 6 Saiyans don't have tails, so they can't even transform into an Oozaru. Which makes Kale's "Legendary" Super Saiyan very different from the one Broly attains. Broly is also a lot more powerful in his crazed state as he forces Goku and Vegeta to fuse.

9 Zeno's Actual Intentions

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It may appear that Zeno is just a child who has way too much power. He wanted to destroy the universes anyway but also wanted to get some entertainment out of it. It's actually kind of morbid that he would make the various universes fight each other for survival.

However, his intention was just to test them. He never intended to permanently remove the universes and would've brought them back. It was all a test to see whether the universes had good people in them. While there are admittedly better ways to do so, there's no doubt that Zeno cares about his subjects.

8 Conspiracy Theory About Angels

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There were some fan theories floating around about the angels planning some sort of conspiracy against Zeno. There are other theories about them too regarding the fact they weren't erased with their respective universes. Naturally, some of the theories are just for fun.

Still, it's best to dispel any potential false rumors. As far as the official canon goes, there is no reason to believe any of these fan theories. The angels seem to be entirely obedient to Zeno and their respective God of Destruction. For now, the angels don't seem to be planning anything sinister.

7 Confusions Around Hit's Time Skip

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Hit's Time Skip is one of the best new abilities introduced in Dragon Ball Super. With it, Hit is able to "skip" time for a one-tenth of a second, leaving his opponents open to attack. There may be some confusion as to how it works exactly, so that's what we want to clear up.

Contrary to popular belief, Hit does not freeze time at all. All he does is skip it to catch his opponents off guard. It's almost like temporarily entering an alternate dimension, which is evident when Goku "breaks" the time skip.

6 Beerus Hates Champa

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Beerus and Champa are constantly fighting and arguing with each other. They also seem bent on beating the other so it can feel as if the two have animosity between them. It's no surprise that some fans thought that these two Gods of Destruction hate each other.

But there does seem to be some genuine friendship between them. The first is when Beerus restores the Earth in Universe 6 with the help of the Super Dragon Balls. Also, Beerus seems to be concerned when Champa is close to being erased from existence after Kefla lost her fight with Goku. The two are more like friendly rivals than enemies.

5 Super Saiyan God Multiplier

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Believe it or not, there's no official multiplier for the Super Saiyan God transformations., despite the previous ones having a clear multiplier. Super Saiyan was 50 times base and Super Saiyan 2 was about 200 times base. Despite some theories among the fans, there is no official multiplier.

This can make comparing characters very difficult. We have no idea how to gauge Goku's power level, especially when compared to his previous forms. Ideally, the Super Saiyan God transformation would've had a multiplier. For example, something like 1000 times base. It doesn't have to be that number, but anything would've helped out.

4 Confusing Power Scaling

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The power scaling in Dragon Ball Super doesn't make a lot of sense. That much anyone can figure out from watching the Tournament of Power. However, there are still a few misconceptions floating around regarding how certain characters match up with each other.

For example, even though Android 17 was able to fight well against Goku and Jiren, he is nowhere near their level. He only looked more capable than he really is because of his intelligent fighting. The same goes for other instances like Krillin and Android 18 fighting Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

3 The Family Names

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There's a popular belief that Bulma's last name is Briefs, coming from her father, Dr Briefs. However, that actually isn't the case at all. In fact, most characters in the Dragon Ball universe don't even have a family name.

The only notable characters who have a clear family name are Goku and his two sons. Their last name is Son. It's quite surprising to hear that the concept of a family name is almost non-existent in Akira Toriyama's fictional world. In which case, it raises the question. How did Grandpa Gohan obtain a family name?

2 Is The "End Of Z" Canon?

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The ending of Dragon Ball Z has Goku go on another adventure in order to train Uub, the reincarnation of Majin Buu. It takes place around 10 years after the defeat of Kid Buu, so time-wise, it's still possible in Dragon Ball Super. So, is it still possible for this to happen?

Considering the fact that both the Super anime and manga have taken the time to mention Uub (the latter showing him outright,) and nothing in the series' canon contradicting the fact the events of the finale other than some lines of dialogue, it's highly unlikely the series' original ending will be changed to accommodate Super.

1 Doubts Regarding Zeno's Power

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Some fans believe it is possible for someone to beat Zeno due to his lack of martial arts abilities. He even had trouble following some high-speed fights during Dyspo's light speed attack. Whereas the angels and others were able to follow with ease.

Some of this comes down to his childish nature and inability to concentrate on one thing. He is still a child. However, there is no reason to doubt his powers. This is evident during the Tournament of Power where Zeno erases the various universes one by one. No matter how skilled his opponent is, Zeno can just erase them.

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