Dragon Ball: 20 Things About Chi-Chi That Make No Sense

Dragon Ball fans have followed Goku’s adventures since childhood. The young Saiyan had two traveling partners in the first series: Yamcha and Bulma. Things grew complicated with Goku after meeting another strong female during his travels named Chi-Chi. She wore a pink helmet and inappropriate bikini armor, but she was a frightening force no one wanted to fight.

Chi-Chi is the daughter of the Ox-King, so she is used to being strong-willed. Her personality has served her well. Thanks to her persistence, she managed to save her kingdom from ruin. Not only did she save the people she loved, but she also married the protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. Goku was so impressed by her strong will he didn’t question her proposal.

Like with most females of the Dragon Ball series, they take a backseat to the Z-Fighters after getting married. Though Chi-Chi didn’t turn into a docile housewife like Videl, she still held herself back from unleashing her true potential. Some fans were disappointed by Chi-Chi’s personality change while others were angered.

Chi-Chi is often branded as the “most annoying” character of the series. We’ve compiled a list of some facts about the most outspoken Son family member. After getting to know Chi-Chi, you may be more sympathetic to her situation.

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20 One Name With Several Slang Meanings

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Akira Toriyama did his research when developing the names for his characters. All of the Saiyans have names that are puns based off of vegetables. Other characters have names based on anagrams of their parents. According to the Dragon Ball Forever book, which is filled with information about the series, Chi-Chi's name has a food-related meaning as well.

Chi-Chi's name is a pun of "milk" and not a female body part, as many fans were led to believe. Her name had had to be changed when Dragon Ball was localized in different locales. Chi-Chi does refer to the female anatomy in Latin America, so her name was changed to "Milk." In Portugal, her name was changed to "Kika" instead, since Chi-Chi translates to bodily fluids in Portuguese.

19 Did She Forget Flying Exists?

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If you're a powerful martial artist in the Dragon Ball universe, you know how to handle your ki. Even Videl, who isn't a Z-Fighter, learned how to harness her ki to fly. Though the characters are seen occasionally driving, the preferred way to travel is flight or instant teleportation. Chi-Chi didn't want Goku transporting around. Piccolo, who often steps in as a parent when Goku is away, wasn't safe from Chi-Chi's demands, either. She told both men to learn how to drive.

Chi-Chi wants Goku to drive their family around like a traditional family man.

She also wanted a vehicle for practical reasons, such as carrying bags after shopping. Goku and Chi-Chi can both ride on Nimbus Clouds, and Piccolo has the natural ability to fly. Why Chi-Chi would make such a demand makes little sense.

18 Discriminates Against City Dwellers

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Chi-Chi can be quite an overbearing mother. She often makes unreasonable demands of her sons and husband. It's not surprising that she wants her sons to marry only women she finds acceptable. It wasn't easy for Chi-Chi to accept Videl. When she saw how much Videl loved Gohan, she accepted their marriage. Her youngest son Goten still has to put up with Chi-Chi's high standards. She doesn't like it when he goes out, especially to the nearby city. Chi-Chi warns him to stay away from "city women." She believes that women from the city are less than desirable. Since Chi-Chi grew up in the Kingdom of the Ox-King, she doesn't like the technological advances of the city. Though it's understandable she only wants the best for her sons; she often comes off as small-minded.

17 Her Interests Would Be Strange To Most

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Chi-Chi may be the main character's wife, but she's mostly shown disciplining her family. Dragon Ball guides have stated that her favorite hobby is farming. She even enjoys driving around tractors. Though she has a love of nature, she's most often seen cleaning her house or yelling at someone. We see Goku farming alone in Dragon Ball Super.

Chi-Chi tells him they wouldn't have to grow radishes if Goku would just get a job.

She fails to realize that he's happy with a job he can do alone since it means he can run off to train at any time. Maybe at one point in time, Chi-Chi loved to get her hands dirty and farm. As a wife and mother, she now prefers to take care of his home and family.

16 Allows Goku To Get Away With Bad Actions

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Unlike more serious fighters like Vegeta, Goku is still a child at heart. He's one of the few grown-ups who can ride a Nimbus Cloud as a grown-up, which is only possible for someone with a pure heart. Chi-Chi often has to nag him so he will act more mature. Goku would rather go off and train. He doesn't realize how powerful he already is.

During the Cell Saga, Goku insists that he and Gohan have to train. She's reluctant since it means that Piccolo would be staying with them as well. After talking about it, Goku pats Chi-Chi on the back. The pat is so strong that it flings her forward. Chi-Chi ends up so injured that her left arm is in a brace and her head has to be wrapped. She doesn't punish him at all for the action that could have destroyed her.

15 Doesn't Live Up To Her Potential

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Like Goku, Chi-Chi has had a background in martial arts. Her father was a champion who trained with Master Roshi. When battling during the 23rd World Martial Tournament, her power level is at 130 but grows to be 300 during the Saiyan Saga. These levels may seem like a small amount compared to the Z-Fighters, who are in the thousands.

