Dragon Ball: 25 Weird Things About Trunks' Anatomy

Dragon Ball is filled with some of the most interesting characters the anime genre has to offer. As a classic shounen anime and manga, the series has something truly going for it since it’s been continuing to branch off into new series and spin-offs. People often herald it for its great fight scenes, something that can expand over several episodes. But, in order to have good fight scenes, you have to have good characters carrying out the fights. Nothing is good when it’s just pointless, after all.

Trunks is one of the most interesting characters in the series. With Vegeta as his father and Bulma as his mother, his half-human and half-Saiyan nature makes him one of several characters that have to navigate a very strange life that not many people can advise him on. Because of Trunks, we’ve seen that hybrid children are actually incredibly powerful. Trunks has flexed some amazing feats in terms of his power, to the point where he’s even surpassed some of the strongest characters in the series, including the main ones! A fighter as strong as Trunks obviously has to have a pretty incredible body to match up.

Sure enough, Trunks has some very interesting facts that tie into who he is physically; everything from his heritage to his ability and name has some kind of significance. Here are 25 interesting facts about we found out about Trunks’ body and just how strong the hybrid character is compared to his fellow fighters!

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25 He's Named After Underwear

via: youtube.com/BulmaBrief

There are a lot of names in the Dragon Ball series that may seem just downright strange, and that’s kind of the point. Many of them were named after a specific theme like vegetables or clothing items, a trait Toriyama continued to follow with most of his characters.

Trunks is already an unusual name, but it is exactly what it sounds like.

Like the other characters in the show, Trunks is no different in having a strange name. The only difference is that his is in reference to underwear.

24 He's A Lot Like His Mother

via: dragonballuniverse.wikia.com

When you look at him, it’s pretty clear that the majority of Trunks’ traits come from his mother, or her side of the family. It’s interesting because you'd think the Saiyan genes would be a little stronger when it comes to their physiology.

While Trunks is certainly powerful, like any other Saiyan, he tends to have a softer side because he’s part human. It seems that, both in looks and personality, there were a lot of traits Trunks picked up purely from his mother, as opposed to his father.

23 He's Stronger Than His Father

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Speaking of daddy dearest, Trunks has gotten more than just his power and sharp glare from his father. Trunks’ has actually proven that he’s much stronger than his dad, which means he’s really tough.

He’s powered up to Super Saiyan 3, something Vegeta isn’t able to do.

In the Cell Saga, Trunks was able to bump himself up to a form Vegeta has always been incapable of reaching; The third Super Saiyan form. Despite Vegeta's competitive personality, even he has to acknowledge that his son would probably win against him in a fight.

22 His Father Didn't Like That He Was A Human-Saiyan Hybrid

via: comicbook.com

Of course, it can’t have been completely easy to grow up the way Trunks did. Sure, in his canon timeline, he was wealthy and essentially royalty, but that’s only one side. Trunks still has a dad who really doesn’t seem too comfortable with having half-Saiyan kids.

It’s been mentioned in the fandom that very early on in the series, Vegeta said it’s "dishonourable" to create human-Saiyan hybrids. We’d hope that having a half-human son would at least change his mind a little!

21 He Could Go Super Saiyan Since He Was A Child

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Being both human and a Saiyan means that you’re capable of some pretty incredible feats. For Trunks, in particular, this meant that he could go Super Saiyan at a much younger age than most of his peers.

No one else in the series has actually gotten to this level at such an age!

We can see, from the evidence of Future Trunks, that Trunks is capable of growing up to be a very powerful person. However, the potential always seems to be growing!

20 He Doesn't Have A Tail Like Other Saiyans

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If you’ve been a fan of the Dragon Ball series for a while now, you probably know that most of the Saiyan race has tails; a lot of this has to do with their theorized Great Ape lineage. Trunks, on the other hand, has never actually had a tail.

It was later stated that tails are actually recessive traits for Saiyans, so it would make sense that someone like Trunks, who is also human, wouldn’t have one. This also means that Gohan is quite special, since he does have a tail.

19 Despite His Strength, He's Not Much Of A Fighter

via: dragonball.wikia.com

With someone as powerful as Trunks, you would think that he’s exceptionally passionate about fighting. This isn’t actually the case, however, because the desire to fight tends to stems from the Saiyan way of life.

Because Trunks is half human, even his desires are a little different.

