Dragon Ball: 25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Battle Of The Gods (And Super) Left Hanging

The Dragon Ball series truly is one of the most popular anime series of all time. It certainly wouldn't be a stretch to say that the show single-handedly invoked a sense of love for shōnen anime in an entire generation. Obviously, it goes without saying that Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and a large number of other shōnen anime are great in their own right — in fact, one might argue that their quality is way better — but they definitely owe their success to the massive popularity of Dragon Ball Z. The worldwide appeal of this series is simply astounding, and the demand for more Dragon Ball content was so intense that Toriyama finally gave in and created a new movie in the form of Battle Of The Gods, which was later adapted into the first arc of Dragon Ball Super.

However, while it's certainly great that we were provided with more Dragon Ball material, the fact of the matter is that there are still a number of plot holes and unsolved mysteries that have arisen as a result of this new chapter into the series. We understand that it has been 18 years since Dragon Ball Z had ended, but it still doesn't excuse these grievous mistakes. So, without further ado, here are 25 of the most egregious plot holes and errors that have arisen due to the mere existence of Battle Of The Gods.

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25 The Super Saiyan God Legend Came Out Of Nowhere

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Remember when Vegeta mentioned the story of the legendary Super Saiyan during the Frieza Saga? It was a tale for the ages that built up what just might be the greatest transformation of all time in anime history when the rage in Goku built up to a breaking point after Krillin was taken care of by Frieza.

But in Super, this legend was transcended by an even legendary legend.

Somehow, out of nowhere, Beerus ended up getting a premonition of a Super Saiyan God, which ended up being true when Goku was able to attain this legendary form. This begs the question — exactly what was Toriyama thinking when he decided to pull this legend from seemingly out of nowhere? The whole thing just reeks of retcon, and the worst part is that...

24 This "Legendary" Transformation Was Used Only Once

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Imagine building up an entire arc around one particular transformation, which pays off in dividends when the hero attains this particular transformation and goes head-to-head with an actual god in a fight for the ages. Sounds amazing, right? Well, try telling Toriyama that, since he apparently didn't think that the Super Saiyan God transformation was anything spectacular.

After all, this form was only used once in the entire series.

What an absolute waste. Instead of letting Vegeta transform into this awesome state and also have some cool moments of his own, Toriyama decided to let things be and used the Super Saiyan God transformation as nothing more than a gateway into more transformations.

The following entry makes this look all the more stupid.

23 Why Did The Super Saiyan God Transformation Make Goku Lean When Super Saiyan Blue Retains The Muscle?

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One of the most striking aspects of the Super Saiyan God transformation is the sheer change in one's physicality, which is quite unprecedented, to say the least. Instead of bulking up like one might experience with the usual transformation shtick, Super Saiyan God ended up making Goku look leaner, which was surprisingly cool.

However, Super Saiyan Blue shares none of this uniqueness.

Instead, this transformation retains the same muscle mass that both Goku and Vegeta sport anyway. If this was bound to be the case anyway, then what even was the point of making Super Saiyan God look unique in the first place? After all, Super Saiyan Blue is basically an Ascended Super Saiyan God, so retaining the same physicality would've made sense.

22 The Logic That Fighting In God Form Increases Your Power Level Permanently Is Flawed

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One of the major aspects of Dragon Ball that's stressed on time and time again is the fact that without adequate training, a particular fighter simply won't be able to keep up with the rest of the group. This is perhaps why both Goku and Vegeta make it a point to train as much as possible, so that they are able to utilize the time they have to increase their power levels as much as possible.

However, this philosophy is thrown out of the window in Dragon Ball Super.

Somehow, after attaining the power of a Super Saiyan God, Goku's body was able to adapt to this immense power in mere moments, even after he'd reverted to his base form. How does this even make any sense? Going by this logic, Goku should've been able to retain the power of a Super Saiyan even after going back to his base form as well, right?

21 There's No Way That Vegeta Is A Pure-Hearted Saiyan

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In order to become a Super Saiyan God, a chosen Saiyan needs to receive his power from six righteous Saiyans, which will then allow him to ascend to the state of a Super Saiyan God. Through a rather convenient pregnancy, Goku was able to attain this state as well. However, if one looks at this scene realistically, then there was no scope for Goku to attain this power.

After all, one of the people giving Goku this power was Vegeta.

Anyone who's devoutly followed the Dragon Ball series can attest to the fact that there's absolutely no scope of Vegeta being a righteous Saiyan. The sheer number of injustices he's committed proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Vegeta still is one of the most messed-up characters in the world of Dragon Ball.

