Dragon Ball: 10 Things You Never Knew About Vegito Blue

Vegito has been a part of the Dragon Ball universe for a very long time. His upgraded form with a larger power level and different color, also known as Vegito Blue, has also had an important role to play in many stories told within the Dragon Ball universe. Being a mixture of Goku and Vegeta is just the beginning of Vegito Blues interesting backstory.

With such an important role, and and when you consider just how much power Vegito can wield, it is definitely worth learning a little bit about the godlike Saiyan.  So here is a list of 10 things players never knew about Vegito Blue.

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10 Vegito Is A Combination Of Goku And Vegeta

Vegito, like everything in the Dragon Ball Universe, has multiple complicated storylines that all have slight variations on where he comes from. The one thing all of his origin stories agree on (manga, anime, and video games) is that Vegito is a combination of Goku and Vegeta.

There is usually a situation that Goku and Vegeta get themselves into that requires someone that has a lot more power to handle and so they fuse together and form the infinitely more powerful Vegito. Vegito then goes on to either handle things or (like in the anime) lose to a foe to show how powerful the enemy is.

9 They Fuse Using A Potara Earring

Vegeta and Goku use a powerful object called the Potara Earrings to fuse and form the more powerful Vegito. This was a coveted object that Goku and Vegeta had to think hard about using. This is the reason Vegito wears that distinct pair of earrings that sets him apart from many others.

All the Supreme Kai wear these earrings with Vegito being an exception. There are other ways to fuse with other people in the Dragon Ball universe (such as the fusion dance) but the Potara fusion is supposed to have the most powerful results.

8 His Power Is Godlike

There's a reason the fusion is necessary in order to form Vegito Blue. He has one of the highest power levels in the Dragon Ball Universe and he can get even stronger. There are many downsides to him being this powerful and overusing the fusion can lead to some drastic consequences.

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In the anime and manga, Vegito is brought out to face only the toughest of foes. Anybody that's put in his way is easily handled unless it is a super special villain.

7 He Has A Time Limit

Vegito is a very powerful fighter. His power levels are rarely matched and he wields devastating attacks that take massive amounts of energy to use. For these reasons Vegito can only be around for a limited duration of time.

When you are as powerful as Vegito a risk arises for Vegeta and Goku. There's a possibility of them both being destroyed in the process of being Vegito. The timing of this could lead to some interesting stories in the Dragon Ball universe. It makes sense that such a powerful person consuming so much energy could only be around for a small amount of time.

6 He Has A God Kamehameha

One of the most powerful moves in the show (and coolest to use move in the video games) of Dragon Ball is Vegito's God Kamehameha. This is an awesome looking move and is super fun to pull off in the games that contain it. Vegito Blue's entire power is distilled into this one move and a powerful neon blue blast is shot out of his Kamehameha.

This move is used at some pivotal moments in the show and it's worth noting how powerful it is and it's a great move when used at the right moment in games like Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.

5 Vegito Blue Can Be Defeated

No matter how powerful a fighter is in Dragon Ball it seems there will always be someone (or something) more powerful that will eventually defeat them. For Vegito Blue in the mange he is defeated by Fused Zamusa, another fighter who was a fusion of two less powerful Kai's.

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This just goes to show that in Dragon Ball, there will always be a bigger fish to fry and no one person will dominate the top of the pile for long. While he rarely faces a worthy foe it goes to show just how powerful some fighters are in.

4 Vegito Blue Grows Stronger With Rage

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It is important to remember that Vegito is a mixture of Goku and Vegeta. This means he has a little bit of both fighters entrenched in his personality as well. This means Goku's arrogance and Vegeta's anger go hand in hand in the powerful Saiyan.

When Vegito gets angry, he also gets more powerful. He has been shown time and time again being knocked down and getting up even more powerful than before. This also shows Goku's perseverance mixing with Vegeta's stubbornness. Which fighter is running the show inside is never clear, but it definitely is an effective combination.

3 There Is A Higher Level

Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken is an even stronger version of Vegito Blue and only comes out when necessary. This is his most powerful form and is available as a powered up form of Vegito Blue.

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The fact that Vegito is able to grow even stronger, despite being known  as the strongest character in the original manga, just goes to show how powerful Saiyan and other fighters are becoming in recent years. With new characters and power levels always emerging, it would not be surprising for Vegito to receive another upgrade.

2 He Is The First Fusion To Go SSJB

Vegito didn't always have the ability to go Blue. It is only when he reaches his strongest power level that he undergoes this transformation. Vegito possess all the perks of this transformation - with much more power.

It is a cool thing to see when a Saiyans energy is so powerful that they turn a different color. The neon blue also looks awesome when it blasts a tremendous amount of energy out and hits an opponent into next week.

1 The Vegito Transformation Was Supposed To Be Permanent

Again, it's important to remember that Vegito Blue does not have identical origin stories across all mediums. The story told in the manga is different than those told in the anime and extended universe, which includes the video games.

In one origin Goku and Vegeta were going to undergo the transformation permanently. This was done in order to fight off Buu and both fighters were willing to sacrifice their individuality in order to save the earth. While it did not turn out that way, this shows the underlying good that Vegito fights for.

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