Chi-Chi is seen as the most powerful human female in the series.

Chi-Chi can wield some ki attack even though she never learned how to fly. With her powerful abilities more often displayed in her video game appearances, it's unsure why she doesn't do more to help the Z-Fighters in battle. Unlike Goku, she believes she has a higher duty as a housewife instead of a fighter.

14 Saves Her Fighting Until The Very End

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We know how powerful Chi-Chi is, but she spends more time on the sidelines than fighting. When Frieza is attacking the Earth, Chi-Chi is seen at home reading a magazine, only to be restored thanks to Whis' Temporal Do-Over technique. Chi-Chi cares more about small matters like birthday parties and house cleaning than the fate of her planet. Her other female friends like Bulma, and Videl, are powerful on their own as well but are more interested in being housewives. Android 18 is the only one who will jump into battle before asked. It isn't until the end of the Super 17 Saga that she bands together with the other humans, along with half-Saiyan Bulla to fight. Their efforts are in vain because Goku and Android 18 have already won.

13 Doesn’t Want History To Be Repeated

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Goku loves to fight, and viewers have debated if he unfairly forced Gohan to train as a child. He needed Gohan to help him fight off alien threats. Goten has taken on his father's love of training, and doesn't need much to convince him to put down his textbooks. Chi-Chi can't stand her family's obsession with fighting, even though she grew up with a similar martial arts background.

Though Chi-Chi's nagging has long annoyed viewers, she means well.

She doesn't want her sons to grow up without an education like Goku. Chi-Chi wants her sons to be both intelligent and strong. She also becomes scared for their safety after seeing how hurt Goku gets when he's fighting. We can't blame her since Goku has been ultimately defeated four times in the Dragon Ball series.

12 Believes Mother Always Knows Best

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Chi-Chi insists on keeping her children home to learn. She wants to monitor their schooling personally. As a doting mother, she only wants the best for her sons. When Gohan was still young, she had access to her father's almost unlimited riches. She could have sent him off much sooner to a prestigious school. Instead, Goku took him to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Their son didn't start a traditional school until he turned 17-years-old. Luckily, Gohan enjoyed learning, and his studious upbringing helped him in the future. His little brother, Goten, had more freedom. He was able to both train and study without Chi-Chi becoming unreasonably angry. Chi-Chi does eventually hire a tutor but believes that her old-world methods are best.

11 Doesn’t Want To Ride Alone

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Flying Nimbus clouds are seen as a form of purity in the Dragon Ball world. When Goku first receives his new method of travel, it becomes a joke that Master Roshi and Bulma can't ride the cloud. It surprises everyone that Chi-Chi is another capable Flying Nimbus rider.

Chi-Chi only rides on the Flying Nimbus with Goku, even though she could ride it alone.

She may be too afraid to ride it alone or just prefer to be with her crush. The only time as a  grown-up that we see Chi-Chi ride on the cloud is during the Super Dragon Ball Z video game. With such a powerful device, we don't know why Chi-Chi wouldn't use a Flying Nimbus as her preferred method of travel.

10 Didn’t Stay To Protect Her Kingdom

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Most viewers forget that Chi-Chi was a princess. Her father was the Ox-King, and they resided on Fire Mountain. Her first appearance in the Dragon Ball series was to find the Bansho Fan to save her father. Instead of staying to help their kingdom, Chi-Chi was more interested in Goku. She could have stayed to help recover their lands from ruin. Chi-Chi would have also had access to her family's wealth at any time. She had to keep using the funds anyway since Goku refused to get a job. Unfortunately, a giant fire completely ruined the Ox family riches. Chi-Chi and Goku were then forced to come up with their way of making money instead of relying upon on the Ox-King.

9 Loses Her Will To Fight

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In the Dragon Ball series, the male fighters continue to fight hard, whether they're married or single. Single females like Caulifla will battle for fun rather than saving the world. Other women who started off as single and powerful, like Videl, Android 18, and Chi-Chi, have almost ceased all fighting. Android 18 will still put up a fight but is taken down more quickly compared to her previous appearance during the Android Saga.

Chi-Chi is no longer eager to jump into battle to help her friends.

She will fuss at her family before lifting a finger to help. When the Earth is in danger, she's one of the first to wait on the sidelines with the other partners of the Z-Fighters. We can't blame Chi-Chi for this. It's a familiar trend in the Dragon Ball series.

8 Desires A Traditional Family Over Safety

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Chi-Chi seems to be obsessed with having a traditional family. She wants her sons to be scholars while her son has a respectable job. Though Gohan does turn out to become a traditional salaryman, Goku still loves fighting, and Goten enjoys being a kid. When aliens are threatening the Earth, all three Son men are often needed to take down the threats to save the world. Chi-Chi gets extremely upset about having her life saved. Goku needs to train but is forced to ask Chi-Chi for permission first. She often refuses, telling him to work on the farm or to look for a job instead. She most likely believes that the other Z-Fighters will handle the threats. Without the three Son men, the world stands a higher chance of being destroyed.