It’s been said that Trunks doesn’t actually like to fight because the human side of his personality doesn’t really want to do it. However, he always seems to be in situations where it's necessary.

18 He Couldn't Always Fuse Right With Goten

via: youtube.com/DBGT00

Gotenks is one of the strongest characters out there; it’s also a very complicated fusion to make. Fusing with other Saiyans is already a very difficult process and it can often lead to very strange failures that no one, not even the fans, really want to remember.

When Goten and Trunks first started to try creating their fusion to make Gotenks, it often resulted in strange fighters that couldn’t do anything. Some turned out lazy, round, or almost skeletons!

17 They're Stronger Together

via: comicbook.com

Despite Trunks' strength on his own, he’s smart enough to know when there are enemies he cannot defeat alone. In Dragon Ball Super, this instinct leads him well because both he and Goten constantly fuse together in order to make up for their differences in strength.

This is what true friendship looks like.

Fighting either fused or separate, but together, the two became a much stronger force. This is despite the fact that they still could be beaten by Duplicate Vegeta and Beerus.

16 Super Saiyan Rage Is His Unique Form

via: dragonballuniverse.wikia.com

Trunks can get mad, but not like normal people; when he gets angry, it turns into a whole new kind of problem. What’s interesting about Trunks is that he actually has his own unique form that other Saiyans simply don’t have.

Super Saiyan Rage is a form that Trunks develops when he’s overcome with anger. Essentially, this is a lot like Super Saiyan 2, revisited with several level ups to make it even more intimidating in sheer power.

15 He Has Really Cool Healing Abilities

via: tvandmovienews.com

Learning special healing powers from Future Shin, Trunks’ ability to heal is a cool side effect from a very special ceremony. The ceremony that made him the official disciple of the Supreme Kai also required that he learn how to heal.

When you have a character like Trunks, it makes sense that he’d want to heal.

It’s interesting that Trunks, of all other characters, would have these abilities. As someone who doesn’t always want to keep fighting, it seems only natural that he’d want to heal instead.

14 His Character Is Inspired By The Terminator Movies

via: polygon.com

No one show you watch can be created without any outside influences. The way Toriyama created many of his characters is no different. Trunks was actually inspired by the Terminator series, specifically John Connor.

Honestly, even looking at the hair, there are some large similarities between the two. Although John Connor never actually uses a time machine, there’s still a time-travelling element that clearly influenced Trunks as a character and helped to create his storyline.

13 He Always Fights Broly, And He's Not That Bad

via: comicvine.gamespot.com

Broly is one of the strongest antagonists the Dragon Ball fandom has ever seen. He’s incredibly strong, to the point most consider him overpowered. Yet, despite how frightening his character is, Trunks has actually been the one to consistently take him on.

In all three of the movies that Broly has appeared in as a villain, Trunks has been right there to fight him.

It may not seem like a smart move to take on someone like Broly, but we certainly appreciate the enthusiasm. If anything, it just shows how brave Trunks really is.

12 He's Defeated Most Of The Main DBZ Villains

via: youtube.com/SaiyajinSquad

If you’ve been watching long enough, or you're just a huge fan, you know that there are different versions of Trunks that appear in different timelines. Between all of these variations of Trunks, we’ve seen him take down all of the Dragon Ball series main villains.

He’s fought off Frieza, Cell, Dabura, and Babidi before they could bring out Majin Buu. This means that between all these different versions of Trunks, he’s been able to take down some of the biggest baddies in the series.

11 He Goes Out Like His Father

via: canacopegdl.com

It’s not very often that we get too many feels in the Dragon Ball series. This isn’t because nothing sad happens, because that certainly isn’t true, but rather that the main focus is often on the fight scenes. If you’re really looking for something to cry over, this fact is certainly one.

Trunks is eliminated by a beam through the chest.

Frieza defeats Vegeta a first time by piercing him through the chest with a beam. Later, Cell would come out firing a beam in the same exact spot, ending Trunks.

10 There Are Many Different Versions Of Trunks

via: reddit.com

This may seem very obvious for those of you who’ve been actively watching all of the different Dragon Ball series, but there are actually multiple versions of Trunks; which technically means exact clones. Because Trunks can time travel, we’ve seen various versions of Trunks.

The cool thing is that not all of them are absolute, nor do they have the same personality. Depending on what their timeline is like, they can be very different characters. After all, different experiences would change you too, right?