20 Since When Did Super Saiyan 2 Become More Powerful Than Super Saiyan 3?

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Dragon Ball has always been quite transparent when it comes to power levels. People who seem like they can't even throw a punch to save their life end up showcasing a power level that throws everyone for a loop. However, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to the Super Saiyan transformations, there's a clear-cut division of power that has been established beforehand.

So why is Super Saiyan 2's power greater than a Super Saiyan 3?

After all, there's a reason why the numbers 2 and 3 are attached to these forms... and yet, for some reasons, Saiyans who can transform into a Super Saiyan 2 can end up powering up to such an extent that Super Saiyan 3 looks paltry by comparison. Not only does this make little to no sense, but it also makes the Super Saiyan 3 transformation look incredibly weak as well.

And speaking of things that make no sense...

19 Becoming A Super Saiyan Has Nothing To Do With Emotional Imbalance Anymore

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There was a time when turning Super Saiyan used to be one of the most epic things imaginable. We say this due to the sheer amount of power — from both a physical and mental standpoint — that's required to transform and reach such an unprecedented level of power. However, this used to be the norm in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super is a whole another story.

While Super Saiyan 3 is the only transformation in Dragon Ball Z that was achieved through immense training, it seems that this mentality has shifted over to Dragon Ball Super in the worst way possible. The Super Saiyan God transformation was nothing short of disappointing, and Super Saiyan Blue was also pretty underwhelming as well. While Ultra Instinct might be somewhat different in comparison, it still doesn't take away from the fact that the transformations in Super have been pretty disappointing.

18 Zenkai Has Become Nonexistent At This Point

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If you thought that emotional transformations are the only thing missing in Dragon Ball Super, think again. There's one major aspect of the Dragon Ball series that has been ignored for the most part, which actually played a pretty substantial role in the Frieza Saga.

The concept of Zenkai is now forgotten.

This is quite disappointing since the idea of Saiyans becoming stronger after coming back from the brink of defeat is truly something to fear. Unfortunately, it seems that Toriyama has seemingly forgotten this integral aspect of Dragon Ball. While some people might argue that the power boost received through Zenkai is irrelevant right now, the fact that it isn't even mentioned is still a pretty major sticking point.

But perhaps the biggest mistake in Dragon Ball Super is that...

17 The Existence Of Beerus Itself Is A Huge Plothole

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The God of Destruction truly is one of the most complex characters in Dragon Ball, and had grown on fans over time. His unique partnership with Whis is truly one of the highlights of Dragon Ball Super, and the fact of the matter is that there are very few characters who can rival this person when it comes to sheer power.

However, this poses a major problem for the series.

By creating such an unassailably powerful character, Toriyama has pretty much written himself into a corner. The sheer existence of this character means that there are a ton of events in Dragon Ball Z that could've been avoided if Beerus had intervened. The fact that such a powerful deity isn't even mentioned before Dragon Ball Super is pretty suspect in itself.

16 Kid Buu Is Stronger Than Beerus, According To The Old Kai

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Actually, we might be lying when we said that Beerus wasn't mentioned in Dragon Ball Z. While his name wasn't explicitly stated, the fact of the matter is that the God of Destruction is still indirectly talked about — that too by none other than the Old Kai himself, who said that a certain entity had trapped him inside the Z Sword.

In Dragon Ball Super, this entity is revealed to be Beerus.

However, there's a certain line of Old Kai's dialogue that makes no sense. Basically, while talking about Kid Buu's power, Old Kai states that the person who trapped him inside the sword was still weaker than Kid Buu.

Yeah, we're pretty sure that we don't need to get into detail about why this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

15 Destroying A Planet Over Some Pudding Is Plain Stupid

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Normally, when one talks about a god, the image that comes to mind is of a level-headed individual who won't even be remotely affected by any minor issues that would normally affect the mood of normal individuals. These deities would see to it that they fulfill their role to a T, with no exceptions — or at least, that's what you might think.

Beerus is none of these things.

If anything, this God of Destruction is one of the most volatile personalities one has ever met. His mood swings are legendary, which makes him completely unstable and unreliable. The fact that he was ready to blow up Earth over some freaking pudding speaks volumes when it comes to his aptitude as a god.

14 In A Series About Controlling Your Power, Both Goku And Beerus Have Freaking Aura Dragons

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While the franchise might be the same, there are still a ton of fundamental differences between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super that most fans have noticed. Perhaps one of the major differences is the fact that instead of releasing all your power in one burst, the latest series is more about controlling your power — as seen in the fact that a deity's power can't even be sensed.