7 Doesn’t Have A Set Style

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There are often several changes in manga and anime adaptations. Anime adaptations often add in filler episodes that extend the length of a season. Manga is usually more compact but in black and white. The Dragon Ball manga usually has color artwork to promote the series or is used for printed volumes.

When Chi-Chi is featured in the colored manga, she has blue hair, unlike in the anime, where her hair is always black.

Her hair appears to be the same blue as Bulma's hair, which is potentially confusing for readers. Chi-Chi's hair was intended to be blue from the start but may have been forced to make the change from his editors. Young readers might not be able to tell the main females apart.

6 Spends Like A Spoiled Princess

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One of the running gags of Dragon Ball is Chi-Chi demands that Goku get a real job. She doesn’t like that Goku always runs off to fight aliens or train. It’s thanks to Goku’s dedicated training that they can live comfortably on Earth. After Hercule gives Goku a suitcase of prize money, Chi-Chi is satisfied enough to allow Goku to run off to train. The suitcase is filled with 100 million Zeni, which is slightly less than 1 million USD. This money only lasted a few months. Chi-Chi is good at keeping her family fed and their home clean, but doesn’t seem to be very good at saving money. They have a radish farm, so using the prize money for food doesn’t make sense. We can only believe that Chi-Chi is used to living, and spending, like royalty.

5 Will Fight Anyone, Including Family

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Aliens are always threatening the Earth in the Dragon Ball series. They see the planet like any other in the galaxy. The Z-Fighters are the Earth’s strongest defense force. Chi-Chi is the only member of the Son family who isn’t a designated Z-Fighter.

Chi-Chi has managed to fight every single member of her immediate family.

Her first date with Goku as a child was a fight, then again as a young adult during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Chi-Chi would later fight her young son Gohan while possessed by Garlic Jr.'s Black Water Mist. He thinks she’s just mad that he snuck out to have some fun. She is later cured by Sacred Water. Chi-Chi later sparred with her youngest son, Goten, when he developed an interest in fighting.

4 Scarier Than Earth Destroying Aliens

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Chi-Chi scares both her sons Gohan and Goten. She has a fierce temper, and her screams will send shivers down your spine. While Goku just wants to train, he knows he must listen to his wife, or he’ll be nagged into oblivion. In Dragon Ball Super, Goten jokes about it with Goku. While Goku is often considered the strongest fighter in the series, Goten states that he thinks Chi-Chi is stronger than him. She’s the only one who can make Goku too scared to come home at night. Goku told Master Roshi that Chi-Chi is the only person he’s afraid of. Upon hearing this, Chi-Chi grew so upset that she took out a sword in anger. Goku and Chi-Chi may have a comedic relationship at times, but they do care for each other more than anyone else.

3 Believes Super Saiyans Aren’t Saviors

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Chi-Chi has many prejudices. She is forced to cope with her old ways several times throughout the series. Most don’t even listen to her protests. One of the wildest prejudges she has is the belief that Super Saiyans are delinquents. Chi-Chi believes the same super-powered heroes that work to save the planet are bad people. This belief came from old Japanese culture beliefs.

Many used to believe that people who bleached their hair were weird and terrible people.

Chi-Chi becomes familiar with this transformation after seeing Goku and Vegeta change. When Gohan turns into a Super Saiyan, Chi-Chi panics, saying that she can’t believe her baby has become a delinquent. Over time, she gets over the change of appearance and starts to see her family as heroes instead of slackers.

2 Isn't A Priority To Her Husband

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Chi-Chi has always known that Goku loves to fight. She’s known him since they were children and he hasn’t changed much since. They got married and had children, but there’s nothing else Goku wants to do than fight. He even loves watching others fight so he can learn something new. It’s not a Saiyan trait to be obsessed with fighting. Even Vegeta began to calm his rage after committing to Bulma. Chi-Chi hasn’t worked with Goku to calm down his fighting obsession. She has a poor way of communicating in general, believing that nagging and shouting is the only way to get what she wants. This behavior is also why Goku has become scared of her. He doesn’t want to deal with her negativity. On the battlefield, he is judged by his strength unlike at home.

1 Demands A Traditional Role For Her Grandchild

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Chi-Chi grew up as a warrior princess. She learned how to fight at a young age. She was so confident in her abilities that she roamed the land in skimpy battle armor. As she grew older, Chi-Chi stopped fighting and began arguing instead. When Gohan and Videl had their daughter, Pan, Chi-Chi’s life changed. It was her first grandchild.

Chi-Chi wants her granddaughter Pan to grow up to be a delicate little princess.

Not only did Chi-Chi grow up as a warrior, but so did Videl. Videl managed to put her foot down and state that Pan could grow up to be whatever she wanted. Chi-Chi may have been trying to live through her granddaughter and didn’t want her to turn out as she did. Either way, Pan grew up to be a fighter just like her mother and grandmother.

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