9 He Clearly Gets His Hair From His Mom

via: youtube.com/JuicySweet

Another very obvious fact about Trunks is that he clearly looks most like his mom, especially when it comes to that hair. Often times, we don’t get to see Saiyans that have very bright colored hair, unless they’re changing their forms.

He doesn’t need to go Super Saiyan to have great, iconic hair.

It’s clear that he looks more like his mom, but the hairstyle itself could even come from Dr. Briefs, who also seems to have an underwear-related name.

8 He And Cell Have Defeated Each Other Twice

via: twitter.com

Trunks, like many of the other Dragon Ball characters, has fought a lot of people. As the saying goes, you win some, you lose some, and Trunks has done both. This fact is particularly interesting with Cell, who has not only been finished by Trunk twice, but has also defeated the half-Saiyan twice.

Cell has eliminated different versions of Trunks, particularly in the Cell Saga. However, because of the way timelines work in this world, although you may have passed on in one, it doesn’t mean you’re not alive in another.

7 He Could Hold Off Multiple Cell Jrs. As A Kid

via: dragonball.wikia.com

While this wasn’t really shown in the anime, the manga version of Trunks showed a very different feat of power. There was a point where he could actually hold off multiple Cell Jrs. at once; a very impressive feat.

You have to keep in mind that Cell Jrs. are almost exact replicas of Cell.

Cell Jrs. may not sound very strong, if you’re not familiar with the franchise, but they’re actually incredibly powerful. The fact that Trunks was able to keep multiple ones at bay is a huge test of strength.

6 He's A Genius

via: vg247.com

Unless Trunks had gotten his brains from his father, there was no way that he wasn’t going to be at least a little intelligent. Sure, Vegeta isn’t stupid, but he can certainly let his emotions take over him and doesn’t always think clearly.

Trunks clearly gains his knowledge of mechanics and science through his mother and her side of the family. Bulma is certainly one of the smartest characters in the series, including Dr. Briefs, so it only makes sense.

5 He's One Of The Most Attractive Dragon Ball Characters

via: animefeet.wikia.com

On a more objective note, plenty of people find Trunks to be the most attractive character in the Dragon Ball franchise. Let’s be honest, it’s a little hard to find any of them remotely good looking when they’re constantly screaming and have muscles the size of a heavy bowling ball.

Trunks doesn’t look like most Saiyans or his fellow characters.

However, what makes Trunks so good looking is that he’s not your typical Saiyan or half-Saiyan. Perhaps it’s because he got Bulma’s good looks!

4 He Should Be In His Thirties... We Think

via: geektyrant.com

Watching the Dragon Ball series, it doesn’t really seem like anyone ages. This can be particularly attributed to the fact that most of them are clearly aliens, but we’re not quite sure what the aging process even looks like for Saiyans.

That being said, Trunks always looks very young. He’s clearly muscular and strong like the rest of the fighting characters in the series, but it also looks like he's in his teens. If we go off of what the show has provided us, he should be in his thirties when we see one of the Future Trunks; who doesn’t look like he's aged a day.

3 He Was Scared To Take On Majin Buu

via: youtube.com/Zed596

Despite all the power Trunks has, it doesn’t mean that he’s invincible. Clearly, there are enemies in the series who he knows he could never really take on; and even a few that he’s afraid of. One of these adversaries is Majin Buu.

We don’t really blame him, Buu will literally eat you.

When he was younger, he was unable to confront characters like Majin Buu without the help of Z Fighters or using Gotenks. At least he’s not alone; Goten also couldn’t confront Buu on his own.

2 He Has Literally Fought Himself

via: youtube.com/DBSups!

When there are multiple versions of you from different timelines, you know that you have to do something truly interesting; like fighting yourself to see who’s stronger. Of course, Trunks wouldn’t pass up this opportunity and has indeed fought a different version of himself.

Spoilers: Future Trunks actually lost to the child version of himself. Even weirder, the fact that these two can even exist in the same timeline should be impossible! Yet for Trunks, it seems like nothing!

1 His Ki Is Very Strong

via: otakukart.com

Ki is one of the most important aspects of the Dragon Ball world. It determines almost everything about your strength and ability, so to be someone as strong as Trunks, you need to have a lot of it.

Trunks has a lot of ki.

We’ve seen Trunks flex this very incredible power when he fights Yakon during the Super 17 Saga of Dragon Ball GT. Not only was Trunks able to defeat Yakon in battle, but he was also able to do it with a single ki blast.

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