However, there's one scene that completely craps on this mentality.

During the fight that Beerus and Goku have in the anime, when both of them start fighting each other seriously, there's a point where both individuals power up to an extreme level. This leads to them sporting literal aura dragons, and completely shatters the concept of controlling one's power.

13 Beerus Lied When He Said That He Destroyed All The Dinosaurs On Earth

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Remember when we said that Toriyama had basically written himself into a corner when he introduced Beerus to the world of Dragon Ball? Well, it seems that we weren't kidding. There are so many problems that have stemmed from the introduction of Beerus that it's not even funny.

One of the best examples of this is a blatant lie that Beerus bragged about.

Upon witnessing a dinosaur on Earth, Beerus casually remarked that he was the reason why dinosaurs had become extinct. However, anyone who's even remotely familiar with the series that call this BS out. After all, there were so many dinosaurs in Dragon Ball Z itself!

It seems that Beerus truly was overestimating his power. After all...

12 Bulma Should Not Be Standing After Taking A Blow From Beerus

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It doesn't take a Dragon Ball expert to state the fact that Bulma has never trained for a second in her entire life. After all, she was a scientist, and fighting isn't exactly her specialty. So, a blow from someone as strong as Beerus would surely incapacitate her for good right?

Somehow, even after being slapped by Beerus, Bulma was able to stand on her own two feet after a while, which is — quite frankly — impossible. While we did get a cool scene when Vegeta was able to land a blow on Beerus, this still doesn't take away from the fact that Bulma should've been sent to an early grave with this blow.

11 Bulma Said That She Was 38 During Her Birthday Party, Which Is Not Possible

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It seems that Toriyama gave up on continuity when it came to Bulma's character. We've already discussed one instance in the previous entry that involved this character, but the fact of the matter is that the entire scenario of Battle Of The Gods is based on a premise that shouldn't even be possible — Bulma's Birthday.

Bulma said her age is 38, which makes her younger than Goku.

Any longtime fan of the Dragon Ball series knows exactly why we're pointing out this particular fact — Goku was a toddler when he met Bulma, which makes it physically impossible for Bulma to be 38. Perhaps she was lying about her age, but that's still not a great explanation for this continuity error.

10 Goten, Trunks, And Marron Haven't Even Grown An Inch

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Before we get into the meat of this entry, we need to state beforehand that — in case you were unaware of this fact — Dragon Ball Super takes place years after the Kid Buu arc in Dragon Ball Z. The world has gone back to a state of relative peace, most of the Z Fighters are doing their own thing right now...

And the kids have grown up to become... kids?

This is one of the major problems of any anime series, and Dragon Ball Super is no exception to this rule — in a bid to maintain a relative sense of familiarity, Goten, Trunks, and Marron look exactly like their selves near the end of Dragon Ball Z.

While this is weird for obvious reasons, there's another development that should've happened over the years, but didn't.

9 How Is Hercule Constantly Getting Away With Being A Fraud?

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One might think that a character like Hercule would be reviled by the majority of Dragon Ball fans — and he was universally hated at one point. However, this perception slowly changed over time during the Buu saga, and fans eventually warmed up to him. However, no matter how nice the person might be, it still doesn't take away from the fact that the man is essentially a fraud.

And yet, people still think he's the strongest man alive.

This has one major implication in the world of Dragon Ball — Earthlings are incredibly stupid, and that's putting it mildly. There had to be at least one smart person who would've doubted Hercule's achievements, but instead of doing so, they just eat up anything and everything that Hercule serves them.

8 It's Hard To Believe That A Gifted Warrior Like Gohan Completely Ignored His Training

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Gohan used to be one of the most imposing Z Fighters in Dragon Ball Z. His natural aptitude when it came to fighting was quite apparent, and pretty much every Dragon Ball fan fondly remembers the time when he achieved the Super Saiyan 2 form for the first time against Cell.

However, in Dragon Ball Super, he's become a mere afterthought.

During the years between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, Gohan decided to pursue his education and get a stable job, which meant that he had to sideline his training and became somewhat of an irrelevant fighter as a result. This is quite a saddening development, and breaks the illusion of Gohan being a promising fighter.

7 Whis' Powers Basically Imply That Nothing Really Matters Anymore

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The dynamic of angels and Gods of Destruction co-existing is certainly quite interesting, and this pairing — which became a major aspect of Dragon Ball Super — was introduced to us for the first time when Whis and Beerus made their now-iconic appearance. However, as is the case with most of the new elements that Toriyama and Toyotaro introduced to Dragon Ball Super, the sheer power that angels have has completely broken any tension in the series.

