22 Dragon Ball Toys That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They're Worth)

For many fans, simply watching Dragon Ball doesn't cut it, spurring them to seek out merchandise. Some of which are incredibly hard to find.

A big part of the juggernaut that is the Dragon Ball franchise is the boundless wealth of collectibles and merchandise. For many fans, simply watching their favorite series doesn’t cut it, and they have a desire to acquire physical representations of beloved characters.  Thankfully, the aforementioned boundless wealth of collectibles and merchandise is there to satiate them (and increase the wealth of Bandai and their partners.)

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that Dragon Ball fans of all shapes and sizes are incredibly spoiled simply by considering the sheer amount of items available for them to enjoy. There are your basic action figures, replica Dragon Balls, video games, highly detailed statues and so much more.

Despite this seemingly never-ending amount of available products for fans to gobble up, there is portion of the collection that simply isn’t that accessible or abundant. Like all collector markets, certain items have fallen into obscurity, and these extremely rare pieces command a considerable amount of monetary value, whether their owners are buying or selling.

With our list of 22 Dragon Ball Toys That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They're Worth,) we’ll be taking a look at some of the rarest and most expensive Dragon Ball toys to have ever existed, spanning the entirety of the franchise. That means Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all fair game, along with spin-offs. In fact, some of these items aren’t even from Japan, but were born from the minds of Western toy makers.

With that said, let’s get started!

22 Rejuvenation Chamber: $200

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Dragon Ball Z got away with a lot in terms of its storytelling. Not only did it off the main character a handful of episodes into the run, but when the Frieza arc was in full swing, they essentially did the same thing again, forcing Goku to hang out in a Rejuvenation Chamber for an extended period of time.

This was great in building up hype when you were kid, since they were denying you from seeing one of your favorite characters in action. Regardless, all that time regarding the Rejuvenation Chamber made the actual toy based on the scene something of collector’s item.

If you find the item complete in box and in excellent condition, $200 (or more) is a fair price.

21 Super Battle Collection 3-Pack: $1200

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The “Super Battle” figures were the basis for the majority of the Western toy lines, and were wide spread all over the globe. Despite this, one particular three pack featuring Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks with a special paint scheme has become a major collector’s item.

Valued at at least $1200, this Super Battle Collection Three Pack is incredibly rare. Finding one complete in box, and essentially in mint condition, is an extremely arduous, if not impossible, task. If only the Dragon Radar could help you out!

20 SH Figuarts SDCC Exclusive SSJ Goku: $900

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SH Figuarts are well-known in the realms of Kamen Rider and Power Ranger fan circles thanks to their awesome, high-end interpretations of the characters. Complete with an amazing assortment of accessories, absolutely impressive sculpts and colors, plus the patented and impressive articulation the company is known for, these figures often demand an above average price.

And, in the case of the SDCC exclusive Super Saiyan Goku, that price can be over $900.

Due to its exclusivity, this figure was born rare, but it’s only gotten worse for collectors attempting to pick one up, thanks to its ever increasing prices online.

19 Banpresto Tokyo Toy Festival King Cold: $300 - $1600

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Frieza’s father, King Cold, seemed like an opposing figure all the way up until the point that Trunks destroyed him with an ease similar to that of blinking his eyes.

It’s only fitting, then, that King Cold’s Tokyo Toy Festival exclusive is just as rare as seeing the character it’s based on appearing for more than a few minutes throughout the entirety of the franchise.

The statue, which features King Cold smugly sitting on his throne, is not only rare, but increasingly valuable, being anywhere from $300 to $1600 or above.

18 Dragon Ball Z Kyosho Saiyajin 90 Limited Edition - $1000

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The Famicom, which was the original version of what we know as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the West, has a bevvy of awesome games that sadly never found their way overseas.

This game is one of them. While not exactly groundbreaking in terms of, well, anything, it offers impressive sprites and a cool, RPG battle system featuring a wide cast of beloved DBZ characters.

The Limited Edition of the item in question, was limited to only 90 copies, which has caused this game’s monetary value to rise to an impressive $1000.

17 Tokyo Toy Festival King Piccolo: $800

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The evil version of Kami, the father of Piccolo, and the most fearsome villain from the original Dragon Ball, King Piccolo is an awesome force of devastating terror and was the perfect threat to solidify Dragon Ball’s transformation into a more action-focused theme.

Fittingly, this cruel king was given the exclusive Tokyo Toy Festival treatment like King Cold, above and, weirdly enough, is also sitting in a throne.

Priced at around $800, give or take, this rare piece may be expensive and hard to come by, but might be worth it for serious collectors.

16 Tokyo Toy Festival Guru: $1000+

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Banpresto was known for selling rare exclusives at the Tokyo Toy Festival. A notorious example of this was the figure of King Cold sitting on his throne that we mentioned above, along with King Piccolo, both of which have an impressive range of prices attached to them.