If Whis can turn back time, then there's no point to anything.

Realistically, the fact that Frieza had blown up Earth would be a tragic tale. However, since Whis had the power to turn back time, this action was pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, and just goes to show that Dragon Ball Super is nothing more than glorified fan fiction.

6 Why Hasn't Goku Taught Instant Transmission To Someone Else?

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Goku's Instant Transmission technique is one of the most useful things he's ever learned. This technique basically allows him to travel at the speed of light and reach places with ease. Through this technique, Goku was able to get wherever he was needed in the nick of time.

So why hasn't he taught this technique to anyone else?

After all, if the Instant Transmission technique really is all that useful, then surely the other fighters would've also benefited from traveling at the speed of light as well. It's not like this technique could only be learned by Goku — after all, he learned it from another race, so teaching the same technique to his own species would've been somewhat easier.

And this isn't the only technique that Goku selfishly kept as his own.

5 Why Is The Kaio-ken Solely Goku's Technique?

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The Kaio-ken is one of the most powerful techniques that an individual can use. This technique basically allows an individual to multiply his strength to a massive extent. Most of the fanbase was cheering for joy when this favored technique made its comeback in Dragon Ball Super, when Goku combined the powers of Super Saiyan Blue with the Kaio-ken for a truly deadly combination.

But why is this solely Goku's technique?

After all, it's not like the Kaio-ken can only be performed by Goku alone. The fact of the matter is that this technique would've been extremely useful for any individual, and it's just plain selfish that Goku chose to keep this technique for himself, rather than teach it to the other Z Fighters too.

4 The Movie Isn't Even Canon

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The announcement of Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods was met with great fervor and anticipation. Finally, after almost two decades of inactivity, Dragon Ball was back with new material that would add to the rich lore of the series!

Wait... that didn't happen.

While the movie certainly was a nostalgic trip that reunited us with the cast, do not make the mistake of thinking that this movie is canon, because it's not. Granted, the movie was adapted into the first arc of Dragon Ball Super, where certain events were fleshed out so that the series could establish a solid foothold. However, this still doesn't excuse the fact that Battle Of The Gods was nothing more than a placeholder for better things.

And speaking of the movie...

3 What Was The Original Script That Toriyama Ended Up Altering?

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This has become a pretty well-known story, but if you're not aware, let us give you a refresher — the original script of Battle Of The Gods was meant to be quite darker, and feature Beerus in a more sinister light. However, when Toriyama read the story, he hated it and re-wrote the entire thing. This final product that we ended up it had a significantly lighter tone, which begs a crucial question.

Just what were the contents of this rejected script?

Speculation has been rampant when it comes to this particular topic. After all, the content might've been quite controversial if Toriyama had to step in and change everything! Was the design for Super Saiyan God bulkier? Were there significant developments that Toriyama wasn't particularly fond of? It seems we'll never know the answer to this question.

2 This Is Not The First Official Sequel To Dragon Ball Z

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If you were thinking that Battle Of The Gods is the only official sequel of Dragon Ball Z, then it's time that you strap yourself in for a wild ride.

You see, while Dragon Ball Super is considered to be the "sequel" to Dragon Ball Z, there actually was another storyline that was written by none other than Toriyama himself.

This story was part of an MMORPG called "Dragon Ball Online."

There was obviously a lot of time and effort put into Dragon Ball Online. An entire Buu race was meticulously written for the purpose of fleshing this game out as much as possible. Unfortunately, the game never really gained any steam, and wasn't even deemed worthy of a worldwide release.

What a massive shame.

1 The Existence Of This Arc Means That The Epilogue Of Dragon Ball Z Makes No Sense

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THIS. This is one of the major reasons why most fans (although in this case, they were more like gatekeepers) didn't exactly appreciate the idea for Battle Of The Gods, and Dragon Ball Super in general. Dragon Ball Z already had a pretty solid epilogue, which is also perhaps why Dragon Ball GT was also universally hated.

With the events of Dragon Ball Super, the epilogue of DBZ makes no sense anymore.

It's easy to see why this is the case. After all, the new forms introduced in the series along with the new characters that have been introduced makes it all the more glaring that all of these new elements are missing from Dragon Ball Z's epilogue.

Of course, it's impossible to have hindsight that can look 20 years into the future. But hey, a plot hole is still a plot hole.

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