Banpresto decided to one up themselves in terms of rare exclusives once again, and this brings us to Guru who, precisely like Cold and Piccolo Daimao, is sitting in a throne. Limited to 100 units, we can only imagine that Guru’s asking price far exceeds, or at least rivals King Cold, but we couldn’t find any currently up for sale.

15 Jakks Pacific Gohan Cell Budokai Double-Pack: $100

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Jakks Pacific was producing Dragon Ball-based figures comparatively late in the game. Despite this, their figures were generally of a higher quality in terms of sculpt, paint, and articulation than many of their contemporaries, and especially the pitiful products of Bandai’s Super Battle Collection.

Their two pack of Gohan and Cell, complete with branding for the then-new Dragon Ball Z Budokai video game, is one of their rarest pieces, and one that legions of collectors are still hoping to pick up.

With used or otherwise less-than-mint versions of the toys going for $100, we can only assume that the mint product would go for much higher.

14 Bandai Super Battle Collection Oozaru Baby: $200+

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Bandai’s Super Battle Collection proliferated all over the globe, despite the fact that their figures were of dubious quality. Often containing the absolute bare minimum of accessories, like Piccolo’s cape or Vegeta’s armor, the figures were also saddled with pathetic articulation (or lack thereof) and questionable paint jobs.

That said, much like the aforementioned three pack, the huge amount of these toys still wasn’t enough to save Great Ape Baby from becoming one of the rarest and most collectible Dragon Ball toys on the planet.

Valued at at least $200 for mint condition, if you happen to stumble across this GT villain, it might be in your best interest to pick him up.

13 Ichiban Kuzi Gold Oozaru: $2300

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The Ichiban Kuzi Gold Oozaru statue was created in extremely limited quantities, and distributed exclusively to winners of a specific lottery.

While there are other Ichiban Kuzi Oozaru variants, like the traditional coloring or even a purely black one, they’re hardly worth the enormous price that this mind-bogglingly rare statue of an ape painted gold is.

At a truly staggering current price of $2300 for one of these Oozarus in mint condition, buyers should be EXTREMELY careful about knock-offs or imitations.

12 Jakks Pacific Omega Shenron: $500

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Though Dragon Ball GT will probably always be seen as the black sheep of the franchise (whether it’s founded on reasonable principles or simply her mentality,) Jakks Pacific was still compelled to try and milk the Dragon Ball license for as long as they could, hence their legitimately impressive Omega Shenron figure.

What makes this figure unique, though, is that it was released near the end of Jakks Pacific’s hold on the Dragon Ball license, causing it to be distributed in limited qualities in limited locations.

This has caused a mint-condition version of this villainous dragon to achieve a collector’s price of $500, which isn’t shabby in the slightest.

11 Dragon Ball Z II – Gekishin Freeza!!: Incalculable

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Dragon Ball Z II – Gekishin Freeza!! Was a Famicom Dragon Ball title that featured technically impressive sprites and graphics, along with an equally impressive battle system. In fact, it in and of itself is not that rare or expensive of an item, but the specific Memorial Version 91 Jump Victory Festival edition is another beast entirely.

Rumored to have had only twenty five copies made in total, this specific version of Dragon Ball Z II is so freakishly rare that it may as well be a pipe dream.

It shows itself so sparingly that an accurate price can’t even be attached the game, making its value skyrocket among the most hardcore of collectors.

10 Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Shenron Gold And Silver: $600

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The Banpresto Ichiban Kuji line of impressive statues has commanded a notorious level of rarity and monetary value throughout this list, and their gold and silver variants of the iconic Shenron follow that tradition to a tee.

Created in an extremely limited quantity and distributed solely through a lottery (of all things!,) these precious statues are absolutely stunning in terms of detail and beauty, but if you ever find one in the wild that has maintained its superior condition, you’re easily looking at a $600 price tag, if not more.

9 Zeem Diorama Model Oozaru Vegeta And Yajirobe: $900

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For young fans growing up with Dragon Ball Z, the character of Yajirobe was a frustrating and bizarre character. A lazy dude who could apparently fight pretty well, but just chose not to due to cowardice or sloth was confounding, especially considering that Chaozu was more than willing to scuffle with the Saiyans.

The initial annoyance and perplexing nature of the character made his eventual moment of truth so much more satisfying, and the fact that Yajirobe, of all characters, played a key role in saving the Earth is just such an awesome bit of storytelling.

This moment has been immortalized in the Zeem Diorama Model of Oozaru Vegeta getting his tail cut off by the one-and-only Yajirobe, and like many other Zeem Diorama Models, this piece is rare and worth a high price.

8 Raging Blast 2 OST Overseas Version: $1000

The Dragon Ball Raging Blast mini-franchise never really set the world on fire, nor did it revolutionize the fighting genre. In fact, we’re willing to bet you forgot the two games in the series existed at all until you read the title of this entry.

Despite this, Raging Blast 2’s Overseas Version of the soundtrack is an extremely rare and extremely expensive piece of Dragon Ball collectible merchandise.

Basically, this version of the soundtrack was solely distributed to composers and game developers, and contained only samples of the final game’s tracks.

It’s unknown how many copies exist of this particular CD, but $1000 hardly seems too much when you consider the fact that you own piece of Dragon Ball history that few others, if any, will ever get their hands on.

7 Dragon Ball Battle Of Muscle Tower DX: $1900

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The Muscle Tower saga in Dragon Ball gave us fans not only a ton of action, but introduced us to the Red Ribbon Army, who would become critical figures years down the line in Dragon Ball Z thanks to Dr. Gero and his mechanical monstrosities.

Still, the Japanese Muscle Tower DX play-set commands a staggering price of $1900 for good, but not mint, condition, and if the price is THAT high for a used item, you better believe that a complete in box, mint Muscle Tower will fetch at least double.

6 Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Angel Goku: Incalculable

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The image of Goku as an angel, waving good bye to his friends, family and you, the fan, is an incredibly powerful one. Seeing this beloved character truly say farewell after following him for decades would put any fan into a sobbing fit…. despite the fact that we’d see him again far sooner than expected in the Buu arc.

Regardless, the Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Angel Goku statue is an extremely rare piece, and one whose value is practically incalculable.

With few produced in the first place, and even fewer remaining in exquisite mint condition, there’s almost no hope in finding one of these statues.

5 Zeem Diorama Model Oozaru Vegeta and Goku (Arlia): Unknown, But High

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One of the most glaring inconsistencies in the entirety of the franchise is the coloring of Vegeta’s Saiyan armor before reaching the Earth for his fateful and iconic battle against Goku during the climax of the Saiyan arc.

Of course, there are far greater and more mind-boggling inconsistencies throughout the franchise (such as Bardock’s characterization or the origin of the Saiyans,) but this one is bizarre.

Thankfully, the forest-green and orange color scheme was replicated in the Arlia variant of the Zeem Diorama Model of Oozaru Vegeta vs. Goku. While there were quite a few made, they rarely go up for sale, so their exact value isn’t known… but we’d wager it’s pretty darn high.

4 Jump Gentei Special 4-Dai Hero Battle Taizen: $1500

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Have you ever heard of the Bandai Playdia system? No? You’re not alone.

A video game system released exclusively in Japan in 1994, the Playdia is something of a major oddity and, throughout the entirety of its barely-three year life cycle, only had a total of 33 games released for it.

Jump Gentei Special 4-Dai Hero Battle Taizen was one of these games, and it was distributed exclusively through Weekly Jump. Info on the actual content of the game is scarce, and that likely has to do with there being only a very limited amount of the game produced.

With an unknown amount of copies made, and an impossibly meager total of TWO people who are known to actually own the game, it’s no wonder that this piece’s price is so incredibly high.

3 The Dragon Ball Z Kai Soundtracks - $100+

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Long after its initial run, Dragon Ball Z was remastered and retooled, branded with the label “Kai,” and then introduced a new generation of young fans to the wacky and wild world of Dragon Ball. Not only did Kai edit together multiple episodes, eliminate most of the filler and even reanimate entire scenes, it also incorporated a new soundtrack by Kenji Yamamoto to replace the old themes.

So why is the soundtrack to a show with such a lukewarm reception fetching upwards of a hundred dollars? Thank Kenji Yamamoto.

Yamamoto plagiarized a great deal of his music for Dragon Ball Kai and various Dragon Ball video games, so the companies behind the products immediately stripped out his work and distanced themselves from him. Because of that, the pulled soundtracks from Kai are becoming increasingly rare, and it’s all thanks to ripping off music.

2 Dragon Ball Z 2 V: $350

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Quite a few items on this list are considerably old, but this one isn’t one of them.

Though not exactly hailing from the modern day, Dragon Ball Z 2V is an extremely rare PlayStation 2 game that was limited to around 2000 copies.

Considering the fact that the PS2 was such a gigantic seller and that there mountains upon mountains of incredibly cheap games from all over its library that are able to be easily picked up online, this game’s rarity and eye-popping price of $350 is something of a shocker.

1 Yardrat Goku: Priceless

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Often considered a myth, legend or holy grail in terms of Dragon Ball Z collectibles, the Bandai Yardrat Goku variant is, by far, the rarest item on this list and, frankly, is so incredibly rare that attaching a price to it is utterly futile.

Simply put, this item is what haunts Dragon Ball collectors.

They may have everything else to ever exist, but not this one.

Will anyone ever track down the Yardrat Goku? It’s hard to say, but no concrete amount of them is known to exist, and the rarity is so severe that some might even consider this figure to not even exist.

The truth is that it DOES exist, though, and it’s out there, somewhere, waiting for someone to finally find it…

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